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CentralNotice CentralNotice (calendar) Archive

The purpose of this page is to track the intended use of CentralNotice banners, and to provide contact information as to the banner's "sponsor". This also improves transparency: it gives the community the ability to comment on banners and to appropriately schedule them. Certain times (for instance, for WMF fundraising banners, steward elections, or referenda) may be reserved by the Foundation. That is, we certainly won't postpone the fundraiser because there's no banner time available. However, in all cases, project sponsors should be sensitive to the overall banner needs and mindful of the obligation to minimize the banners.

Remember to consider whether CentralNotice is the right tool for the job: would your notice work as well using watchlist notices or sitenotice? Also remember to be judicious in your use of the tool, restricting it to just what's needed. Overuse hurts us all. Comments about banner campaign scheduling on talk.
Past requests are archived here.

Remember that you must add a campaign to the calendar before enabling it. See also the request page.

Banner purpose Projects Languages Logged in, Anonymous, or Both? Countries Project sponsor Comments from sponsor
2022-05-27 2022-06-03 Text Banner Workshop-Wochenende: lectures for WM project communities. Wikipedia de Logged in User:ChristophJackel No Comments from sponsor
2022-02 2022-05 Tax banner campaign Hungary hu Wikipedia hu Anonymous and logged in hu Julia Brungs and Samat between February and May 2022 banners for the tax campaign in Hungary will be shown: 15.-21.2, 15-21.3, 28.5-5.5, 12.-20.5
2022-04-02 2022-05-31 2022 Science Photo Competition Russia Wikipedia, Commons Russian, English anonymous Russia JukoFF The traditional competition takes place for the seventh time. The Russian part of the international competition.
2022-04-15 2022-05-15 WikiPorLosDerechosHumanos Wikipedia Spanish Both EC-CO-UY-VE-PY-GT-BO-MX-CL-AR-PE-SV-CR-CU-ES-HN-NI-PA-PR Constanza Verón (WMAR)
2022-04-22 2022-05-22 May 3, 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the Czech Wikipedia. Banner will inform editors about a birthday challenge. It should symbolically celebrate Wikipedia's birthday by writing new quality articles. Wikipedia Czech Logged in Czech Republic Natálie Schejbalová
2022-04-25 2022-05-08 Promote the Wikidata MOOC Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, Wikisource, Wiktionnary fr Logged in for Wikipedia, Commons, Wikisource, Wiktionnary and both for Wikidata All Sarah Krichen
2022-05 2022-06 Tax banner campaign Italy it Wikipedia it Anonymous it Julia Brungs between May and June 2022 banners for the tax campaign in Italy will be shown: 10-23.5, 1-15.6
2022-05-01 2022-07-31 Wiki Loves Earth WP/WM/C/VOY various both various Romaine
2022-05-04 2022-05-18 International Museum Day 2022 Information Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, Commons, Wikisource, Meta All participants Anonymous and Logged in AM, AR, AT, BJ, BW, CD, CH, CL, DE, GB, GN, HU, ID, IN, IT, LI, MT, NG, NL, PL, RS, RW, SE, SM, TD, UA, UG, UY, VA Ilario Impression diet (3 times per user per day)
2022-05-08 2022-05-20 WP:FIP in Stuttgart on 20 May 2022 Wikipedia German Anonymous and Logged in Germany - state Baden-Württemberg
2022-05-11 2022-05-21 Czech and Slovak Wikimedia Hackathon banner Wikidata cs, sk Logged In Czech Republic, Slovak Republic Eva Vele (WMCZ)
2022-05-11 2022-06-15 Encourage various parts of the communities to switch to Vector 2022 + gather feedback all ~top35 Logged in using Vector on desktop all SGrabarczuk (WMF) With the "tryout" banners, we'll initially only target users with less than 500 edits. At some point, we may target more experienced users.

Only those who decide to switch to Vector 2022 will see banners inviting them to share feedback.

2022-05-12 2022-05-31 Article competition CEE Spring 2022 English all en Logged in all KuboF Hromoslav
2022-05-15 2022-06-15 The purpose of the Roundup campaign is to raise funds by which Wikimedia Israel may further the Hebrew Wikimedia mission to empower every single human being to freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Roundup/Igul Letova Campaign Heb Logged in Israel OphirT- WMIL Roundup is a program operated by an Israel-based nonprofit called roundup (Igul LeTova). During the onset of this program, participants’ credit card charges are rounded up to the nearest shekel, with the additional amount of agorot (The Israeli equivalent of cents) being donated to participants’ chosen charities.
2022-05-22 2022-06-22 Photo drive in North Carolina All en Both US subnational: NC Pharos
2022-05-23 2022-06-20 Fundraising banner campaign in South Africa Wikipedia en Anonymous South Africa Julia Brungs
2022-05-31 2022-06-28 Fundraising banner campaign in Latin America (AR, BR, CL, CO, MX, PE, UY) Wikipedia es, pt, en Anonymous AR, BR, CL, CO, MX, PE, UY Julia Brungs
2022-05-31 2022-06-28 Fundraising banner campaign in India Wikipedia en Anonymous India Julia Brungs
2022-06-06 2022-06-13 Invitation to an online visit of an exhibition as part of GLAM digital de.wikipedia de Both all, but only visitors of de.wikipedia Manfred Werner (WMAT) (talk) the request is not completed yet, banner (categories ...) and landing page follow soon
2022-06-01 2022-06-30 One month editing contest to promote human rights Wikipedia cz Both Czech Republic --Natalia Szelachowska (WMCZ) (talk) 14:05, 20 May 2022 (UTC)User/Project sponsor[reply] Human rights month on Czech Wikipedia