Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia Česká republika

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Quick facts[edit]

  • When was the chapter created? March 2008, first GA in May 2008
  • What are the main changes that affected the chapter since then? Probably nothing significant.
  • Number of members: 32, as of February 2009
  • Budget: Income in 2008 was 1100 €. Budget for 2009 is about 23 000 € of which 7700 € are sponsored services (legal aid, domains, webhosting) and over 12 300 € are planned WMF grants.

Success stories[edit]

  1. We got a sponsor for Czech (and possibly other) domains.
  2. We have established partnership with a law firm to consult legal/copyrights issues for the projects.
  3. We will be presenting WMF projects on two exhibitions in Prague.


  1. It's hard to get volunteers. (Most of the work is done only by handful of people. However, WMF grant project helped us to get some attention.)

Plans for the future[edit]

  • Plans for the short term (1 year)
    1. Exhibitions
    2. Photographic workshops and other projects (photos of municipalities, scientific prohotographs)
    3. Conference?
  • Plans for the medium term (3 years)
    • Currently we don't plan that much ahead.


  1. Sorting out relationship with the Foundation (domains, trademarks).
  2. Finding out what other chapters exactly do, what works and what doesn't.