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Start your request for a CentralNotice banner campaign here!

The aims of this process are as follows:

  • To improve community access to central notice through a clear and transparent process.
  • To improve best practice and ensure greater consistency in campaign implementation.
  • To improve communication around campaigns. Creating clear forums for feedback on campaigns, providing metrics back to campaigns and also a clear method for assessing community consensus for campaigns relating to advocacy.
  • To reduce potential clashes between campaigns

Requests must be made, at minimum, 10 days in advance of any campaign

Step #1 : Review the usage guidelines for CentralNotice
Step #2 : Create your request
Step #3 : Include it on this page.
Step #4 : Add it to the calendar and check for conflicting campaigns in your period for language/geotargeting. Contact the organizers of the other campaigns to solve them!
Step #5 : Notify target projects and geographic affiliates. Add edit diff links to request.
Step #6 : CN Admin & Community feedback [7 days]
Advocacy/Payments: WMF Legal Review [21 days])
Step #7 : Approval/rejection
Step #8 : CN Admin sets up campaign (recommended to allow for up 3 days)
Step #9 : Campaign enabled

List of currently active volunteer CentralNotice administrators:
DerHexer Johannnes89 Martin Urbanec Vermont
For normal requests, a central notice admin will close the discussion. In the areas of advocacy, the stewards team may be called upon to assess consensus.