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  • 24 August 2016


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  • Christ University B. Ed students

Discussion topics[edit]

We discussed these things:

  1. Introduction to Wikipedia (in brief) - with 2 hands-on activities: a) listing out notable people, books, and searching those topics on internet to check Wikipedia's search ranking, b) basic concept of free and non-free content, why can't we use most of the content of web?
  2. Visiting Indic language Wikipedia (7-8 Indic language Wikipedia's main pages were visited) and brief discussion on Indic Wikipedias.
  3. Introduction to basic Wikipedia formatting (bold, italics only, note: I missed underline formatting, and jumped to strikethrough, after bold and italics underline should have been taught, on-WIki underline is formatted like Word see also #6)
  4. Namsepace: Main, User, File, Wikipedia namespaces and their talks pages were discussed. Module, MediaWiki etc namespaces have not been discussed.
  5. Writing a short paragraph on sandbox,
  6. Add one reference in the article