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NOTICE: WMF Fundraising Technology and Advancement are conducting a design research exercise to scope out future use cases and a functionality/developement road map for CentralNotice.

If you wish to participate in a design research interview please contact Joseph Seddon via his talk page or email.

Interviews can be arranged to be done remotely over Google Hangout or in-person at Wikimania 2017.

CentralNotice CentralNotice (calendar) Archive

The purpose of this page is to track the intended use of CentralNotice banners, and to provide contact information as to the banner's "sponsor". This also improves transparency: it gives the community the ability to comment on banners and to appropriately schedule them. Certain times (for instance, for WMF fundraising banners, steward elections, or referenda) may be reserved by the Foundation. That is, we certainly won't postpone the fundraiser because there's no banner time available. However, in all cases, project sponsors should be sensitive to the overall banner needs and mindful of the obligation to minimize the banners.

Remember to consider whether CentralNotice is the right tool for the job: would your notice work as well using watchlist notices or sitenotice? Also remember to be judicious in your use of the tool, restricting it to just what's needed. Overuse hurts us all. Comments about banner campaign scheduling on talk.
Past requests are archived here.

Remember that you must add a campaign to the calendar before enabling it. See also the request page.

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Banner purpose Projects Languages Logged in, Anonymous, or Both? Countries Project sponsor Comments from sponsor
2016-05-28 2017-06-09 Schweizer Archivtag 2017 Wikipedia, Commons, ... de, it, fr, en Both Switzerland Ilario
2016-06-28 2017-06-28 Soirées Wiki en ligne Wikipedia fr Both FR, CH, BE, AZ, TZ... Benoit Rochon
2017-07-05 2017-08-02 Wikimedia Fundraising - Israel Wikipedia en,he Anon IL Seddon
2017-07-18 2017-08-15 Wikimedia Fundraising - Ukraine Wikipedia en, uk, ru Anon UA Seddon
2017-07-18 2017-08-15 Wikimedia Fundraising - Portugal Wikipedia en,pt Anon PT Seddon
2017-07-28 2017-10-07 WikiDaheim 2017 Wikipedia, Commons, ... de Both Austria Philip
2017-07-31 2017-08-18 Wikiconference 2017 in Ukraine All All Logged in UA Base
2017-08-01 2017-08-15 WikiConvention francophone/2017/Soumissions All French Logged in All Pyb
2017-08-16 2017-08-30 Wikimedia Fundraising - Brazil (part 1) Wikipedia en,pt Anon BR Seddon
2017-08-08 2017-09-05 Wikimedia Fundraising - Malaysia Wikipedia en Anon Malaysia Seddon
2017-08-08 2017-09-05 Wikimedia Fundraising - South Africa Wikipedia en Anon ZA - South Africa Seddon
2017-09-01 2017-09-30 Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 Wikipedia, Commons, Wikimedia, ... All Both Participating countries Wiki Loves Monuments international team
2017-09-05 2017-10-03 Wikimedia Fundraising - Japan Wikipedia en,ja Anon Japan Seddon
2017-09-19 2017-10-17 Wikimedia Fundraising - Belgium Wikipedia en,fr,nl Anon Belgium Seddon
2017-10-02 2017-10-16 Wikimedia Fundraising - Brazil (part 2) Wikipedia en,pt Anon BR Seddon
2017-10-03 2017-10-31 Wikimedia Fundraising - France Wikipedia en,fr Anon France Seddon
2017-10-01 2017-11-31 Wikimedia Fundraising - Big English Testing Wikipedia en Anon US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ Seddon
2017-11-20 2017-12-31 Wikimedia Fundraising - Big English Wikipedia en Anon US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ Seddon
2018-01-01 2018-01-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Big English Thank You Wikipedia en Anon US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ Seddon
2018-01-07 2018-01-30 Wikimedia Annual Report Wikipedia en Anon US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ Seddon
2018-02-01 2018-03-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Nordic Campaigns Wikipedia no, da, sv, en Anon NOR, DEN, SWE Seddon
2018-02-15 2018-03-21 Wikimedia Fundraising - Austria Wikipedia en, de Anon AT Seddon
2018-03-01 2018-04-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Italy Wikipedia en, it Anon ITA Seddon
2018-04-01 2018-05-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Nederland Wikipedia en, nl Anon NL Seddon
2018-05-01 2018-06-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Spanish South America Wikipedia en, es Anon ARG, CHL, COL, MEX, PER, URY Seddon
2018-06-01 2018-07-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Portugal Wikipedia en, pt Anon PRT. Seddon
2018-06-01 2018-07-07 Wikimedia Fundraising - Eastern Europe Wikipedia en, lv, ru, ro, sk, pl, hu, uk Anon LVA, ROM, SVK, POL, HUN, UKR . Seddon
2017-07-11 2017-07-18 Wikimedia Deutschland - New Editor Campaign Wikipedia de Anon GER campaign details
2017-10-04 2017-10-17 Wikimedia Deutschland - New Editor Campaign Wikipedia de Anon GER