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Sanskrit Wikipedia admins training


CIS representatives



The following are the minutes of the meeting.

  1. The meeting commenced at 3:30 p.m.. At the outset, Ms Shubha and Mr. Sayant Mahato thanked both C I S and Mr. Tito Dutta for arranging the meeting and for conducting the meeting in the office of C I S.
  2. It was felt that for giving effective training to the Wikipedians, both current and prospective, it is necessary to lay down the operating guidelines based on the policies of Wikipedia.
  3. Therefore it would be necessary to specify the procedures unambiguously, viz. specify the guidelines in areas where they are not indicated and review and modify those procedures which may be deviating from the Wikipedia Principles.

Policies and guidelines discussion


Sayant was asked to check 10 important policies - and their availability/status on Sa Wikipedia

  1. Neutral point of view: Sayant suggested , creating a separate page. Shubha suggested that, examples from existing articles should be discussed including the correct style of writing.
  2. No Original research to be done. If necessary and it may be preferable also to expand the existing article, in a separate page. Shubha also concurred with this suggestion.
  3. Verifiability: Same as above and concurred by Shubha also.
  4. Image Use Policy: Same as above.
  5. Copy Right: Sayant suggested to translate the page. Shubha was of the opinion that the translation could be partial
  6. On the topic of Five Pillars and Article Titles, it was felt that no action is needed now.
  7. What Wikipedia is NOT: This means what Should Not be done. This should be clearly specified during the training sessions.
  8. Biography of Living Persons and Vandalism: No comments as of now.

It was felt that these important aspects could be enshrined. By marking a new page or pages and perhaps elaborate on certain sections where clarity may not be adequate.

Admin training


The following topics were discussed:

  1. How to quickly delete/undelete pages (not using manual process, and using CSD template delete link etc).
  2. Discussion on import process. Definition of Transwiki import.
  3. What is Lua error.

Methodology suggested

  1. Discussion should be started on Village pump
  2. Inform the Sa. Wiki Community on V P and Mailing List after creating the same.

Road Blocks perceived

  1. Lack of Active Editors
  2. Earlier a large number of pages have been created without adhering to the essentials. However enforcing the principles may not be an issue.



These are the tasks of upcoming 2 weeks:

  1. Starting discussion on Sa WP Village Pump on core content polciies
  2. Post on mailing list about immediate future plans.
  3. Monitor the VP discussion.
  4. Practice admin tasks.
  5. List of scripts, gadgets

Follow-up session


This session was followed-up by CIS-A2K/Train-a-Wikipedian/Sessions/2016-01-24