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CIS-A2K/Events/WikiHour: Amplifying Women's Voices

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In the Wikimedia movement, the Wikimedia Foundation, partners, communities, and volunteers actively commemorate International Women's Month, dedicated to honoring the history and struggles of women and their leadership. In alignment with this celebration, CIS-A2K is organizing an open community call to recognize and celebrate the contributions and dedication of individuals who actively support bridging the gender gap within the movement. This platform welcomes participation from female Wikimedians, non-binary individuals, and male Wikimedians who endorse and contribute to the cause of gender equality. It serves as an opportunity to highlight and appreciate the efforts made towards fostering inclusivity and diversity within the Wikimedia community.


To celebrate the contributions and achievements of women in the Wikimedia movement, promote gender diversity and inclusivity, and recognize the efforts of individuals working to bridge the gender gap within the community.



Date and Day[edit]

8 March 2024, Friday



  • Manavpreet Kaur


  • Introduction to the call
  • Ice-breaking Activity
  • WWC Declaration, streeing committee and Next Steps
  • Engagement activity
  • Introduction to She Leads
  • Regarding social media coverage stories by CIS-A2K (introduce the form too)
  • Future and Follow-up Activities
  • Closing words

Call Details[edit]


  • Manavpreet Kaur
  • Chitraparna
  • Chinmayee Mishra
  • Bhavya
  • VJ Susheela
  • Babitha Shetty
  • Anushree
  • Sujatha Nettime
  • Harpreet Kaur
  • Jassu Gill
  • Nisha (Tamil Wikimedian)
  • Sandeep Kaur
  • Chris (CIS-A2K)
  • Nitesh (CIS-A2K)


The International Women's Day meeting convened to celebrate the contributions of women within the Wikimedia community and to discuss strategies for promoting gender diversity. The meeting was attended by various community members, who actively participated in the discussions.

Meeting Highlights

Warm Introductions and Icebreaker Activity: Participants engaged in a lively icebreaker activity led by Chris, which encouraged them to share insights about their backgrounds using emojis. This activity facilitated a sense of camaraderie and set a positive tone for the meeting. Nitesh (CIS-A2K) introduced to the call.

Reflections on Wiki Women Camp Declaration

Manavpreet Kaur. the speaker of the call, provided insights into the outcomes of Wiki Women Camp 2023 and proposed the formation of a steering committee to support future initiatives. Her reflections sparked discussions on the importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity within the community.

Introduction of She Leads and features Initiative

"She Leads" initiative, aimed at empowering female Wikimedians in Indian communities through organized activities. The initiative received positive feedback, with several participants expressing interest in contributing to its success.

Chris elaborated on the covering features campaign designed to showcase the stories and achievements of female contributors within the Wikimedia community. Participants were encouraged to nominate inspiring individuals and share their own experiences.

Next Steps and Future Plans

Participants discussed plans for future activities, emphasizing the importance of ongoing support and collaboration. Ideas for monthly calls, community-driven initiatives, and leadership development programs were explored, with a shared commitment to promoting gender equality.

Acknowledgments and Appreciation

The meeting concluded with expressions of gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and contributions.


The International Women's Day meeting served as a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations aimed at advancing gender diversity and inclusivity within the Wikimedia community. Moving forward, participants are committed to implementing the proposed initiatives and fostering a more inclusive environment for all.