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Manual for CatScan rewrite[edit]

Project language code or "commons" for Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia project to be searched (wikipedia, wiktionary, wikiversity, etc.)
Depth of the category trees to search. 0 means to not use subcategories.
List of categories, one per line without "category:" part. Appending '|' and a number will set the depth for this category tree independent of the depth given above
Negative Categories
List of categories as above, only articles which are not included in this category will be listed
How above categories should be used
  • Category list: Lists subcategories
  • Subset: All pages that are in all category trees
  • Union: All pages that are at least in one category tree
  • Difference: All pages in only one of the category trees
  • At least (N): All pages that are in at least N category trees
The namespaces to use as potential pages
Use only pages that
  • Box 1:contain all of the given templates
  • Box 2:contain one of the given templates
  • Box 3:contain none of the given templates
Enter one template per line, without "template:" prefix. This option seems only compatible with templates in "template:" namespace and can not be used with templates in "User:" namespace or specialized template namespaces like "Creator:" or "Institution:" used at Wikimedia Commons.
Linked from
Last edit
Show pages the last edit of which has been made /not been made by a bot, an anonymous user or are flagged
Last change
Date or time period of the last change on the page in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS (shorter allowed).
"Only pages created during the above time window" allows you to look for first change instead
File size or size range in bytes
Number or range of internal links on the page
Top categories
Sorting criteria
Output format of the search results