CodeWeek 2017 Burrel

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EU CodeWeek is a grass-roots movement that promotes the creation with programming code. This movement started in 2013. Volunteers from around the world mentor people from different age groups and show them how through coding and computer science in general they can achieve their ideas. Motivated people come together in order to help each other and share their experiences.

Moments during Code Week 2017 in Burrel


This year, the Wikimedia Community User Group Albania travelled to Burrel in order to bring young students closer to the Wikimedia projects. Burrel is a rural and remote area in Albania and the social impact of a such kind event was huge. Three members of the User Group visited three elementary schools on the three days of their stay in town. The kids were aged 13-14 years old.

Initially, the kids had the chance to attend a presentation about all the Wikimedia projects in general. Afterwards, the attendees created their wiki accounts. All the articles that were created or improved were related to the small town of Burrel. The kids created many articles about official natural monuments of the area around Mat region. During the three days the workshop attended approximately 70-75 kids.