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Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia Brasil

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First slide[edit]

Wikimedia in Brazil is a movement of autonomous volunteers:

  • Instead of a legal entity, we are an open movement
  • Instead of bylaws, we have a “statement of principles”
  • Instead of legal representantives, volunteers can be assigned by peers to specific tasks
  • Instead of internal finances, grants can go through partners, because action comes before material resources.

Second slide[edit]


  • foster collaboration and mutual trust
  • empower everyone to act autonomously
  • avoid risk of potential lawsuits
  • do not manage financial resources


  • subscribe to “statement of principles"
  • have all the same status, without hierarchies
  • ask the Foundation to use its trademarks
  • partner with other organizations when needed



Recent changes:

Current number of members:

  • +/- 150 interested volunteers on Meta
  • +/- 40 subscribed to the mailing-list
  • +/- 15 subscribed to the Statement of Principles

Current budget:

  • No funds available

Success stories[edit]

Success stories, things you're proud of


Things that still have to be worked out

  • Align internally and externally how the local chapter will work
  • Attract more wikipedians to participate on the chapter
  • Attract new wikimedians to the projects
  • Promote free knowledge in Brazil
  • Assure good press coverage for all of the Wikimedia's projects
  • Attract the academic community to all of the Wikimedia's projects
  • Develop more content with good quality
  • Develop alternatives to have free access to knowledge


Plans for the short term (1 year) and medium term (3 years)

Short term
  • Submit the Statement of Principles to the Chapters Committee
  • Request to the Foundation to keep chpater status and work as a decentralized movement
  • Support initiatives of volunteers (conferences, debates, events)
  • Promote the participation of Brazilians at Wikimania in Buenos Aires
  • Participate on the Annual Giving Campaign of the Wikimedia Foundation
Medium term
  • Collaborate with similar chapters working as decentralized movements
  • Engage and empower a greater number of autonomous volunteers
  • Support the Wikimedia Foundation with the management of trademarks, partnerships and funds
  • Organize a regional version of Wikimania to happen in parellel with the main Wikimania


3 top expectations from the chapters meeting

  • Evaluate opportunities and challenges of decentralized movements
  • Share experiences with other participants
  • Discuss the relation between the Wikimedia Foundation and local chapters

Communication / Marketing / PR[edit]




Public outreach[edit]