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  1. Be efficient
  2. Be focused
  3. Be unobtrusive
  4. Be consensus-driven
  5. Avoid constant use!


  • Freely Licensed - All content including text, background images or logos must be created and released under a free license (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, Public Domain or equivalents).
  • Wikimedia Owned - Banners must link to Wikimedia controlled domains (owned either by Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia affiliates or Wikimedia Volunteers identified to the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • No external resources - All banner resources (code or images) must be sourced from Wikimedia controlled websites.
  • Fundraising Principles - Including the above requirements the Wikimedia Foundation and affiliates who run fundraising or tax deductibility campaigns must adhere to the WMF Board Fundraising Principles.

Exclusion for Wikimedia Foundation or Affiliate fundraising limited to payments or email iframe and only with consent from WMF legal

Campaign Requirements[edit]

  • Content Banners on Content Projects - Banners relating to content generation should target content projects, avoiding governance and project support projects like Meta
  • Campaign Weighting - Wherever possible campaigns should be kept below 50% traffic without express community consensus.
  • Impression Limiting - Impression limiting and named campaign cookies should be used for all campaigns. Typically 5 Impressions, Resetting after minimum of 6 days & 12 hours. (The 12 hours avoid targeting a user at the same point in their weekly schedule)
  • Campaign Length - Campaigns should typically be less than 2 weeks in length. Only in cases where proven success exists or explicit community consensus prevails will exceptions be made for campaigns of 1 month.
  • Limit - Hard limit of 2 campaigns for any one language/geography/project combination per month.
  • Alternatives - Smaller banners, local notices and mass-messaging campaign should be used as alternatives to CentralNotice.


General Rule

Most banners will need some sort of consensus before hand. This can be achieved via the CentralNotice Request process As part of this process the host communities should then be notified via the host wiki's community notice board (Village Pump, Cafe or equivalent) – or whatever is most suitable to efficiently reach most interested users - linking to the Central Notice request. Any request will be open for at a minimum of 7 days.

Standard Community Notices

Movement-wide banners relating to Wikimania, steward elections, board elections, other general Wikimedia votes and surveys, maintenance notices, will generally receive automatic approval however they should be pre-planned, placed on the campaign calendar and and Central Notice admins notified via the standard request process.

Surveys & Payment flows

Approval for such a banner will take at least 21 days and require approval from Wikimedia Foundation in all instances. For these please contact Joseph Seddon


Decisions to partake in advocacy requires explicit community approval. Either this can be attained on each individual host wiki in whatever way is deemed appropriate for that wiki or alternatively an RFC can be held on meta and a small banner notification ran to notify the affected communities.


Online Fundraising Banners run by the Wikimedia Foundation however it is now common practice to coordinate timing of fundraising campaigns for all countries (except for US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) with local affiliates. The aim is for this to be done around 4-5 months in advance although significant changes in fundraising periods can be discussed anywhere up to 9 months in advance.

Online Fundraising Banners run by affiliates are approved via legal agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation and again do not need additional approval.