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CIS-A2K/Work plan July 2016 - June 2017/Konkani

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Work plan July 2016 - June 2017

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Konkani has been a focus language area for the last two years. Based on the community consultation, feedback from the editathons, workshops (organised at NIE, Goa University, Goa Central Library) lessons learnt and challenges in implementing the work plans, we have decided to deepen our work in growing the Konkani Wikipedia project and the associated community. After it went live in June 2015, the Konkani community was inactive for around 6 months, however, a second round of efforts proved to work. A new editing community was created at NIE, one of the educational institutions that CIS-A2K has partnered with, and existing community members started to become active again. Efforts are being made to create a new community of editors from Mangalore.

Performance against Plans[edit]

CIS-A2K's Konkani proposal could not be fully implemented during this work plan year due to lack of program personnel and staff dedicated to Konkani. A very important institutional partnership with Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE) has resulted in students coming on board as active Wikipedians. The other content donation initiatives will be taken up in the period from April-June 2016. Based on the learning and experience in working with institutions and the community dynamics of the existing editors CIS-A2K will implement several projects.


Tangible Impact[edit]

Konkani Wikipedia got 32 new editors, 1130 new articles were added in the last year. About 6 Active Konkani Wikipedia members were involved in these programs and total of 7.69 MB of text was added to Konkani Wikipedia.

Intangible Impact[edit]

  • Community activities on social media and other similar online activities. Currently there exists 637 members in the Facebook group and there are roughly 5-10 posts every month.
  • Media mentions

Revisiting the Needs Assessment[edit]

  • Rejuvenating the earlier partnerships
  • GLAM activity about 2 libraries in Mangalore and Goa.
  • Village project

Implementation plan[edit]

Cultivating New Editors[edit]

CIS-A2K is working closely with educational institutions and a few social service organisations to cultivate a 'wiki editing culture'. There is a visible interest amongst the Konkani language students at Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE), Panaji. The A2K team witnessed this during the edit-a-thon conducted at State Central Library, Panaji, Goa where over 100 articles were created by a group of 7 editors. These numbers have to be analysed in light of the recent slump in activity in gom.wikipedia.org. Students of Dept of Konkani and Dept of Computer Studies, Goa University are also inclined towards becoming active Wikimedians, as can be gathered from their recent edits. Keeping these recent developments in mind, CIS-A2K will be concentrating on skill building and customised training sessions for student Wiki volunteers in Panaji. CIS-A2K has also been able to generate enthusiasm at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore towards editing and contributing to Konkani Wikipedia. As the college is located in Mangalore—it has a confluence of Kannada, Konkani and Tulu speakers—offers us an added advantage of tapping into Tulu-Konkani and Kannada language speaking students.

Along with these educational institutions, CIS-A2K would like to use opportunities for content donation from organisations such as Thomas Stephen Konkani Kendra, Dalgado Konkani Academy, Jagatik Konkani Sanghatan, which will attract new editors and also provide the opportunity for seasoned editors to mentor newbie editors.

Strengthening Existing Community[edit]

CIS-A2K hired a Programme Associate (PA) to coordinate all the activities regarding gom.wikipedia. The last work plan started well with the PA co-ordinating and planning activities proposed by community members. Due to personal circumstances, the PA could not continue in the position and unfortunately, as a result, the community of the project appeared to have gone into hibernation as no edits and outreach activities were conducted for quite some time.

In order to revive the Goan Konkani Wikipedia, CIS-A2K used the occasion of the release of Isidore Dantes's dictionary under a free license, to arrange for a community meetup in Panaji. The event also led the way for an edit-a-thon that successfully created 100+ articles in a single day. In order to continue and preserve this momentum, A2K organised a two-day edit-a-thon related to 'Villages of Goa' project which was jointly organised by Dept of Computer Studies, Goa University, and CIS-A2K. This edit-a-thon was not only attended by students of the Computer Sciences Department but also existing community members.

During 2016-2017 CIS-A2K would like to continue the 'Villages Project' in collaboration with Goa University and through its institutional partnerships and WEP initiatives aim to bring in existing Wikimedians as mentors to new Wikimedians who enrolled via the outreach workshops, edit-a-thons, and WEP.

CIS-A2K is also targeting existing gom.wikimedians towards becoming admins for the gom.wikipedia under the Train a Wikipedian initiative.

Content Generation[edit]

During this plan year CIS-A2K intends to work closely with the Goa Konkani Academy, Panaji Konkani Sahitya Academy, Panaji, Maand Sobhan, Mangalore to generate content across the areas of culture, history, tradition, literature, personalities and current affairs.

A2K is also aiming to engage students at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore under WEP towards quality content generation. These students will be writing about the Karnataka based Konkani culture, history, tradition, literary paractices and personalities coming from Karnataka that are notable in the Konkani sphere.


Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
1 PA x 100%[1] 360,000 5250.7909 0 0
1 PD x 2.5%[2] 70,330.92 1,025.813763 0 0
1 PM x 5%[3] 52,800 770.1159987 0 0
3 PO x 11.11%[4] 318,282.7 4,642.321958 0 0
1 PA x 11.11%[5] 55,733.34 812.9003181 0 0
Travel and Stay[6] 0 0 14,000 204.1974239
Volunteer support 20,000 291.7106056 10,000 145.8553028

  • Wikimedia Education Programme(12 Events) = Rs.60000/-
  • Small city/town outreach(2 Events) = Rs.20000/-
  • Conducting digitization sprints (4 Events) = Rs.24000/-
104,000 1,516.895149 20,000 291.7106056
Digitization 0 0 25,000 364.638257
Printing/Stationery 5,000 72.92765139 0 0
Skill Building Initiatives 30,000 437.5659084 0 0
Miscellaneous 1,000 14.58553028 0 0
Total 1,017,147 14835.62837 69,000 1006.401589


  1. 100% time of a Program Associate who will anchor this plan at CIS-A2K
  2. 2.5% time of Program Director, CIS-A2K
  3. 5% time of Program Manager, CIS-A2K
  4. 11.11% time of 3 Program Officers, CIS-A2K
  5. 11.11% time of Program Associate, CIS-A2K
  6. Expenses incurred by the CIS-A2K program team towards executing the plan