Chapters Dialogue/Six big questions/What do we want to achieve?

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At Wikimedia Conference 2014 in Berlin, the session Re-imagine movement addressed the question What do we want to achieve?

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WIKIMEDIA CONFERENCE 2014 - April 10-13, 2014 in Berlin[edit]

9 Re-imagine Wikimedia movement[edit]

Every table discuss about the same topic. After a time people circle to next table an see, what people there find out.

What should our movement achieve by 2040, 2025, 2017?

Year Subject Comment
2017 Community People will be nicer, much more depth of trust, more consensus about approaches
2017 Community Good welcoming culture, healthy community in all regards, incl good integration of volunteers & paid staff;
2017 Creation process Integration into academic process: studying, drafting, creating new knowledge, journal publication
2017 Creation process Real-life experience: historical events, observations, oral histories
2017 Education Wikipedia will be much more a pedagogical tool
2017 Education All children will have access to information, we should become mainstream,
2017 Gender gap All of us will have visited Armenia + Susanna, where the majority of editors are women,
2017 HR Structure training and development
2017 Ideas A shift in creating new ideas, more fun in contributing, grants will be more individual
2017 Ideas More innovative
2017 Ideas Good tools for user experience,
2017 Infrastructure We will have definitions for the different movement organisations.
2017 Infrastructure More chapters
2017 Infrastructure Ownership about the international development
2017 Infrastructure WMF will be no longer the nexus
2017 Infrastructure More international cooperation,
2017 Infrastructure 1000 Wikipedians in Residence via GLAM
2017 Infrastructure Core businnes still gaining volunteers,
2017 Infrastructure Concrete, harmonised goals between chapters and WMF. Clarify roles in movement. [WMF holds trademarks, run servers: add or subtract as required]
2017 Infrastructure We have a great quantity/quality of content, but could be managed by another entity.
2017 Knowledge types: Registration of sources, citation wiki and discussion of refs
2017 Knowledge types: Music and film in PD, and a wealth of public knowledge
2017 Knowledge types: Have a process for registering entries for every source of data (all nounds: UPC to trees)
2017 Language A tool for translation that is editor controlled with multiple choices
2017 Law and policy Freedom of panorama in many countries
2017 Mission We know why we're doing this
2017 Mobile A complete shift to mobile editing, editing will be more fun and more recognised
2017 Projects Review of project landscape
2017 Reach Increase in readership (1 bn readers)
2017 Wikidata Wikidata will have impact,
2017 Wikidata There should be a creative commons standard for open data,
2025 Community There will be sustainability in the community,
2025 Community Easy to be a Wikimedian
2025 Community By 2025 we will have a movement with a positive and supportive atmosphere.
2025 Community Becoming a 'social norm' means a different sense of community
2025 Community Community recognition, guild development (compare medical and legal guilds and social recognition)
2025 Community Unify disparities (geographical, etc) by technologies such as improved machine translation, wikidata
2025 Community Solve problem of multiple versions of same topic.
2025 Culture A more cultural approach to our projects (more oral knowledges e.g.,)
2025 Education The Movement a big player in Education, accepted as a resource and promoter of educational resources (OER)
2025 Education Wikipedia will in every space tech and educational site, strong research, crisis of quality of sources,
2025 Education There will be educational institutions using tools which are wikipedia bases,
2025 Education Teachers will know, how to use Wikipedia in school,
2025 Education Very effective medium, better accessibility of the human network behind Wikimedia
2025 Education All children should have equal access.
2025 Ideas Could our bots pierce access walls?
2025 Ideas Hubbert curve: do we have this for articles? Compare "exponential growth" curve estimates of articles and razorblade-count
2025 Ideas We would have new tools for collaborating on knowledge:
2025 Ideas Bridging the idea of creation from local sources; no longer defending this way of creation.
2025 Ideas Allow more ways to access the content, e.g. audible, visible etc.
2025 Infrastructure The Movement being still in movements, no really clear frames
2025 Infrastructure There will representation in every country,
2025 Infrastructure How to become big
2025 Infrastructure Wikipedia Zero universally available.
2025 Infrastructure Movement structure: can we get a structure that does what the Chapters Association was set up to do, with WMF as an equal partner.
2025 Language Wikidata will be base of many translation tools,
2025 Language Automatic translation
2025 Language Wiki botnets doing automated knowledge scraping? Effect of bots on minor language Wikipedias: the idea was that these articles would draw editors, and this has not happened.
2025 Language Inter-language work: get the content from the best article in any language, into all languages.
2025 Law and policy Advocacy + Lobbying for free knowledge (even important than saving our projects),
2025 Law and policy Started to roll back (c) to ~L+50 worldwide
2025 Law and policy Large corporations are breaking down those barriers, but will there be free information? Lobbying? The discussion should continue.
2025 Mission Sum of all human knowledge: What does this mean?
2025 Multiplicity Multiple versions of one article (in languages as views)
2025 Network Collaboration is commonly understand
2025 Network Keep the effectiveness of the Wikimedia projects as information transfer media, while making the human network behind them accessible.
2025 Projects Does WikiNews fulfil our mission? It doesn't not our mission.
2025 Projects All the projects can merge to one namespace?
2025 Reach More outreach
2025 Search There will be Wikipedia Glass
2025 Search Primary source for search, 400 Langouage Version,
2025 Search Compete with google
2025 Search Cortana is the AI interface for Halo. Might we have smart personal assistants in Wikimedia projects? Maybe draft-space could contain scraped data with references as raw material for editing.
2025 Society Wikipedia will become a norm and a protocol
2025 Society Edit wars, but no real wars
2025 Society Integrated in daily life
2025 Society Now it's cool and hip to have something that's not in WP.
2025 Society Open access to information as a civil right. Globally! Places like Africa (commercial blockage) and China (ideological challenges)
2025 Tooling Good AI and measures for quality, plagiarism, statistics for use
2025 Tooling Viewcounts and usage visible per data and article
2025 Transformation Transform for the future
2025 Transformation Changes in public views of knowledge
2025 Transformation View WP as a new environment: one where Everything is there.
2025 Unity Unification & Stability of the social meme, unifying the name spaces of the sister projects
2025 Wikidata Bot-generated datasets?
2040 Community Bigger and more productive
2040 Community Equality-gender, age, diversity
2040 Infrastructure Financal independence
2040 Infrastructure Platform in the future will change
2040 Language Key questions about language (language preservaty, ...), Wikidata will be the primary database for that
2040 Language Automatic translation
2040 Law and policy IDs of every content, having more legal impact, better copyright (+50), unifcation of laws
2040 Mission accomplished Wikimedia [Wikipedia] gets a public good, it's *one* thing, it will have a huge technical background
2040 Mission accomplished Wikipedia globe will be complete!
2040 Mission accomplished WP as a basic need
2040 Network Very effective medium, better accessibility of the human network behind Wikimedia
2040 Network Social networking
2040 Reach Wikimedia-Projects will be accessable for all people all over the world.
2040 Reach Access: presence in every (school, digital archive) in every actively taught language
2040 Society Leadership in international decision making, the Movement as a big player and part of the establishment.
2040 Society The international decision making is influenced.
2040 Society Wikipedia will be integrated in all parts of society,
2040 Society Access to information is a civil right.
2040 Society Interconnections to all social movement
2040 Society More influence
2040 Society Free knowledge as the standard; the way to go for society and education.
2040 Society People want to be entertained
2040 Transformation The Movement will be totally different, because the need will be totally different
2040 Transformation The rules for the movement might be completely different
2040 Transformation Editing is thinking and vise versa
2040 Transformation Global collective brain
2040 Transformation Balance
2040 Transformation Shifting from a 'site' to a 'protocol' and 'social norm'
2040 Transformation Wikipedia will help to preserve obtain
2040 Transformation People are knowledge
2040 Transformation Wikimedia could create sources
2040 Transformation More rendundance in Wikipedias in view of languages
2040 Wikidata Wikidata primary for new source and biggest Database in the world, Wikimedia will be working in languages
2040 Wikidata Wikidata will be very big and a fact source for many humans