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Wikimedia Australia -


PDF: media:WMAU slides for chapters meeting march 2009.pdf (commons page)


  • January 2006: First discussion on meta
  • March 2008: Recognised by WMF
  • August 2008: Recognised by Australian govt department
  • January 2009: First AGM (first elected committee)
  • Current membership: ~50
  • Membership fees: AU$40/year, $20 students
  • Budget?: AUD 1.5k (≈ 770€)

Hot & Not...[edit]

The good:

  • Contacts in museums, education, open source
  • WP on highschool courses
  • Govt's starting to like CC
  • Widespread awareness of WP - huge public goodwill
  • Digitally engaged society
  • Increasing awareness of Chapter through media, conferences, contacts.

The bad:

  • No tax-deductible status
  • No income stream
  • No member 'benefits'?
  • Institutions have restrictive culture
  • Potential gov't censorship
  • Not organised enough to take advantage of all our opportunities!!


1 YEAR (2009):

  • Hold national "WikiConf" + Wikipedia Academy
  • Establish WMAU in media, cultural institutions' consciousness
  • Retain overall membership number
  • WMF agreements on licensing and fundraising
  • Create: merchandise, policies, blog, board manual, subcommittees...


  • Financial sustainability
  • ???


  1. Chapter-selected candidates for WMF Board decided & process approved
  2. Chapter licensing of logos clarified and fundraising agreement finalised


  1. Learn best-practices for 'managing members'
  2. Learn best-practices for non-profit policies & governance


  1. Learn best-practices for dealing with cultural institutions
  2. Corporate members & receiving payment for Wiki-services