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CIS-A2K/Events/Photo-walk in Patiala - September 2019

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There are some monuments in Punjab, India which are state-protected but they do not have any photos on Wikimedia Commons. CIS-A2K did photo-walk in Patiala as Wiki Loves Monuments in India 2019 was going on in the month of September. The reason to organise this photo-walk was to bring more media about Punjab and its monuments on Wikimedia Commons & other sister projects.

Events details[edit]

  • Date: 15 September 2019
  • Time: 11 am to 2:30 pm
  • Place: Patiala City
  • Participants: 4


Selfie of participants in Patiala's photo-walk


This Photowalk was planned on 1 September 2019 by the village pump discussion. Maharaja Narendra Singh (1845 – 1862) fortified the city of Patiala by constructing ramparts and ten gates around the city:[1]

  1. Darshani gate – the Main entrance of Qila Mubarak
  2. Lahori gate
  3. Nabha Gate
  4. Samania Gate
  5. Sirhindi Gate
  6. Safabadi Gate
  7. Sheranwala Gate
  8. Sunami Gate
  9. Top Khana Gate
  10. Sanauri Gate

Four of these gates are under state-protected monuments. So, participants were focused on to capture these 4 gates. Photowalk was started with Sirhindi Gate. Participants took photos of the gate from different angles and perspectives. There were two new participants - Inderjeet Mehta and Baljinder Sharinh Wala. Next destination was Samania Gate. State government renovate this gate but they kept its classic look and some painting on walls. We captured some photos of this gate. The next gate was Darshani Gate in front of Qila Mubarak, Patiala. It is the old one gate in Patiala but people destroyed its originality. There were so many advertisement posters on walls that even we could not document it properly from outside but we entered inside or on the roof of the gate. We took some photos of the gate. There were some places of state-protected inside Qila Mubarak but we could not enter due to construction work. So, we went to Sunami Gate. On the internet, there is no information about this gate and no photo available. There is one photo available but without a description or name. So, we took some valued photos of this gate. It was planned to cover more places in the Patiala district but we could not make it due to the time limit. After this, participants had lunch and went home after that. It was discussed during lunch that we will upload these photos as early as possible. Satdeep Gill told that he will upload these photos under 100WikiCommonsdays.


This image was awarded the 9th prize in the national contest of India in Wiki Loves Monuments 2019. It shows Samania Gate, Patiala