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Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia UK

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Wikimedia UK




August 2008 Discussion began to reform chapter
October 2008 First board elected
November 2008 Incorporated as Wiki UK Ltd
January 2009 Received chapter approval
February 2009 Opened bank account; started accepting members
Today Have 18 members and £300 income
26 April 2009 Will hold first AGM


  • Kept on track and met deadlines, despite delays
  • Opened a bank account - one step further than previous attempt!
  • Open and transparent in everything done, with lots of opportunities for participation
  • Wikipedia Loves Art at the Victoria and Albert
  • Copyright consultation


  • Length of time to get WMF and ChapCom approval, plus lack of communication
  • Explaining nature of WMF-Chapter relationship to bank
  • Delays getting recognized as a charity for tax purposes


  • Win Wikimania 2010 bid in two weeks!
  • Hold AGM in three weeks
  • Membership drive
  • Begin fundraising
  • Begin project work


  • Get ideas for projects
  • Learn what’s worked and what hasn’t for other chapters
  • Improve relationships between WMUK, other chapters and the WMF