Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia Sverige

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Quick facts[edit]

  • When was the chapter created?

October 20, 2007 in Stockholm.

  • What are the main changes that affected the chapter since then? (if any)

Well, we've done more. Nothing big on the organisational side.

  • Number of members


  • Budget

6000 euros (Suggested budget for 2009 here)

Success stories[edit]

  1. Wikipedia Academy in Lund November 12-13, 2008
  2. increase in number of wiki meetups
  3. Gothenburg Book fair 2008 and FSCONS 2008
  4. Consequences from Lennart's 10 thoughts of quality on svwp - which led to increased acceptance of Wikipedia in general
  5. 2 major donations (10 000 euros and 2500 euros respectively)
  6. many contacts with government, municipal and organisation representatives


  1. first contacts with museums about free pictures
  2. too many projects - there's so much we want to do
  3. not good enough in self-started media stories
  4. financial stability

Plans for the future[edit]

  • Plans for the short term (1 year)
    1. Mueseums, photos and copyright
    2. Contacts with government and highly influential organisations
    3. Get the members more active through local initiatives
    4. Wikipedia Academy, Stockholm, november 2009
    5. Courses in schools etc about how Wikipedia works - to get more people contributing to Wikipedia and its sister projects
  • Plans for the medium term (3 years)
    1. Intoduce sv:wp as a place for professionals (resesearch groups) to publizise their findings (puts demands on some better "follow up" tools and some new type of specialgroup administartors)
    2. Introduce what is necessary in order for sv:wp not to deteriorate from a risk of being infested with inferior material when the number of veteran users on sv:wp is decreasing


  1. Exchange best practices for donations of free pictures and getting scholars to contribute
  2. Chapter and WMF trademark agreement and business deals
  3. Learn more about the other chapters