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Note: timestamps are in CEST (UTC+2)

22:30:50 <seanw> Hey all!
22:30:58 <seanw> We ready to begin?
22:31:11 <schiste> yop$
22:31:15 <jtico> Hi seanw
22:31:30 <jtico> Let's go
22:32:13 <Wiki_Blue> ready :)
22:32:16 <seanw> Okay I'll do a mass hilight first.
22:32:29 <seanw> cary_is_working, Martinp23 Platonides ocee schiste ShakespeareFan00
22:32:40 <seanw> ^ want to indicate your aliveness? :)
22:32:43 <Martinp23> :O
22:32:44 <ocee> erm?
22:32:49 <ShakespeareFan00> seanw: OK - I'm only hear monitoring
22:32:50 <ocee> oh, hehe
22:32:59 * cary_is_working is working
22:33:05 * Platonides is not dead
22:33:06 <seanw> Ah k
22:33:15 <seanw> Y'okay, let's teh go...
22:33:34 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, we don't have much of a plan... you okay with me organising things here?
22:33:42 <Wiki_Blue> ohh yes :)
22:33:58 <seanw> Right then.
22:34:02 <seanw> So, it's been another cool week.
22:34:18 <seanw> Ridiculusly busy for me... been in school 'til about 5pm :O
22:34:33 <seanw> SHall we go round and see what people have been up to?
22:34:53 <Wiki_Blue> yup
22:35:02 <seanw> Go on then, someone!
22:35:38 <Wiki_Blue> kay. I hate speaking..cause I really want to hear from you guys.
22:35:44 <Wiki_Blue> but just want to remind everyone
22:35:55 <Wiki_Blue> that you guys can tap comproj for assistance as well
22:36:14 <Wiki_Blue> and that right now..the foundation is currently seeking sponsorship for wikimania
22:36:25 <Wiki_Blue> so if anyone wants to join this project, let me know
22:36:55 <Wiki_Blue> also, i sent tv proposal to board
22:37:01 <seanw> Ah the webcam?
22:37:05 <Wiki_Blue> out of courtesy and that project will begin soon
22:37:13 <Wiki_Blue> yes...waiting to hear from them
22:37:32 <Wiki_Blue> so again, if you want to join, email me or sean
22:37:45 <Wiki_Blue> also the commmons press relase was sent out
22:37:56 <Wiki_Blue> kay. thats it.....
22:38:11 <schiste> :)
22:38:44 <Wiki_Blue> i do want to know, how i can make this more creative for you guys.....
22:38:46 <jtico> Wiki_Blue: Is there any other group looking for sponsorship?
22:38:56 <schiste> jtico no
22:39:04 <Wiki_Blue> the wikimania taiwan group
22:39:06 <jtico> Waw
22:39:12 <schiste> And Pyb and I
22:39:13 <Wiki_Blue> but for international there is only a handful
22:39:15 <schiste> and Cary
22:39:21 <cary_is_working> what?
22:39:24 <Wiki_Blue> yup
22:39:28 <cary_is_working> Oh that is so last week
22:39:33 <schiste> :$
22:39:34 <Wiki_Blue> schiste any luck?
22:39:40 <schiste> contacts
22:39:44 <Wiki_Blue> or what cos you guys contacting?
22:39:52 <Wiki_Blue> (european?)
22:39:57 <schiste> international
22:40:11 <Wiki_Blue> coolio.
22:40:14 <schiste> but now i'm focusing on  french ones
22:40:28 <schiste> and I'm in contact with the EU cultural commission
22:40:30 <cary_is_working> we're contacting Coolio?
22:40:31 <schiste> who know
22:40:34 <schiste> yes
22:40:42 <schiste> He's gonna make a strip tease
22:40:42 <seanw> coolio++ as a word
22:40:48 <schiste> as sponsorship
22:40:52 <cary_is_working> Oh, I have contact information for
22:41:12 <schiste> I'm still waiting for sj
22:41:14 <schiste> -_-
22:41:31 <jtico> I don't know how to say it in inglish but what about a nota de prensa
22:41:37 <seanw> /88/go peppery
22:41:38 <Wiki_Blue> press releaes?
22:41:41 <seanw> Whoops sorry
22:41:41 <jtico> in news papers
22:41:55 <schiste> About what ?
22:42:01 <jtico> wikimania
22:42:05 <Wiki_Blue> ahhh. okay
22:42:06 <cary_is_working> Wiki_Blue speaks sort of fluent spanish
22:42:10 <schiste> useless :)
22:42:21 <Wiki_Blue> we have been contacting reporters fromlast year
22:42:23 <schiste> Wikimania, even if it's a global events, is really localized
22:42:26 <Wiki_Blue> telling htem about this year's event
22:42:38 <schiste> But publishing a PR for that won't be effective
22:43:04 <Wiki_Blue> for can get tricky.....
22:43:10 <schiste> yep
22:43:12 <jtico> To attract sponsorship
22:43:25 <jtico> well yes
22:43:47 <Wiki_Blue> well, we will be sending out press release regarding guys want to be involved with that?
22:43:57 <Wiki_Blue> I think Frances in Taiwan is main press person
22:44:06 <ocee> wikimania is in taiwan this year?
22:44:18 <ocee> might be a silly question, but i just want to make sure
22:44:18 <Wiki_Blue> but we can definitely be proactive where we are locally
22:44:33 <seanw> ocee, yeah, it is
22:44:51 * seanw would have loved to go, but it's a bit far to go as a 16 year old!
22:45:15 <Martinp23> hehe - same here :(
22:45:23 <schiste> Wiki_Blue yeah Frances is in charge of that
22:45:32 <ocee> is there a accommodations / passport assistance thing set up yet?
22:45:38 <schiste> but for global coverage she will accept helps I guess
22:45:53 <schiste> ocee go on #wikimania if you want more informations about this ;à
22:45:54 <schiste> :)
22:45:59 <jtico> In the press releaes what about to mention those organizations who sponsored last year
22:45:59 <ocee> oh, fun fun
22:46:02 <Wiki_Blue> anyone have any ideas about contacts?
22:46:11 <Wiki_Blue> (you don't have to answer now)
22:46:21 <Wiki_Blue> but if you think of anyone, let us know....for sponsorship
22:46:36 <seanw> Okay, I think we're done on that issue :)
22:46:37 <jtico> Ok
22:46:44 <ocee> sponsorship of wikimania?
22:46:46 <seanw> I think Martinp23 has been doing some good work - want to tell, Martinp23?
22:46:51 <ocee> haha sorry, i'm a bit slow tonight
22:47:04 <Martinp23> seanw: OK :)
22:47:17 <ocee> haha nvm, i'll just try to keep up now with Martinp23
22:47:41 <Martinp23> Again, I've been mainly watching over [[m:s]] (success stories), and have done some press list work
22:47:41 <unilinky>
22:48:10 <Martinp23> apparantely there are "a lot of people at the BBC interested in Wikipedia" :)
22:48:16 <Wiki_Blue> this page is awesome btw
22:48:22 * HistoryBuff peeks in
22:48:25 <seanw> s redirects to ss?
22:48:27 <seanw> Interesting.
22:48:39 <HistoryBuff> did the meeting start already?
22:48:46 <Wiki_Blue> yup :)
22:49:02 <Martinp23> seanw: Yep - I think Cbrown made it
22:49:06 <HistoryBuff> <-- is from Wikiversity, and a new participant on CPG.
22:49:08 <seanw> heh k
22:49:11 <seanw> HistoryBuff, welcome!
22:49:16 <seanw> HistoryBuff, we're all new participants, really :D
22:49:24 <HistoryBuff> Heh :P good
22:49:27 <schiste> huhu
22:49:50 <Martinp23> I'm not sure what to make of [[m:Inspiring Wiki Stories]], which someone has added a link to at the bottom of the success stories page :S
22:49:50 <unilinky>
22:50:13 <seanw> Martinp23, i wouild spaek the guy who runs inspriing, and perhaps ask for a merge into ours.
22:50:14 <Wiki_Blue> maybe some of you could do some investigative jourlism
22:50:21 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, how so?
22:50:34 <Wiki_Blue> start interviewing random people on IRC
22:50:36 <Wiki_Blue> maybe?
22:50:47 <Wiki_Blue> (like market research as well)
22:51:04 <Martinp23> seanw: Already done, but no response (yet).  If he's dropped of the face of the earth by the weekend, I'll merge it myself probably
22:51:05 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, interviewing them about what?
22:51:12 <seanw> Martinp23, good idea.
22:51:33 <Wiki_Blue> yup :)
22:51:43 <ocee> Wiki_Blue: i'm not sure if that's going to be an effective means of market research
22:52:01 <Wiki_Blue> about their experience, and opinions regarding hte projecs
22:52:25 <Martinp23> Yes - we can ask things like what attracted them, and how they got started (etc)
22:52:30 <ocee> as a humble tweak to that suggestion, we might be able to devise an open-ended survey and post them on various wmf projects
22:52:44 <Wiki_Blue> that would be cool ocee
22:52:49 <ocee> asking people to participate and e-mail them to whomever﹫
22:53:02 <seanw> I would say we want answers on meta.
22:53:11 <ocee> seanw: that's probably better
22:53:14 <seanw> We could have a button you hit to ctreate a page that has a template with teh questions on.
22:53:18 <seanw> A subopage.
22:53:26 <seanw> That'd work quite well (medcom do iot for nominations on enwiki()
22:53:34 <ocee> we could do [[meta:survey/ocee]] for the participants' individual responses
22:53:35 <unilinky>
22:53:37 <Wiki_Blue> AWESOME IDEA!
22:53:39 <seanw> Okay, I'll create a page.
22:53:47 <seanw> And we can start adding questions.
22:53:59 <ocee> on RfC en-wiki has a button where you can add a persons username and it creates an rfc subpage
22:54:19 <ocee> it'd be good to use that button to make these survey subpage creations as user-friendly as possible
22:54:21 <Martinp23> seanw: Is it worth me adapting MediationBot to transclude them for people, or let them work it out themselves?
22:54:39 <seanw> Martinp23, I don't think we want them transcluding, really
22:54:54 <seanw> ocee, yeah, and we can have it entering the template to the edit box to with that extension
22:55:01 <ocee> yep
22:55:07 <ocee> do you know how to do that, though?
22:55:25 <ocee> my technical skills extend about as far as boldface and italicising things
22:55:43 <ocee> :P
22:55:46 <cary_is_working> there's a Meditation Bot?
22:56:03 <schiste> Does he have candles ?
22:56:12 <Martinp23> seanw: :) - a link at the top of the info page to the [[Special:Prefixindex]] for the surveys would be good
22:56:12 <unilinky>
22:56:14 <seanw>
22:56:24 <seanw> Martinp23, good point
22:56:34 <seanw> ocee, yes, I do, and I will get that done
22:56:49 <seanw> cary_is_working, there are bots for medcab and medcom run by myself and martin respectively
22:57:17 <cary_is_working> awesome
22:57:31 <Martinp23> (and AMA) :)
22:57:40 <ocee> cool beans
22:57:57 <seanw> Ooo I have a better way... one subpage with all the results, and the button adds a new serction.
22:58:01 <seanw> That'd work
22:58:35 <jtico> Sounds good
22:58:43 <Martinp23> probably easier to collate the data
22:59:00 * schiste go to work, be back in one hour
22:59:28 <Wiki_Blue> could we have this in multiple languages?
22:59:31 <seanw> Okay, any other issues people want to raise?
22:59:34 <Wiki_Blue> or at least in some?
22:59:38 <Wiki_Blue> later on?
22:59:39 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, yeah, once wehavbe the basic survey we can translate it
22:59:41 <Martinp23> seanw: Is it possible to have a preloaded template on a new section?
22:59:45 <seanw> Martinp23, yes
22:59:52 <Martinp23> ok :)
23:00:01 <ocee> as an aside, this survey, if devised properly, may not only help the wmf in its data collection, but the participants themselves as a resource by which to reflect upon their time as a volunteer and why they donate their time to the wmf
23:00:13 <seanw> *nodS* good point
23:00:22 <Wiki_Blue> WOULD LOVE THAT
23:00:49 <Wiki_Blue> this is sort of of the ideas that I've been playing with in my head is how to actually thank volunteers
23:01:05 <Wiki_Blue> and was thinking of maybe having a day every year that is like Wikimedia Volunteer day
23:01:34 <jtico> That's a nice idea
23:01:49 <Martinp23> I think that badbilltucker (?) tried this on en:, but it got shot down :(
23:01:49 <Wiki_Blue> and maybe where we could have things like: Okay, on this day you have to be say one good thing to everyone you talk to
23:01:51 <Wiki_Blue> I don't know
23:01:55 <seanw> Sounds decent :)
23:02:10 <Martinp23> tohugh he was only reqarding certain people :S
23:02:11 <seanw> cary_is_working, your job really... thoughts?
23:02:11 <Wiki_Blue> QUEE????? why martin?
23:02:35 <jtico> The day the first article went to wikipedia
23:02:37 <Martinp23> Dunno :( - I just saw a lot about it on WikiProject talk pages, and then it died
23:03:11 <Wiki_Blue> well, if there is a group of people that take this project as their own, i think cool things can be done
23:03:17 <Wiki_Blue> like we could have awards, etc
23:03:25 <jtico> Yes but suppose that somthing like this goes on all projects
23:03:28 <Wiki_Blue> (even though that already happens, right?)
23:03:50 <Wiki_Blue> true jtico
23:03:59 <Wiki_Blue> hard to coordinate that much
23:04:08 <jtico> xD
23:04:16 <Platonides> i don't really see what would it do
23:04:20 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, yeah, most porjects have awards I think
23:04:24 <Platonides> add a line on the sitenotice? fine
23:04:24 <seanw> proj*
23:04:29 <jtico> Wiki_Blue: Well, thats true
23:04:41 <Platonides> but giving awards or requiring everybody to post a smile won't work
23:04:52 <Wiki_Blue> true.
23:05:39 <ocee> the way this appears to be shaping up seems a lot like esperanza's barnstar brigade" on en-wiki
23:05:48 <Wiki_Blue> whats that?
23:06:16 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, Esperanza was an organisation to promote wiki-happuiness that got deleted a few months back in a heavily-commented mfd
23:06:21 <ocee> a now-defunct organisation that spent time offering recognition to wikipedians in the form of small pictures called "barnstars"
23:06:42 <ocee> i would like to see the wmf offer something real and tangible
23:06:42 <cary_is_working> She was also my Guatamalan maid
23:06:54 <seanw> cary_is_working, wrong window?
23:06:55 <ocee> i.e. education scholarships, for example
23:07:10 <cary_is_working> sorry...this isn't #wikipedia
23:07:28 <Martinp23> hmm - it looks like Esperanza were planning an "Appreciation Week" - full of barnstars and giving out thanks and the like
23:07:38 <ocee> through fundraising, i'd love to see the wmf offer stipends to wikipedians to pursue their education
23:07:53 <ocee> this would, i feel, be a far better way for the wmf to show it's appreciation
23:08:00 <seanw> ocee, however, we don't have that kind of money :(
23:08:04 <Martinp23> then Esp was deleted, so badbill... took it up - [[User talk:Badbilltucker/Appreciation Week]]
23:08:04 <unilinky>
23:08:11 <Wiki_Blue> that would be very cool
23:08:15 <ocee> seanw: hm
23:08:25 <Martinp23> ocee: I'd like that, but seanw makes a good point
23:08:25 <Wiki_Blue> but we need to get our act together on fundraising
23:08:36 <Wiki_Blue> and we are getting there..but still a bit struggling :)
23:08:47 <Wiki_Blue> But yes, I 100% agree with this
23:09:28 <seanw> Okay, I think perhaps we ought to wrap up... it's late here!
23:09:30 <ocee> Wiki_Blue: the wmf has lots of untapped resources that are not being utilised
23:09:39 <ocee> specifically in the form of brand recognition
23:09:45 <Martinp23> If WMF were to take the line that it would give out scolarships to those who need them, it could help donations to rise...
23:09:59 <ocee> Martinp23: indeed
23:10:05 <ocee> lots of free press for this measure, as well
23:10:10 <seanw> <-- a working inputbox can be found on here, btw
23:10:24 <seanw> Does anyone have anything else they want to raise?
23:10:51 <Martinp23> [[m:General User Survey]] ?
23:10:52 <unilinky>
23:10:55 <Wiki_Blue> maybe you guys can send me funds you think we should have, and I can pass them on....
23:10:55 <Platonides> better than making scholarships, could they be patrocinated scholarships?
23:11:07 <Wiki_Blue> we were just talking about grants etc
23:11:14 <Wiki_Blue> but right now there is no one writing them
23:11:15 <Wiki_Blue> etc
23:11:25 <Wiki_Blue> so a fundraising plan would b enice
23:11:49 <ocee> Wiki_Blue: have you contacted the gates foundation?
23:11:58 <ocee> both the wmf and the gates foundation share similar goals
23:12:00 <Wiki_Blue> ocee, i have not
23:12:10 <ocee> that seems like it'd be one of the first on the list
23:12:21 <jtico> hmmm
23:12:47 <jtico> Gates -> MS -> WMF?
23:12:54 <ocee> ms?
23:12:59 <ocee> oh
23:13:00 <Platonides> it seems it'd be a hell of discussing about it
23:13:08 <Platonides> only for being Microsoft
23:13:16 <HistoryBuff> We're talking about fundraising and grants?
23:13:21 <Platonides> and they have encarta :P
23:13:34 <ocee> Platonides: the gates foundation is independent of microsoft
23:13:38 <ocee> as much as it can be, i suppose
23:13:39 <HistoryBuff> Sorry, was busy for a sec there .. trying to catch up
23:13:45 <ShakespeareFan00> Night people - will pick up the notes later
23:13:49 * ShakespeareFan00 has left #Wikimedia-cpg
23:13:51 <Wiki_Blue> night
23:14:02 <ocee> also, Wiki_Blue i would seriously push for some sort of advertising on the main page
23:14:02 <seanw> Okay, do we have anything else? :)
23:14:12 <ocee> some small box at the top of the page
23:14:12 <jtico> nop
23:14:21 <HistoryBuff> Wiki_Blue: There are lots of grant agencies actually
23:14:25 <ocee> that would generate lots of monies
23:14:31 <ocee> like the virgin air thing a while back
23:14:40 <Wiki_Blue> yes, but the man power is the problem right now :)
23:14:49 <Wiki_Blue> but maybe we can start collecting organizations
23:15:01 <Wiki_Blue> and motivating people with this?
23:15:06 <HistoryBuff> Wiki_Blue: Manpower? You mean in the grant writing area?
23:15:11 <Wiki_Blue> yup.
23:15:16 <HistoryBuff> <- is motivated :)
23:15:27 <Wiki_Blue> AWESOME!
23:15:31 <Wiki_Blue> :)
23:15:38 * Martinp23 would be motivated too if he wasn't tired :P
23:15:47 <HistoryBuff> I would like to do something for Wikiversity, but also for WMF as a whole too
23:15:55 <Wiki_Blue> that would be grat
23:15:57 <Wiki_Blue> great
23:15:58 <HistoryBuff> Martinp23: wake up :P lol
23:16:12 <seanw> ocee, I would be strongly against that.
23:16:23 <HistoryBuff> Wiki_Blue: I was trying to prod a bit before the grant co-ord left
23:16:24 <ocee> seanw: why, specifically?
23:16:42 <seanw> ocee, it would undermine our generally non-capitalist stand point as a charity.
23:16:49 <seanw> ocee, also, we'd lost a load of contributors :)
23:16:54 <Martinp23> HistoryBuff: long day, after a month of lie ins :P
23:17:01 <Wiki_Blue> well history, if you find something that interests you, please by all mean
23:17:03 <Wiki_Blue> means
23:17:49 <Martinp23> seanw/ocee: Not neccesarily including a comany logo or anything though - just a link to the paypal donation thingy?
23:17:49 <Wiki_Blue> okay. I know it is late for all of we discussed: 1) Fundrasing...some you to start that 2) Market research - Some of you to edit page and post it to list serves?
23:17:51 <HistoryBuff> Wiki_Blue: cool :) There are lots, no worries there :)
23:17:53 <ocee> seanw: charity is just a term for tax-exempt organisation
23:18:01 <ocee> why would we lose contributors?
23:18:12 <ocee> our goal is to provide free knowledge to the world, innit?
23:18:27 <seanw> ocee, there are a lot of oldbies who left over the logo for the fundraiser - full blown advertising would be worse
23:18:30 <Wiki_Blue> 3) Some of you to post your own stories
23:18:38 <seanw> I say a lot, proabbly an over-exaggeration :)
23:18:39 <ocee> we could set up scholarship funds, provide computers and internet access to underfunded schools, etc. etc.
23:18:41 <Martinp23> ocee: We lost a few with the Virgin Unite logo, because "Wikimedia doesn't use advertising", and some felt that the logo qualified as such...
23:19:09 <seanw> Right then, good meeting all.
23:19:10 <ocee> there's no limit to how much money the wmf could generate given the brand recognition it's built up over the past six years
23:19:14 <seanw> That went well.
23:19:24 <Martinp23> Wiki_Blue: Are WMF still supporting the one laptop per child thingy, or did I just imagine it?
23:19:30 <ocee> seanw: the good would surely outweigh the bad in this case
23:19:54 <seanw> ocee, no, I don't think so. The long term dmage is too great.
23:19:55 <Wiki_Blue> not sure Martin..I know we were involved, but don't know how much...(Before I started working here)
23:20:04 <ocee> if the wmf is willing to entertain this notion, i'll pay for the fact-finding and analyses myself
23:20:30 <ocee> (of the long-term impact of allowing advertisements)
23:20:33 <Wiki_Blue> kay guys....we are still doing communication work :)
23:20:45 <Martinp23> Wiki_Blue: Ahh OK - I saw sometihng on BBC website about it - might just have been that Wikipedia was going to be accessible on them, though that would be a good project to support, in tandem with the gates foundation
23:21:07 <seanw> So, we done?
23:21:16 <jtico> I don't know, World Bank, ONU, organizations like these?
23:21:19 <seanw> (sorry to be pushy about it, but I think we're going in circles)
23:21:43 <jtico> seanw: I agree
23:21:54 <HistoryBuff> seanw: Maybe ask if there is any new items
23:22:01 <seanw> I have done ;P
23:22:08 <HistoryBuff> If not, let whoever ramble about whatever :)
23:22:09 <seanw> Jus tto check, does anyone have anyuthing else to raise?
23:22:18 <Wiki_Blue> nope. I'm done
23:22:28 <seanw> Because if not, we can officailyl end the meeting and let people natter :-)
23:22:32 <Wiki_Blue> Can someone post minutes?
23:22:42 <seanw> Who has been keeping logs other than me?
23:22:48 <seanw> I can do it if need be :)
23:22:50 <Wiki_Blue> :) Danka :)
23:22:50 <HistoryBuff> Wiki_Blue: before you go, can I get some contact info for you? :)
23:22:59 <Wiki_Blue> yes mam
23:23:02 <seanw> HistoryBuff, <Wiki_Blue's email edited from log>
23:23:19 <Platonides> seanw, i have them too
23:23:20 <seanw> Then with this line, meeting closed!