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Topics for Sindhi Wikipedia can be found below. You can choose to create articles for the contest, from the lists provided below, based on your interest.

Global topics[edit]

Indian topics[edit]

Local topics[edit]

  • Up to 500 topics can be written for the contest based on specific locally relevant themes as determined by the local community organizers following local community discussion.
  1. Religions by Country (Abrahamic & Dharmic Religions).
  2. Notable Men & Women.
  3. Monarchs.
  4. Bilateral relations by country.
  5. Religious and Traditional Festivals.

Sindhi Cuisine[edit]

(only for Rupika (#100wikidays #wikilovesfood)

Sno. English Sindhi Status
1 Kulfi sd:قلفي
2 Rabri رٻڙي
3 Bhendi fry ڀينڊي فراءِ
3 Sai bhaji سائي ڀاڄي
4 Thadal ٿاڌل
5 Khirni کيرڻي
6 Lassi لسي
7 Sindhi biryani سنڌي برياني
9 Pomfret fish Paplet پاپليٽ
10 Almond Badaamyoon(باداميون)
11 Pakora پڪوڙا
12 Hyderabadi pickle حيدرآبادي آچار‎
13 Shikarpuri pickle شڪارپوري آچار‎
14 Sindhi pulao سنڌي پُلاءُ
15 Beh بيه (Sindhi Roman script Beh)
16 Saag ساڳ
17 Koki unknown

Sindhi people[edit]

Sno. English Sindhi Status
1 Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai sd:شاهہ عبداللطيف ڀٽائي
2 Abida Parveen عابده پروين
3 Saif Samejo سيف سميجو

Tourist places of Sindh[edit]

Sno. English Sindhi Status
1 Faiz Mahal فيض محل
2 Mehrano Wildlife Sanctuary مھراڻو جھنگلي جيوت پناھ گاھ
3 Kot Diji Fort ڪوٽ ڏيجي قلعو
4 Mohenjo-daro موئن جو دڙو
5 Shrine at Odero Lal اوڏيرو لال درگاہ
6 Banbhore ڀنڀور
7 Makli Necropolis مڪلي
8 Haleji Lake ھاليجي ڍنڍ
9 Keenjhar Lake ڪينجھر ڍنڍ
10 Lake Manchar منڇر ڍنڍ
11 Hadero Lake هڏيري ڍنڍ
12 Regio Patalis
13 Keti Bandar ڪيٽي بندر
14 Keti Bandar ڪيٽي بندر
15 Sokhi Bandar سوکي بندر
16 Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta شاھجھاني مسجد ٺٽو

Topics based on English Wikipedia readership[edit]

These are the English Wikipedia articles that receive the most number of readers from Sindhi speaking regions. These topics are provided as two sections.

  • Thematic Topics - These topics fall under following categories: Women, Science and Technology, Arts and Literature, History and Geography, and Health.
  • Popular Topics - These topics are the mostly popularly read articles without filtering by categories.