Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia Deutschland

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Quick facts[edit]

  • created 13th of June 2004 in Berlin as first chapter worldwide
  • Office (2006 in Frankfurt, since 2008 in Berlin)
  • Staff (ED since 2006, additional staff since 2008 (communications director, developer, community-assistant, project-manager, students for office paperwork)
  • 450 members, 10 members of the board
  • Budget 2009: 940.000 EUR (projected)

Success stories[edit]

  1. Content liberation: Cooperation with Bundesarchiv and SLUB
  2. "Wikipedia macht Schule" to enhance media literacy (positive public response)
  3. Wikipedia Academy
  4. Toolserver and Squids ("providing Wikimedia projects for Europe")
  5. Flagged Revisions
  6. Scholarships for scientific literature
  7. Zedler medal


  1. Volunteers' commitment
    • + for events
    • - for project-working
  2. relation between administration costs and project costs

Plans for the future[edit]

  • Plans for the short term (1 year)
    1. Expert talks
    2. Project plan for Generation 50plus
    3. Community day at Wikimedia Deutschland's 5th birthday
    4. Integration of OSM maps
  • Plans for the medium term (3 years)
    1. Establishing longer term projects like Wikipedia macht Schule or Generation 50plus
    2. further content liberation
    3. Information and education,


  1. sharing ideas and visions
  2. learning how things work in other chapters
  3. basics for interchapter coordination/cooperation