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On 75th Independence day, Chief Minister of Goa inaugurated the digitized volumes of 100 year old O Bharat newspaper and collection of selected editorial from O Bharat on Wikimedia Commons. The different media houses covered the event in the newspapers. The news mentions support of CIS-A2K and Wikimedia Foundation, the stakeholders worked in the project.

The digitization project of O Bharat was completed through collaboration of different organizations. The trustees, Govind Hegde and Yatin Hegde of Bharatkar Hegde Desai Trust initiated the project with technical and financial support from the Centre for Internet and Society, partner organization of Wikimedia Foundation working to create free knowledge in all languages of India. Prof. Vinay Madgaonkar from Marathi department of Goa University facilitated the identification and training process of local students involved in scanning. The students, Shravani Parab and Shridhar Raut scanned 12000 pages in 8 days. The officials of Central Library cooperated in access to original volumes and in the process of digitisation. The year wise volumes of O Bharat are being uploaded on Wikimedia Commons, largest free media repository on internet in the form of archive. This archive is freely accessible to anyone in the world at any time, any where. They can use this content freely for any purpose.

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