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Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation

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The aim is to keep the amount of preparation to a minimum, while ensuring that your work will be useful and used.


State of the chapters[edit]

Each chapter is asked to prepare a 5-minute presentation of their chapter. Slides (5 max) are encouraged since they will help document the meeting; they should be added as wikitext or uploaded to meta-wiki before March 31th.

Presentations should stay consistent with each other in order to allow easy and quick understanding, so please stick to the reference topics proposed. There will be plenty of other sessions at the meeting where you will have the opportunity to be creative :)

Outline of reference topics that the short presentation should cover:

  1. When was the chapter created? Main changes since then, current number of members, current budget
  2. Success stories, things you're proud of
  3. Headaches, frustrating things that didn't work (why?)
  4. Plans for the short term (1 year) and medium term (3 years)
  5. 3 top expectations from the chapters meeting

We will be on a very tight schedule and presentations shall not last more than 5 minutes, so please focus on the main facts.

Thematic slides[edit]

Three tracks are planned to be led by experts (mostly members of the staff of the Wikimedia Foundation): Communication & Marketing, Funding & fundraising and Public outreach.

Chapters can submit a single slide for each topic in order to raise specific issues or start discussions

  1. Communication / Marketing / PR
  2. Public outreach

We would like all chapters to bring examples of their PR and outreach material: cheatsheets, chapter leaflets, brochures, CDs, etc.

Other sessions[edit]

The proposed schedule is now available. You are encouraged to discuss the other topics beforehand within your chapter.


A template is available if you wish.