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Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-04-04

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 Session Start: Wed Apr 04 16:34:59 2007
Session Ident:#wikimedia-cpg
<Dev920> how many people we expecting?
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<Wiki_Blue> not sure
<Wiki_Blue> a few are on their way though
<Wiki_Blue> sean and cary bass
<Wiki_Blue> ohh sean is already here
<Wiki_Blue> :)
<Wiki_Blue> i have some coolio news for you guys :)
<xyr> Interestingly, UTC and GMT are a few seconds aparty.
<xyr> Heya sadny
<Wiki_Blue> hey sean :)
<Wiki_Blue> thanks for setting this up :)
<Wiki_Blue> who is loco?
<xyr> np
<xyr> Someone on the teamm :)
<xyr> Wiki_Blue, would this news happen to relate to that which you dropped a hint to me about?
<Wiki_Blue> i unfortunatly have a better time recognizing emails thaan user names
<Wiki_Blue> yes indeed :)
<xyr> Okay.
<xyr> Well, let's wait for everyone :-)
<Dev920> wow, lots of smilies
<Wiki_Blue> (good sign)
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<Wiki_Blue> it starts in 4 minutes, yes?
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<bastique> Who's taking minutes?
<Wiki_Blue> is everyone ready?
<xyr> Hmm good point.
<xyr> I was going to post the log for those who can't attend.
<Wiki_Blue> sean is simply
<Wiki_Blue> coping log to meta
<bastique> yes
* Pilotguy can do that as well
<Wiki_Blue> shall we begin?
<xyr> Sure.
* Pilotguy ready
<Wiki_Blue> kay. does everyone know each other?
<Wiki_Blue> since this is the first meeting, maybe we can all quickly introduce ourselves?
<xyr> Okay, I'llgo first...
<xyr> I'm Sean or Xyrael, and I'm 'from' the English Wikipedia. My other jobs are OTRS, mediating and managing the IRC channels.
<Wiki_Blue> chime in yall
<xyr> I'm hopefully co-ordinating the group.
<xyr> Wiki_Blue, your turn!
<Pilotguy> very nice
<bastique> Cary Bass... Wikimedia dog in training
<Wiki_Blue> everyone go
<Wiki_Blue> sandy, cary's neighbor, press officer for the foundation
<Pilotguy> Well I'm Pilotguy... en.wp administrator
<bastique> (aka Volunteer Coordinator)
<Pilotguy> Pretty much just here to help out
<Wiki_Blue> dev?
<schiste> schiste, christophe henner on the ml, sysop on fr.wp, board member of the french chapter
<Pilotguy> I do extensive work with the countervandalism channels
<Wiki_Blue> good to know
<Wiki_Blue> !
<Wiki_Blue> sorry writing some of this down
<Dev920> Dev920, work mainly on enwiki, but ranges over enwikiquote and meta as well, steadily moving into more.
<bastique> Wiki_Blue: Cut 'n' paste
<Wiki_Blue> ohh, as well, if you guys belong to a project, please let sean know
<Dev920> huh, why did my font colour change?
<Wiki_Blue> i would like to have a contact eventually from many projects on comproj :)
<Wiki_Blue> so we can be of more assistance to the projects
* schiste nods
<Pilotguy> Yes
<Pilotguy> Mutiple project assistance = awesome
<Wiki_Blue> so does anyone want to go first, i have some good news to share, and pretty excited that it will be a good beginning project for comproj
<xyr> Go on, Wiki_Blue
<schiste> Wiki_Blue go on :)
<xyr> Don't hold the suspense any longer!
<Dev920> go fore it
<Pilotguy> indeed
<schiste> We won't stand it
* schiste is about to collapse
<schiste> :p
<Dev920> lol
<Wiki_Blue> okay. soooooo, there is a very well known production company based here in tampa that does alot of work with grassroots orgs and creative economies
<Wiki_Blue> and they have proposed to do a weekly or monthly (still seeing whats viable) well produced podcast/tv show
<Wiki_Blue> so like Wikimedia TV
<xyr> Exciting
<Wiki_Blue> and you guys, hopefully, will be helping out gather info for the podcast
<schiste> Heuuuu HUB?
<Pilotguy> neat!
<Wiki_Blue> (what is hub)
<xyr> Groovy!
<schiste> ok it's not hub :D
<Wiki_Blue> so our first real comproj project
<schiste> a production company :)
<bastique> Pilotguy has talked to the press for us before :)
<Dev920> wow
<Wiki_Blue> and we will be having different types of segments
<Pilotguy> Yeah well, he never actually did an interview, sorry to say
<bastique> :(
<Pilotguy> But sounds like this will be different
<Wiki_Blue> including, but not limited to: current community news, tips and tricks (how to), fundraising messages, featured articles, project info, and
<Wiki_Blue> interviews with the coolest people associtaed with the organization and open source movement, like people on our advisory board
<schiste> So what's the goal? Making a "news podcast?"
<schiste> oh ok
<schiste> that wide :)
<xyr> Wow.
<Wiki_Blue> essentially, its like a video magazine
<xyr> Pretty major undertaking.
<Pilotguy> Kind of like what the Wikipedia Signpost does?
<Wiki_Blue> yes, and the more work we do, the more podcast they can do for us
<Wiki_Blue> sort of, but also geared more to a general publi
<Pilotguy> ok
<Wiki_Blue> (help with our pr and fundrasing activities)
<schiste> We should get en.wikinews involved
<schiste> they might be intersted
<bastique> Who knows about Wikicast
<Wiki_Blue> does someone have an active contact there
<Dev920> no don't
<Wiki_Blue> that can serve as liaison?
<Wiki_Blue> to wikinews?
<schiste> active contact with?
<Wiki_Blue> wikinews
<Pilotguy> I know of two or three
<Dev920> the people at wikinews have little to do with teh rest of us
<Pilotguy> Their IRC channel is #wikicast
<schiste> Ho, that should not be hard
<bastique> Craig Spurrier
<schiste> yep :)
<Wiki_Blue> pilotguy do you want to inform them and get their feedback?
<Pilotguy> sure
<bastique> I just poked Craig
<Wiki_Blue> okay. so I am meeting with them tomorrow evening, and just seeing what its like
<Wiki_Blue> you guys want links?
<Dev920> don't, they don't play nice with other projects
<Pilotguy> links sound nice
<Wiki_Blue> thiis the compnay
<Wiki_Blue> http://www.tampadigital.com
<Wiki_Blue> this is an example of the podcast they are doing:
<Wiki_Blue> (very cool btw)
* CraigSpurrier (n=cspurrie@wikipedia/Cspurrier) has joined #wikimedia-cpg
<bastique> And here he is
<Wiki_Blue> http://www.tampabaymediatalk.com
<bastique> But he has no idea what we are, I'm sure
<bastique> Craig, this is the meeting of the Communications Project Gruop
<Wiki_Blue> awesome. pilotguy is serving as liaison to wikinews, so he can fill him in
<Wiki_Blue> :)
<Wiki_Blue> Wikiblue waiting while everyone sees site
<Pilotguy> wikinews or wikicast?
<bastique> [[m:Communications Project Group]]
<Wiki_Blue> errr, help me out here, still new...what is wikicast?
<Wiki_Blue> is that on wikinews?
<bastique> Weekly magazine
<bastique> not affiliated with Wikinews
<Wiki_Blue> wikizine?
<schiste> nope
<bastique> It's a vocal
<Pilotguy> And there's also wikipedia weekly
<xyr> We have a lot of them 8)
<Wiki_Blue> lol
<Pilotguy> yep
<Wiki_Blue> okay. has everyone seen the link and example podcast?
<Pilotguy> But I can do wikinews, I jsut have to register there
<xyr> Hang
<xyr> on
<xyr> Where's the example, please?
<Pilotguy> Yes, let's take a look
<Wiki_Blue> http://www.tampabaymediatalk.com
<bastique> I can't even find a link for WikiCast
<schiste> Problem is, some of us won't have the equipment
<Pilotguy> Their site has been down for a while
<Wiki_Blue> no no no
<Wiki_Blue> hold on
<Pilotguy> bastique
<bastique> Pilotguy:
<Wiki_Blue> this company is doing all the production
<schiste> Ho
<schiste> they just need the ideas
<Wiki_Blue> what we have to do as ComProj is coming up with content
<bastique> We don't need the equipment
<schiste> and the content$
<schiste> ok sorry I misunderstood
<Wiki_Blue> for example, what policies do we want to highlight
<Wiki_Blue> is there a person we think should be interviewed
<schiste> I though they were just providing hosting, postprod and broadcasting
<Pilotguy> hmm.
<schiste> ok :)
<Wiki_Blue> has anyone heard of an editorial schedule
<Wiki_Blue> thats what we are doing
* Pilotguy has not
<Wiki_Blue> they have like high tech equipment etc
<schiste> ok
<Wiki_Blue> soo, take for example a magazine, right
<Wiki_Blue> there are the graphic designers, the people that do the layout and design
<bastique> I'm sorry... I have to step away briefly
<schiste> Pilotguy we give content and ideas > they work
* bastique is now known as cary_is_away
<Pilotguy> oh ok
<Wiki_Blue> then you have the editorial team that decides what content should be included in the year, and gathers, writes content for the graphic designers
<Wiki_Blue> so they are like our graphic designers
<Wiki_Blue> ComProj will research content and also help publisice the podcast
<Wiki_Blue> is everyone okay with this?
<Pilotguy> Sounds fine to me
<Dev920> sounds cool
<schiste> How much do will they pay me ?
<xyr> Wow this dem is nice.
<Wiki_Blue> lol
<Dev920> though I think we need mor eplanning on content. :)
<xyr> demo*
<Wiki_Blue> this is a free service they are providing for us :)
<schiste> Free? Pfff meaningless :p
<Wiki_Blue> okay. so this is the idea, let me know if everyone is okay with the following:
<Pilotguy> that's great!
<timichal> why am I here?
* timichal (n=timichal@wikimedia/timichal) has left #wikimedia-cpg ("hmm")
<xyr> awwwww he went
<Dev920> ...ok
<Wiki_Blue> we will create a document on google docs
<Wiki_Blue> where you can list ideas that you have
<Wiki_Blue> think about what "how tos" would be cool to showcase
<Wiki_Blue> what policies you think people are unfamiliar with
<xyr> How to edit Wikipedia!
<xyr> NPOV, Civility?
<Wiki_Blue> For example! lol
<schiste> Hmmm
<Wiki_Blue> exactly
<Wiki_Blue> what current news
<Wiki_Blue> we should highlight
<Pilotguy> Using Wikipedia has a source for resarch
<Dev920> a humourous guide to edit wars?
<Pilotguy> as even
<Wiki_Blue> yup, exactly
<Dev920> :)
<Wiki_Blue> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Wiki_Blue> alll of that is very important
<Dev920> ooh, we could have a segment on WP:LAME
<xyr> Okay, hang on.
<Wiki_Blue> project news....did the irish project do something cool?
<xyr> Wiki_Blue, surely we can put this on meta, not google docs?
<schiste> Could we "use them" to broadcast someking of statements ?
<xyr> He's good at those 8)
<Dev920> have a brief minute at the beginning to sum up what the wiki has done
<Pilotguy> very
<Dev920> like teh headline news
<Wiki_Blue> Yes, exaclty...current news...but remember this is more for a general crowd....a vehichle to help people understand wikimedia and our culture and get them more involved
<bastique> Who is "jimmy"?
<Wiki_Blue> Yup.
<Dev920> btw, how serious does this have to be?
<xyr> GOod question.
<Wiki_Blue> not a joke, but we can have humor
<bastique> It should be somewhat entertaining
<Wiki_Blue> Has someone seen 60 minutes?
<Pilotguy> Not boring
<Pilotguy> ick
<Wiki_Blue> it won't be but it will also be informative
<Wiki_Blue> This will also be a vehichle to promote open source
<Dev920> see, I like delivering serious stuff, but I keep doing it ina ironic and humourous way
<Wiki_Blue> and explain to the world why it is what we are doing
<Wiki_Blue> We can have both
<Wiki_Blue> :)
<Dev920> can we have eyewitneww reports from wikimania?
<Wiki_Blue> this is like the foundations video magazine to the general public
<xyr> Wiki_Blue, are we okay to jot stuff onto meta?
<Wiki_Blue> YES< This are the types of ideas :)
<Wiki_Blue> however, we would have to find someone who could record footage at the event
<Dev920> not a problem
<bastique> xyr: yes
<Dev920> I'm going
<Wiki_Blue> yes, please do, Sean could you create a page
<xyr> Will do.
<Wiki_Blue> okay. can someone volunteer
<Wiki_Blue> to serve as a reporter, and get current news?
<Wiki_Blue> on wiki world?
<bastique> xyr: Just leave out my "who's jimmy" part
<Wiki_Blue> LOL
<xyr> hehehe
<xyr> I'll get you fired for that ;)
<Dev920> why don't we just use the signpost?
<Dev920> those guys are fairly on the ball
<Wiki_Blue> with projects as well?
<Pilotguy> Well that only goes to en.wp
<Pilotguy> But it's an option
<Wiki_Blue> like hey wiki africa is looking for more volunteers or did this?
<Wiki_Blue> Yes, I got them inovlved
<Wiki_Blue> both of those people are on ComCom1
<Wiki_Blue> and i've already commented to them :)
<Wiki_Blue> but we need a liaison here that can be "responsbile" for gathering that
<schiste> [22:54:54] <Wiki_Blue> okay. can someone volunteer
<schiste> [22:55:01] <Wiki_Blue> to serve as a reporter, and get current news?
<schiste> I personnaly can't
<xyr> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Communication_Projects_Group/Podcast
<schiste> I'm REALLY too busy with wikimania
<Wiki_Blue> its okay schiste :) whatever you can do :)
<Wiki_Blue> maybe you can be our wikimania liaison :)
<schiste> If you want
<Wiki_Blue> okay.
<Wiki_Blue> gotcha for that
<schiste> I was thinking of involving them in broadcasting wikimania :)
<schiste> Hmmm
<Dev920> that would be good
<schiste> Would they be ok with that ?
<Wiki_Blue> well, the thing is that we need someone to record wikimania
<Wiki_Blue> yea, or we could to a live phone interview with someoone there
<schiste> that won't be a problem :)
<Wiki_Blue> like an anchor person
<Wiki_Blue> :)
<Wiki_Blue> covering the event?
<schiste> Wikimania is allways recorded :)
<xyr> Okay, so these are going to be monthyl, right?
<Wiki_Blue> ohh very cool
<Wiki_Blue> well, again, I'm meeting with them tomorrow and will give more details as it comes
<Wiki_Blue> (very early phases)
<xyr> Right.
<Wiki_Blue> but getting a proposal together for next week for board to see, etc
<xyr> Let us know!
<Wiki_Blue> I will :)
* xyr thinks we should move on in the meeting now 8)
<Wiki_Blue> yup :)
<bastique> I'm sure Sandra and I will both be in Taiwan
<Dev920> OOOH, I've broken into the Top 50 FA nominators! Yay!
<xyr> That was random ;)
<xyr> Okay, so, do people have other ideas for comproj?
<Pilotguy> well it's still early
<Pilotguy> So far sounds like we're off on the right track
<bastique> 1) Making sure you stay in touch with each other and stay involved.
<Dev920> sorry, I'm editing while I type
<Dev920> True wikiholic here. :D
<Wiki_Blue> also, as sean mentioned
<Dev920> what is the difference between  comproj and comcom?
<Wiki_Blue> the mailing list should only be used to make announcements or find help for your particular project
<Wiki_Blue> good quesiton dev
<bastique> comproj is comcom helper gruop
<bastique> sort of
<bastique> We're broader
<bastique> And we accomplish things
<schiste> :D
<bastique> We're doers, not Tawkers
<Dev920> k
<Wiki_Blue> Comproj will be comprised of creative people, people from different projects that are doing communciations work
<Wiki_Blue> etc
<Wiki_Blue> we will work on projects that are more creative in nature
<Dev920> so are we a subgroup, or an entirely separate thing?
<schiste> an undercover group ;)
<xyr> Sort of like a sister group
<Wiki_Blue> and also provide support to each other for our different projects
<xyr> As medcom is to arbcom.
<Wiki_Blue> for example, dev is active promoting one of her projects
<bastique> tawker just got online
<schiste> Sorry got to go to work, be back in about an hour :)
<schiste> see ya then
<Wiki_Blue> so she could could post an announcement on Comproj stating, hey I need help wtih this, can someone volunteer
<bastique> later schiste
<bastique> have a nice night schift
<Wiki_Blue> kay :)
<Wiki_Blue> Soo, comproj will be a group to loosely try to get everyone involved in communications work acroos all projects, all languages, together
<Wiki_Blue> and like i said, the mailing list should only be used to post announcements or project coordination
* tawker (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Tawker) has joined #wikimedia-cpg
<Wiki_Blue> the weekly meeting here is where evreyone can share ideas, socialize, etc
<Wiki_Blue> is everyone okay with this?
<bastique> tawker is here
<bastique> tawker is the WikiCast guy
<Wiki_Blue> hey tawker
<bastique> tawker: do you know Sandra?
<Pilotguy> yep
<Pilotguy> I think you mean wikipedia weekly btw
<Pilotguy> wikicast is separate from wikipedia weekly
<xyr> Wiki_Blue, yup, on being okay
<bastique> Is it?
<Wiki_Blue> tawker, pilotguy will contact you regarding a project we are working on
<Wiki_Blue> :)
<Wiki_Blue> if that is okay
<tawker> umm
<tawker> WikipediaWeekly :)
<tawker> yeah
<tawker> Wiki_Blue: k
<bastique> Okay
<bastique> something like that
<Wiki_Blue> its too long to resummarize righ tnow :) thats all
<Pilotguy> We'll post minutes (logs) of the meeting on meta shortly
<xyr> Okay.
<xyr> Any more issse?
<xyr> It looks like we're nearly done :)
<Wiki_Blue> i just want to say , thank you all for being so excited and active about this :)
<Wiki_Blue> i really look forward to working with you all :)
<Wiki_Blue> and thank you cary for helping us find volunteers :)
<bastique> I hope we get more
* schiste is late
<bastique> xyr: Don't forget to edit those comments
<schiste> we should write a first meeting report
<xyr> bastique, it's a wiki {{sofixit}} ;P
<schiste> in order to show we're active
<xyr> Right, I take this as a closure, and will post those logs.
<schiste> and we need volounteers
<Wiki_Blue> sounds great :)
* tawker sets topic to: Wikimedia Communication Projects Group | http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/ComProj | Meetings are being held every Wednesday, 2030 UTC (9:30 PM GMT) | Note: Channel logs will be public
<Wiki_Blue> thanks everyone. if you need any assistance from me, i'm always here :)
<Dev920> k
<tawker> let's be really blunt about it :)
<bastique> of course
<bastique> xyr: If you don't add it , it won't be history :)
* schiste is of
<schiste> f
<xyr> Yes, I must tyurn my atention to other stuff.
<xyr> Thanks sandy, cary
<xyr> And everyone else.
<Pilotguy> later
<Wiki_Blue> good night :) warm vibes to everyone!
<xyr> Same to you.
<Dev920> et tecum
<bastique> night