Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-07-25

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[4:03pm] brown_cat_: hello!
[4:03pm] brown_cat_:
[4:03pm] • brown_cat_ asks to be petted
[4:03pm] cary-office: How now brown_cat_
[4:04pm] brown_cat_ is now known as brown_cat.
[4:08pm] Wiki_Blue joined the chat room.
[4:08pm] cary-office: who is here
[4:08pm] Wiki_Blue: hi
[4:08pm] Wiki_Blue: no one
[4:08pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:08pm] cary-office: brown_cat guillom|busy Martinp23 newmanbe
Platonides seanw
[4:08pm] cary-office: a few people
[4:08pm] newmanbe: Pfft.
[4:09pm] cary-office: remember symode is fast aslee
[4:09pm] brown_cat: what a subtle ping ^^
[4:09pm] cary-office: newmanbe: Sandy wants to start the meeting early
[4:09pm] • brown_cat is symode
[4:09pm] cary-office: oh!
[4:09pm] Martinp23: Hmm. OK
[4:09pm] • guillom|busy is very busy
[4:09pm] Martinp23: Is anyone able to log?
[4:09pm] • Martinp23 can't
[4:10pm] cary-office: I automatically log
[4:10pm] brown_cat:
[4:10pm] Martinp23: OK
[4:11pm] • brown_cat is scared cary-office will go to the authorities
[4:11pm] cary-office: I fight authority
[4:11pm] cary-office: authority always wins
[4:12pm] Martinp23: Hehe
[4:12pm] brown_cat:
[4:12pm] Martinp23: Is everyone ready to start?
[4:13pm] cary-office: I am
[4:13pm] brown_cat: ZOMG!
[4:13pm] cary-office: Who is leading?
[4:13pm] newmanbe: We had a meeting today.
[4:13pm] Wiki_Blue: yup
[4:13pm] brown_cat: someones has pm'd a user on #wikipedia and, has said
they have 300-500 clients open and are gonna spam
[4:13pm] cary-office: seanw will not be here
[4:13pm] Martinp23: Sean asked me to do so earlier
[4:13pm] cary-office: okay martin
[4:14pm] Martinp23: seanw> Okay, martinp23 has volunteered to chair
[4:14pm] Martinp23: So - unfortunately we've had no agenda items brought up.
[4:14pm] guillom|busy: i have a request
[4:14pm] brown_cat: let's get an agenda together
[4:15pm] Martinp23: OK - guillom|busy - go ahead
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: <guillom|busy> OK, in the agenda for tonight :
finding me several ~3-4 good photos of Harvard law school and Frankfurt
am Main
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: <guillom|busy> absolutely PD (no other free licence)
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: <guillom|busy> and vertical
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: <guillom|busy> thanks
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: <guillom|busy> and one of Taipei if possible too
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: <guillom|busy> that would really help me
[4:15pm] guillom|busy:
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: and i'd like to know if anyone here knows Scribus
[4:15pm] guillom|busy: so that (s)he could help me further
[4:16pm] Wiki_Blue: I will find the Tapei pic
[4:16pm] Wiki_Blue: and Harvard Law
[4:16pm] guillom|busy: thank you!
[4:16pm] Martinp23:
[4:16pm] Wiki_Blue: and Frankfurt
[4:16pm] guillom|busy: heh
[4:16pm] guillom|busy:
[4:17pm] Wiki_Blue: Guys, we need someone with scribus
[4:17pm] Wiki_Blue: no one? browcat
[4:17pm] brown_cat: ok...
[4:17pm] Wiki_Blue: aren't you a techie
[4:17pm] Wiki_Blue: come on now!
[4:17pm] guillom|busy: i've skimmed trough Commons but it takes ages to
find PD photos
[4:17pm] brown_cat: browcat? am i that hairy?
[4:17pm] guillom|busy: LOL
[4:17pm] brown_cat: ok..... 2 problems /ideas
[4:18pm] brown_cat: (both are not exactly in the cpg scope)
[4:18pm] brown_cat: 1) I need help with php for the survey
[4:18pm] brown_cat: 2) Create another project, not wiki but wikimedia
faoundation project that collaborates everything
[4:19pm] Martinp23: Hold on a moment with that please, brown_cat ... -
guillom|busy - is everything you needed taken care of now?:)
[4:19pm] brown_cat: ooops
[4:19pm] Wiki_Blue: yewah, this is for wikimania
[4:19pm] Wiki_Blue: we really need to help guillom with this
[4:19pm] Wiki_Blue: b/c he is on tight deadline
[4:19pm] brown_cat: srry, i thought ha had finished, sorry
[4:19pm] Wiki_Blue: No  not at all!
[4:19pm] Wiki_Blue: can you do scribus brown cat?
[4:19pm] Martinp23: Don't worry about it!
[4:20pm] Wiki_Blue: Can you be guillom's back up?
[4:20pm] • brown_cat cannot log if that is what scribus means
[4:20pm] guillom|busy: never mind
[4:20pm] Wiki_Blue: its for the wikimania press kit, (duh he just said it)
[4:20pm] Wiki_Blue: Scribus is a free software for graphic design
[4:20pm] Martinp23: [[w:Scribus]]
[4:20pm] unilinky:
[4:20pm] guillom|busy: Wiki_Blue, if nobody knows it, they cannot help
me with it
[4:20pm] guillom|busy: never mind
[4:20pm] Wiki_Blue: right
[4:20pm] guillom|busy: i'll arrange
[4:20pm] Wiki_Blue: okay
[4:21pm] brown_cat: oh, no, I can't... I can draw stuff on the pc, just
not scribus
[4:21pm] Wiki_Blue: and it can't be freely licensed pics, has to be PD
[4:21pm] Wiki_Blue: right?
[4:21pm] guillom|busy: yes
[4:21pm] Wiki_Blue: alrigth yall
[4:21pm] guillom|busy: because it's awfully complicated to cite authors
on a press kit
[4:21pm] Wiki_Blue: we are all in a bind, lets find guillom the pics
[4:21pm] Wiki_Blue: Im searching right nwo
[4:22pm] Martinp23: guillom|busy: You might be able to (*maybe*) find
volunteers in #scribus, but it would depend on how they felt (with them
not neccessarily being "with" WMF)
[4:22pm] guillom|busy: thank you, i go back to the design ; poke me if
you need me
[4:22pm] guillom|busy: Martinp23, never mind, i'll arrange
[4:22pm] Martinp23: ok
[4:22pm] guillom|busy: Martinp23, i will be dead because of jetlag
anyway, so i can lack some sleep
[4:23pm] Martinp23: yeap - if everyone can help with this, it would be
great.  It's a fairly small job, but lots of searching is involved, so
the more hand the better
[4:23pm] Martinp23: lol
[4:24pm] • brown_cat checks the commons and flickr if possible
[4:25pm] Martinp23: Harvard Law School, Frankfurt am Main and Taipei are
what we're looking for
[4:25pm] Martinp23: brown_cat: Do you want to go ahead with your item
from earlier?
[4:26pm] brown_cat: when i interrupted? :s
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: yes. i found tapei.
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: sorry brown, continue
[4:27pm] brown_cat: kk :DDD
[4:27pm] brown_cat: I would like to discuss putting in place another
wiki - not for any project
[4:27pm] brown_cat: but, a new one. As you probably know, MSN is the
collaboration of all online
[4:27pm] brown_cat: services run by Microsoft. You may also know that
Microsoft Encarta does not
[4:27pm] brown_cat: only contain encyclopedic  articles but also,
images, videos, quotes,
[4:27pm] brown_cat: stories and historic news articles.
[4:27pm] brown_cat: I am proposing we look into creating an online
version of this. I propose we
[4:27pm] brown_cat: do this because, I do not believe the community is
using WMF projects to
[4:27pm] brown_cat: their full potential. IMHO, it falls into our area
of work since it is a
[4:27pm] brown_cat: "specialized communications requests."
[4:27pm] brown_cat: I believe this should be taken into consideration
as, it may be the
[4:27pm] brown_cat: framework for later projects such as a specialized
browser for wikimedia
[4:27pm] brown_cat: foundation editors.
[4:27pm] • brown_cat dies from typing
[4:27pm] brown_cat: essentially...
[4:27pm] Wiki_Blue: what is the difference b/w that and what we hve?
[4:28pm] brown_cat: we have another project which collaborate all the
projects - instead of having simply wikipedia, it will be a wiki which
collaborates all the sources - when a user searches...
[4:29pm] brown_cat: they will have results coming back from all projects
[4:29pm] Martinp23: Like a cross project search engine?
[4:29pm] brown_cat: kinda and, everything is shown on the site
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: well this is really a board question
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: and then community
[4:30pm] brown_cat: in the same way shows up as
[4:30pm] brown_cat: kk
[4:30pm] • brown_cat wanders how to contact the board
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: but I propose that you write something up
[4:30pm] brown_cat: kk
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: if you want, if you write something up, I can send
to them
[4:31pm] brown_cat: ok :DD
[4:31pm] brown_cat: ty
[4:31pm] Wiki_Blue: but really thats a really community wide question
[4:31pm] Wiki_Blue: not just CPJ
[4:31pm] delphine joined the chat room.
[4:32pm] cary-office: \ç/ delphine
[4:34pm] brown_cat: Wiki_blue:should we discuss the stats group?
[4:34pm] Wiki_Blue: hey. well since none of them are here
[4:34pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:34pm] Martinp23: OK - we can probably help you to write that proposal
for the board, but they might want consensus
[4:34pm] Wiki_Blue: after wikimania
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: well and it should come from you as individuals
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: not from CPG
[4:35pm] Martinp23: ahh ok
[4:35pm] brown_cat:
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: after wikimania I am going to invite them to attend
this meeting
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: they are still digesting everything i sent to them
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:35pm] Martinp23: brown_cat: Do you have anything else on this item?
[4:36pm] Martinp23: hehe - I'm wondering what the stats group is, but
that's a question for later
[4:36pm] brown_cat:
[4:36pm] Greeves joined the chat room.
[4:36pm] Greeves: hi
[4:36pm] Martinp23: Hi
[4:37pm] Greeves: has the meeting started???
[4:37pm] • brown_cat rubs up against Greeves and wavesw
[4:37pm] Greeves: I just got in
[4:37pm] Martinp23: Greeves: Mmm - we started early (2100 BST) - we've
just come to a decision to look, as a group, for some photos for
guillom|busy to use.
[4:38pm] Martinp23: He needs PD images of Harvard Law School and
Frankfurt am Main
[4:38pm] Greeves: whos chairing (I have something to add to the agenda)
[4:38pm] Greeves: ?
[4:38pm] Martinp23: Is there any other business before we quickly go
round and report on how "our" projects are going?
[4:38pm] Martinp23: Me
[4:38pm] guillom|busy: Martinp23, and they must be vertical
[4:38pm] Martinp23: Go ahead Greeves
[4:39pm] Martinp23: And they must be vertical
[4:39pm] Greeves: I was looking at out press kit
[4:39pm] Greeves: and it was pretty old.
[4:39pm] Greeves: We don't have a section for WikiQuote!
[4:39pm] cary-office: !!!
[4:39pm] Greeves:
[4:40pm] cary-office: What's Wikiquote again?
[4:40pm] • cary-office runs
[4:40pm] Greeves: Im proposing that we update them
[4:40pm] Greeves: Any thoughts?
[4:41pm] Greeves: Anyone interested in helping out?
[4:41pm] Martinp23: Nor Wikiversity, I guess
[4:42pm] guillom|busy: Greeves, the press kit is one of my projects ; i
will work on it after wikimania
[4:42pm] guillom|busy: all help will be welcome, of course
[4:42pm] Greeves: Do you have a page for it yet?
[4:42pm] guillom|busy: actually, you can work on the content
[4:42pm] guillom|busy: Greeves, [[m:Press kit]]
[4:42pm] unilinky:
[4:43pm] guillom|busy: i've sorted the pages by languages etc some time ago
[4:43pm] Greeves: ok
[4:43pm] guillom|busy: you are much welcome to work on the content
[4:43pm] guillom|busy: and we'll work together on the layout
[4:43pm] • guillom|busy goes back to Wikimania press kit
[4:43pm] Greeves: So can I move my page to a subpage of ComProj for
seeing how far we are?
[4:43pm] guillom|busy:
[4:44pm] delphine: don't mind me. /me hugs guillom|busy and Wiki_Blue
[4:44pm] • guillom|busy hugs back delphine
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: guillom
[4:44pm] Greeves: Also, does anyone mind if I organize the ComProj pages
(into subpages, etc.)?
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: I have pics of tapei and harvard
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: sending them to you
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: hey DELPHINE :)!
[4:45pm] guillom|busy: Greeves, please leave the press kit under [[Press
Kit]], do not move it under the comproj subpages
[4:45pm] unilinky:
[4:45pm] • guillom|busy stabs unilinky
[4:45pm] Greeves: I didnt mean that Gillom
[4:45pm] • cary-office doesn't get hugs from delphinie
[4:45pm] guillom|busy: Greeves, i didn't know, so I told you
[4:45pm] delphine: Wiki_Blue: you can't have pics of Taipei, it hasn't
happened YET.
[4:45pm] delphine:
[4:45pm] Greeves: No problem!
[4:46pm] Greeves: I meant to move my page to a subpage of ComProj to see
ComProj's work on it.
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: no no. lolol
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: guillom is about to pull his hair out
[4:46pm] Greeves: And to organize our current pages into subpages of the
main page.
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: he is working on wikimania press kit
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: and needs pics for it
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:46pm] Greeves: ok
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: but they have to be Public Domain other
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:46pm] Greeves: So press kit talk already started
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: Delphine /me can't wait to see u
[4:47pm] Martinp23: Are these different press kits - one for WMF and one
for Wikimania?
[4:47pm] • guillom|busy can't wait for hiking in taiwan
[4:47pm] guillom|busy: Martinp23, yes
[4:47pm] Martinp23: Greeves: It'd be good to have that page you've got
now as the project page (under the ComProj prefix), yes :).
[4:47pm] guillom|busy: Martinp23, wikimania press kit = urgent, must be
finished ASAP ; wikimedia press kit = urgent, but less urgent ; will be
made after wikimania
[4:47pm] cary-office: I can't wait either
[4:47pm] Martinp23: lol - indeed
[4:47pm] • brown_cat will give gillom his soul (or lead with the
equivalent) to go to wikimania
[4:48pm] guillom|busy: brown_cat,
[4:48pm] guillom|busy: ok, if you need me, poke me
[4:48pm] brown_cat: zomg, i cannot finish amm my sentenc
[4:48pm] Greeves: Are the other press kits (ie Wikipedia, Wikiquote,
etc.) going to be  merged into one pdf (like we have on the foundation
[4:49pm] Traveler7 joined the chat room.
[4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: Guillom Check ur email
[4:49pm] Traveler7 is now known as casey_in_meeting.
[4:49pm] • casey_in_meeting sighs
[4:49pm] casey_in_meeting: brb
[4:49pm] guillom|busy: Greeves, it's possible to make press kits per
projects, if you write them, i can design them  but for the moment we
had problems having *one* perss kit
[4:49pm] Martinp23: Hi Cbrown
[4:49pm] Greeves: ok
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: back
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: what have I missed?
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: Hey Martinp23
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: just got back from NJ....
[4:50pm] Martinp23: Hopefully we can get a lot of comproj involved in
this after wikimania
[4:50pm] Greeves: Back
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: Marin: you better post logs
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: Martin*
[4:50pm] Martinp23: There are a lot of skills which would be helpful.
[4:50pm] Martinp23: casey_in_meeting: Cary has logs
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: yay
[4:50pm] guillom|busy: thank you Wiki_Blue
[4:51pm] Martinp23: casey_in_meeting: --> pm
[4:51pm] cary-office: I'll forward them to martinp23 for editing
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: trying for germany
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: heh, cary
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: Martin: k
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: you and I are going to need to
touch base on seniors sometime this week
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: delphine!
[4:51pm] • casey_in_meeting has been looking for you all week
[4:52pm] • delphine is not here
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting: oh
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:52pm] • delphine is off duty
[4:52pm] cary-office: delphine: But I love you
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting: guillom|busy: I replied to your e-mail, but I
had just gotten it today, and had to reply to it on a mobile...
[4:52pm] • delphine stops working at 19:00 HER time
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting: lol
[4:52pm] delphine: cary-office: I love you too, that's not the point.
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting: delphine: what about me?
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting: you know I love you
[4:52pm] guillom|busy: casey_in_meeting, no problem, it wasn't urgent
[4:52pm] Martinp23: Right - Greeves, anything more to add on the press
kits issue, or shall we have that on the agenda for a meeting after
[4:53pm] delphine: casey_in_meeting: I was looking for you! You dropped
your number!
[4:53pm] casey_in_meeting: lol
[4:53pm] • delphine stops flooding this channel
[4:53pm] delphine: sorry guys
[4:53pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:53pm] Greeves: Martinp23: Nothing more, I'm just going to add my page
to our projects page for coordination.
[4:53pm] Martinp23: OK
[4:54pm] Martinp23: Any other business?  We can then just quickly go
round to check up on how projects are going.
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting: what happened to seanw, Martinp?
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting: you seem to be the big man
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting: oh... he's still away
[4:54pm] Martinp23: At his grandparents'
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting: ah
[4:54pm] • casey_in_meeting just was too
[4:54pm] Martinp23: He volunteered me to do this :S
[4:54pm] Martinp23: lol
[4:55pm] Martinp23: OK - I'll take that as a "no" about the AOB.
[4:55pm] Martinp23: So - casey_in_meeting - Do you want to give us an
update on seniors?
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:55pm] • casey_in_meeting runs
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting: hmmm... well, we've posted some stuff on the page
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting: some AARP links... and links to senior
[4:56pm] casey_in_meeting: and some wikipedia cats of likely "senior
[4:56pm] casey_in_meeting: but other tahn that, not so much so far
[4:56pm] Martinp23: ok
[4:57pm] • casey_in_meeting hasn't had too much time to commit to it tbh
[4:57pm] Martinp23: No problem
[4:57pm] casey_in_meeting: (and nor has cary)
[4:57pm] cary-office: cary what
[4:57pm] Martinp23: Wiki_Blue: Any news on the Virtual Press Kit?
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: thats brown cat
[4:57pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: we haven't had too much time
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: I think he is still working onit
[4:58pm] casey_in_meeting: Wiki_Blue, Martinp23, yeah he is
[4:58pm] casey_in_meeting: he had some cool visuals to show everyone
[4:58pm] casey_in_meeting: but... /me searches... he's MIA
[4:58pm] Martinp23: Ahh - I see
[4:59pm] Martinp23: casey_in_meeting/ brown_cat: Volunteer manual :)?
[4:59pm] casey_in_meeting: heh, it's pretty good so far
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: yes we have to start working on this
[4:59pm] brown_cat: ?
[4:59pm] casey_in_meeting: if you can, everyone can take a look at it
[4:59pm] casey_in_meeting: and see what needs to be changed/added
[5:00pm] casey_in_meeting: either PM us... or post it on the talk
page... or just add/change it yourself
[5:00pm] Martinp23: hehe - excellent.
[5:00pm] Martinp23: Kreyol outreach - cary-office?
[5:01pm] cary-office: Yes
[5:01pm] cary-office: We've had a few more hits lately on the Kreyol
[5:01pm] casey_in_meeting: brown_cat: after cary-office is done with
Kreyol outreach, bother us about your "Visual Press Kit"
[5:01pm] cary-office: Although nothing confirmed
[5:01pm] cary-office: as anyone in particular
[5:01pm] brown_cat: k
[5:01pm] cary-office: Still need some active wikipedians with a bit of
Kreyol knowledge to help guide
[5:01pm] cary-office: And a contact list
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: hey guys.
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: if everyone is okay, I am going to adjorn this meeting
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: b/c of wikimania, thigns have been a hectic
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: stay and chat
[5:03pm] cary-office: okay
[5:03pm] casey_in_meeting left the chat room. (Read error: 104
(Connection reset by peer))
[5:03pm] cary-office: I'll cut the log off here
[5:03pm] Martinp23: ok
[5:03pm] Martinp23: I was just going to say, while most of us are here:
[5:03pm] Martinp23: [[m:Communication Projects Group/On-going projects]]
Is the list of current projects - I notice that quite a lot of them
don't have anyone taking the lead, so it would be great if people could
look at them, and pick them up.  Even more urgently needed are
volunteers for all the projects!
[5:03pm] unilinky:
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: but so that so the wikimania people can get back to
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: YES MARTIN!
[5:04pm] cary-office: Yes, especially people who are not going to Wikimania
[5:05pm] • brown_cat wanders if it is his time to shine? (c) symode09
[5:05pm] Martinp23: Mmm - indeed.
[5:05pm] Martinp23: brown_cat: Do you want to carry on with Virtual
Press Kits, to keep us up to date (even outside the context of the meeting)?
[5:06pm] brown_cat: ok, I really need help from the us'ians because, i
need to find a camera + people to talk
[5:06pm] brown_cat: I have release forms so that is ok
[5:06pm] Traveler2 joined the chat room.
[5:06pm] Traveler2: *sigh*
[5:06pm] • Traveler2 absolutly despises computers that dont' work
[5:07pm] Traveler2 is now known as cary_in_meeting.
[5:07pm] brown_cat: awwwwwww
[5:07pm] cary-office: er...
[5:07pm] cary-office: casey
[5:07pm] • brown_cat thinks there are too many caries
[5:07pm] cary_in_meeting: oops
[5:07pm] cary_in_meeting is now known as casey_in_meeting.
[5:07pm] • casey_in_meeting was wondering why his password wouldn't work
[5:07pm] brown_cat:
[5:08pm] Martinp23: haha
[5:09pm] Martinp23: OK - brown_cat needs a camera and people to talk to
- if anyone has ideas for any of that, then address to him
[5:09pm] Martinp23: Now, Martinp23 - Talk to us about chapter liaison.
[5:09pm] Martinp23: OK -
[5:09pm] casey_in_meeting: lol
[5:10pm] cary-office: So the meeting is still going?
[5:10pm] Martinp23: Everyone who expressed an interest has been spammed,
but only 3 or 4 have responded.
[5:10pm] • casey_in_meeting is one of the stupid ones
[5:10pm] Martinp23: If things are the same tomorrow, then we'll re-spam
and just spread the workload more thickly.
[5:10pm] delphine: omg
[5:10pm] Martinp23: cary-office: Unofficially - just keeping everyone up
to date now
[5:10pm] delphine: just when I'm going to bed
[5:10pm] delphine: keep me posted on chapter lieaison
[5:11pm] delphine: that's kind of supposed to be my job
[5:11pm] Martinp23: lol
[5:11pm] cary-office: you're the coordinator
[5:11pm] Martinp23: I'll copy to you on the next email(s).
[5:11pm] casey_in_meeting:
[5:11pm] cary-office: couches-toi, delphine
[5:11pm] • casey_in_meeting knows her e-mail!
[5:11pm] brown_cat: well donw
[5:11pm] brown_cat: *donw
[5:11pm] brown_cat: (***************************

[5:11pm] Martinp23: casey_in_meeting can send it to me then!
[5:11pm] casey_in_meeting: done*?
[5:11pm] casey_in_meeting: hehehe
[5:12pm] • casey_in_meeting forgets it though
[5:12pm] Martinp23: Finally - wikinews and chapters is something else
I'm working on, which I'll hopefully be able to get moving properly
soon, but looking at how things have been done already, and what the
community wants.  Help appreciated, as ever
[5:13pm] delphine: Martinp23: wikinews and chapters?
[5:14pm] guillom|busy: ok i'm off
[5:14pm] Martinp23: It's an idea to use the chapters' geographical
location to advantage in helping Wikinews reporters.
[5:14pm] guillom|busy: see you tomorrow
[5:14pm] guillom|busy left the chat room. ("gone")
[5:14pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue: would the WMF hire a production quality
camera for a day (in aus it costs about $100 or $88 US) if we do not end
up finding one?
[5:14pm] Wiki_Blue: I can def. ask
[5:14pm] Wiki_Blue: i don't see why it would be problem
[5:14pm] brown_cat: koolness
[5:14pm] Wiki_Blue: but I have to get it approved etc
[5:14pm] casey_in_meeting: delphine: i.e. the chapters (official
organisations in the country) can bother the government or other places
for official press passes for wikinews reporters
[5:14pm] delphine: Martinp23: ah, that's a tricky thing, you know  but
ok, I see what you mean
[5:15pm] • brown_cat hires nbc sound stage
[5:15pm] casey_in_meeting:
[5:15pm] brown_cat: haha
[5:15pm] Martinp23: delphine: Yeah - I'm still working out how ti can be
done without compromising WMF's general position on this sort of thing
(ie - not wanting to be liable), but I think it can be done somehow
[5:16pm] delphine: Martinp23: I think it's going to be  pretty much a
case by case basis
[5:16pm] delphine: Martinp23: I would advise to do a general explanation
of what you need
[5:16pm] delphine: and ask chapters to say what they can/can't do
[5:16pm] delphine: and take it from there.
[5:16pm] delphine: different countries, different laws
[5:16pm] delphine:
[5:17pm] Martinp23: Ahh ok - indeed :S
[5:18pm] Martinp23: I'll do that - thanks
[5:19pm] Greeves: hi
[5:20pm] Greeves: Ive been organizing the subpages (like I mentioned)
[5:20pm] Greeves: There's a few pages on our project list that Im not
sure are comProj or not
[5:20pm] Greeves:
[5:21pm] casey_in_meeting: what do you mean?
[5:21pm] cary-office: Board elections 2007 can probably be dropped
[5:21pm] casey_in_meeting: yeah
[5:21pm] casey_in_meeting: it's over
[5:21pm] Greeves: Look at Wikimedia TV and the others after that
[5:21pm] cary-office: Okay, I'm leaving, which means I can't log no more
[5:21pm] casey_in_meeting:
[5:21pm] • casey_in_meeting can't
[5:21pm] Greeves: r they ours or just communication-related projects?
[5:21pm] • casey_in_meeting enlists martinp23
[5:21pm] cary-office: Martinp23 can't either
[5:21pm] casey_in_meeting: Greeves: we normally help with most
communciation-related projects
[5:21pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office:
[5:21pm] Greeves:     * Wikimedia TV
[5:22pm] Greeves:     * WPCC Press Coverage
[5:22pm] Greeves:     * Wikimedia Foundation/Project Awards
[5:22pm] Greeves:     * List Summary Service
[5:22pm] Greeves:     * Template Questions for Reporters
[5:22pm] casey_in_meeting: press = communications
[5:22pm] Greeves:     * Discussion Outlets
[5:22pm] Martinp23: OK - the unoffical part of the meeting is closed,
like the log
[5:22pm] Greeves: do I move them to a subpage of ours?
[5:22pm] cary-office: all right!
[5:22pm] casey_in_meeting: heh
[5:22pm] cary-office: I'm gone
[5:22pm] Martinp23: but we can carry on
[5:22pm] You left the chat by being disconnected from the server.