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CIS-A2K/Reports/CIS-A2K Quarterly Report 3/Telugu

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Participants at World Women's Day celebrations at Golden Threshold, Hyderabad
Cake of Wiki 10th Celebrations at Vijayawada

The major work taken up by CIS-A2K team in collaboration with Telugu community in this quarter was to organise Tewiki10 at KBN college, Vijayawada. Several activities such as Target 55555, quality improvement of existing articles, outreach, and community strengthening through specialised training were done under this Tewiki10 as an umbrella event. While the focus of CIS-A2K towards the beginning of the quarter was on bringing in new editors and working towards successful organisation of Tewiki10, towards the second half of the quarter, CIS-A2K was involved in active consultations with the community members in developing Telugu language area workplan and other work plans for the next year and their drafting. In total, 5 meetups were organised apart from the Tewiki10 event. Community members actively contributed and got engaged with the workplans. A total of 6 wiki training sessions were organised. A special event was organised to celebrate World Women's day on March 8 at Hyderabad and Bangalore. Raja Sekhar, Sujatha, K Venkata Ramana and other Wikipedians were actively involved in drafting the Telugu Focus Language Area Workplan.

Key Highlights[edit]

Mandali Buddhaprasad, Chief Guest releasing T-shirt of the event Tewiki10
  • Wiki Training Workshops : As part of Tewiki10 celebrations, Wikipedia editing training workshops were organised at SVIT at Tiruvur, VVIT at Pedakakani and KBN college at Vijayawada. In March, a Wikipedia Training Workshop was organised at JNTUA CEP.
  • Tewiki10 : Telugu Wikipedia's 10 years of existence was celebrated at KBN College Vijayawada. CIS-A2K actively collaborated with Telugu Wikimedia Community in accomplishing the following:
    • 8 Telugu Wiki training workshops
    • Around 60 Telugu Wikipedians gathered for the event and were joined by 6 other Indic wikimedians.
    • Around 20 press coverage
    • 5 electronic media coverage
    • QR coding of the whole KBN college campus was taken up by CIS-A2K with student Wikipedians from the college as participants.
    • 55555 article sprint was successfully completed
    • Quality improvement of village articles of Guntur and Krishna districts (about 2000 stub articles got improved into start class articles)
    • 3 media partners and 1 hospitality partner.
    • Event attended by 400 people over 2 days.
    • 1 book was released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and was uploaded to Telugu Wikisource.
  • Wiki Women's day at Hyderabad and Bangalore : Wiki Women's Day was celebrated at CBIT and GT at Hyderabad and at CIS office Bangalore. Many new women participants joined in to learn about Telugu Wikipedia and edited women themed articles as part of the workshops held in Hyderabad and Bangalore by CIS-A2K in collaboration with Telugu Wikipedia community.
    • 13 new Women editors were brought on board.
    • 108 Women themed articles got created.
    • 30 existing articles on women got expanded.
    • 3 events were held.
    • 4 media mentions.
  • Active involvement of Telugu community in drafting Workplan : Telugu workplan, designed by CIS-A2K team, was actively engaged with the Telugu community. Each component of the workplan comes from the suggestions and ideas of the Telugu Wikipedia community members.Raja Sekhar, Sujatha, K Venkata Ramana and other Wikipedians were actively involved in drafting the Telugu Focus Language Area Workplan and other workplans of CIS-A2K for June 2014 - July 2015.

Statistical analysis[edit]

Note: Please note that the statistics for Mar 2014 have not been published yet. For the purpose of creating these charts data points of the previous month (Feb 2014) were used for Mar 2014 too. Charts along with descriptions will be updated as soon as new data is published.

Total Editors[edit]

There has been more or less a steady growth in the total number of editors and not anything significant.

Total editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)
Total editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)

New Editors[edit]

It is important to note that there were not many outreach activities during January and February for new editors apart from the on-wiki and social media support. However, a TV program and other Tewiki10 media coverage boosted the creation of new editor accounts and edits.

New editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)
New editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)

Active Editors[edit]

Telugu Wikipedia's 10th anniversary celebrations were in January and February and which co-insides with the significant growth of number of active editors. There is decline in March though it is more than the average of the previous months.

Active editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)
Active editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)

Very Active Editors[edit]

While the number of very active editors has come up from less than 2 to between 10-15 in one year. Now the figure consistently remains between 15 and 20.

Very active editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)
Very active editors-Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)

No. of Articles[edit]

There is a growth in total number of new articles created though it is significantly high. There might be a significant high growth for March as the activities went high.

No. of Articles - Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)
No. of Articles - Telugu Wikipedia (Jan - Mar 2014)