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aftab alam was born in 1996 21st of February , his father kept his name as faryeided because he bron in ramzan eid but the name was difficult to call so again they kept his name as afatb alam but all his loving once gave him the name of affu, he born in banglore his father zafeer alam nadvie was a Arabic lecturer and even imam sab in masjid in alameen collage and he was from Bihar and studied in lucknow in nadva and married and working place in banglore , his mother tabassum was house wife , aftab did is sslc in 2012 in my school and his puc in alameen pre university collage in 2014 as a science student and his degree in vv puram collage he did his 2 year degree in vv puram collage and drop out from some issue and he continue his final degree in al ameen science collage

             he was one of the famous person in laughing and he was given the name of laughing king and he is big fan of heath ledger once a astrologer said that he will be a happiest person in his life from that day he used to be happy in every movement as usual every people are in problems hurted or sometime happy but aftab was the person who made his life to be happy even in problems he alwys thinks what ever it happens it is sake of our good life and alwys trusting allha, what ever he do is good for us  and our life so he never cry in problms he thinks god is giving us better life so don't cry just smile
  he was very poor in studying but how ever his parents forced and hard work maked him to complete his degree when he was in school he was the dumbo person in the class all frinds was tesing him and hitting him he was a useless he was getting complains from teacher everyday and he was the one of big useless in the world and always crying    at the time of school because he was thinking negative everytime and his life also was going in negative thinks he was not understanding what to do for a good life once he met for astrologer his life changed , as a think he wont believe in astrologer who said he will be the happiest person in his life , but he dint took the think what he said but he learnt to be happy in every moment from that his life changed and his all school mate at 10std had become his good friend 
this teach us beaing in negative thinks can damage your life , if you think positive and be happy then no1 can do anythink for your good life
 in his school his best friend was aaron who was cristain , then in his degree times he met his new friends who name was shabaz, anees , moiz,moiz , riyaz , munasir .. hid friends was scolding him to not be so happy at every time and beaing laughing one day you will be sad how much you be happy now at last you will cry and peoples will cheat you by laughing itself b ut he never took those4 words and he was in his passion of laughing once his gf cheated him as usual every person use to be hurted but he dint gave a single drop for her than feeling bad for expecting the think she did even aftab father was also like him he alwys belive in good and thinks what ever happens it fron god grace we shold be happy for it also not only BY BEAING HAPPY  , 

                      from this think we can learn think positive for positive life

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