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Not much of a meeting, more so a random discussion. Greeves (talk contribs Wikipedia) 21:18, 8 August 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

[15:31]	<Open_Research>	test
[15:31]	<schiste>	Roger
[15:31]	<Open_Research>	still awake then...?
[15:31]	<schiste>	yep
[15:32]	<Open_Research>	any sign of the others..?
[15:32]	<schiste>	nope
[15:32]	<Open_Research>	:-(
[15:32]	<Open_Research>	uh oh
[15:33]	<Open_Research>	i havent had an email yet - did you send it to
[15:33]	<schiste>	no I didn't sent it yet
[15:33]	<schiste>	I'll do it this week end I think
[15:33]	<Open_Research>	ah, okay...
[15:33]	<schiste>	now I'm too tired ^^#
[15:33]	<Open_Research>	when you have had some sleep!
[15:33]	<Open_Research>	bingo
[15:33]	<Open_Research>	[exactement]
[15:34]	<schiste>	tout le monde parle français sur Wikipedia :D
[15:34]	<Open_Research>	heheh
[15:34]	<Open_Research>	c'est vrai?
[15:35]	<schiste>	Non :(
[15:35]	<Open_Research>	.. malheuresment
[15:35]	<schiste>	Ce serait bien ^
[15:35]	<Open_Research>	oh dear
[15:36]	<Open_Research>	oui parce que votre anglais est
[15:36]	<Open_Research>	a million times better than
[15:36]	<Open_Research>	mon francais
[15:36]	<Open_Research>	je voudrais travailler a paris
[15:36]	<schiste>	in academics ?
[15:36]	<Open_Research>	mais je crois que l'ecole de journalisme
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	oui
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	il y a un ecole de journalism scientifique
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	en paris
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	et en lille
[15:37]	<schiste>	IEP ?
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	hmm,
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	not sure
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	peut etre
[15:37]	<Open_Research>	mais mon francias
[15:38]	<Open_Research>	n'est pas tres bon
[15:38]	<Open_Research>	whoop
[15:38]	<Open_Research>	s
[15:38]	<Open_Research>	see?
[15:38]	<Open_Research>	je travaille a City University, Londres
[15:38]	<Open_Research>	un peut
[15:39]	<schiste>	I'm thinking to go back to university but in LSE
[15:40]	<Open_Research>	what would you like to do?
[15:41]	<Open_Research>	marketing ?
[15:41]	<schiste>	yep
[15:41]	<Open_Research>	the Cass Business School is another good place for that
[15:41]	<schiste>	Having a MBE :)
[15:41]	<schiste>	MBA*
[15:41]	<Open_Research>	tres bon
[15:41]	<schiste>	yes :)
[15:41]	<Open_Research>	I have an MEng
[15:41]	<Open_Research>	Ingeneur
[15:42]	<schiste>	hooo
[15:42]	<schiste>	in wich field?
[15:42]	<Open_Research>	Materials Science
[15:42]	<Open_Research>	and Engineering
[15:43]	<Open_Research>	my doctorate is Science Policy
[15:43]	<schiste>	ok
[15:43]	<Open_Research>	my masters had some business courses in it
[15:43]	<Open_Research>	it was half engineering, half engineering management
[15:44]	<schiste>	ok
[15:44]	<schiste>	But it's, basicly, a scientific master ?
[15:44]	<schiste>	or a "melting pot" of many different fields?
[15:45]	<Open_Research>	a two-pot masters,
[15:45]	<Open_Research>	i had courses in science - Advanced Fatigues, Advanced Ceramics
[15:45]	<Open_Research>	and also courses like Team Management and Business Process Engineering
[15:45]	<Open_Research>	by the way
[15:45]	<Open_Research>	i just found a job in Marketing in London
[15:45]	<Open_Research>
[15:46]	<schiste>	I'm underskilled for this job I think :)
[15:46]	<Open_Research>	oh.. well the search facility is always there..
[15:47]	<Open_Research>	do you like the Arts?
[15:47]	<schiste>	Yes
[15:48]	<Open_Research>	this one looks interesting to me...
[15:48]	<Open_Research>
[15:48]	<Open_Research>	St Martins is very cool arts college
[15:49]	<Open_Research>	well you know, i dont think people are coming are they
[15:49]	<Open_Research>	?
[15:49]	<Open_Research>	perhaps it is time for us to have some rest
[15:49]	<Open_Research>	?
[15:49]	<schiste>	The point is I'm young, even if I'm skilled :)
[15:49]	<schiste>	Whatever thanks for your help
[15:49]	<Open_Research>	ah, right...!
[15:49]	<schiste>	but I'm sure I'll find something
[15:49]	<Open_Research>	well then all these things are maybe stuff to think about for later
[15:49]	<schiste>	yep
[15:50]	<Open_Research>	:-)
[15:50]	<Open_Research>	and St Martins is very cool indeed
[15:50]	<Open_Research>	sigh
[15:50]	<Open_Research>	I would like to work in a place full of artists
[15:50]	<Open_Research>	although I have a great place to work in at the moment
[15:51]	<schiste>	I don't really know yet what I wanna do
[15:51]	<schiste>	I'm also interested in Public Relations
[15:51]	<Open_Research>	it sounds like there are lots of things you could do!
[15:52]	<schiste>	yep
[15:52]	<Open_Research>	so are you thinking of taking a Masters degree ?
[15:53]	<Open_Research>	[earlier i thought you meant you already had one]
[15:53]	<Greeves>	Hi
[15:53]	<Open_Research>	hi there
[15:53]	<Greeves>	I forgot about the meeting.
[15:53]	<Greeves>	:(
[15:54]	<Open_Research>	i think lots of people are tired tonight
[15:54]	<schiste>	NoI don't have a master
[15:54]	<Open_Research>	but its good to hear from you...
[15:54]	<schiste>	but I think I'll work one more year
[15:54]	<schiste>	and then have my master
[15:54]	<Greeves>	What have I missed so far?
[15:54]	<schiste>	hey Greeves :)
[15:54]	<Greeves>	hey schiste
[15:54]	<Open_Research>	thats a great idea [we're just chatting Greeeves]]
[15:55]	<Greeves>	no meeting :( CPG seems to be dying
[15:55]	<Open_Research>	to Christophe [work experience before MBA is very very good plan.]
[15:55]	<schiste>	Yes, I think so too :)
[15:55]	<Open_Research>	Lets try and revive it next week - it is hard for everyone to have energy after Taipei
[15:56]	<Platonides>	er.. nothing
[15:56]	<Open_Research>	and Sean is on holiday
[15:56]	<Open_Research>	Isnt he?
[15:56]	<Open_Research>	hello there!
[15:56]	<Greeves>	I wonder where Sean is...
[15:56]	<Platonides>	seanw is away: I am away until Tuesday 14th August.
[15:56]	<Greeves>	Hawaii?
[15:57]	<Open_Research>	why did he not take us with him...?
[15:57]	<schiste>	Heu I don't remember where he is
[15:57]	<Open_Research>	;-)
[15:57]	<schiste>	he told me but I don't remember
[15:57]	* brown_cat	wakes
[15:57]	<Greeves>	Welcome :)
[15:58]	<brown_cat>	hey :D
[15:58]	<brown_cat>	i overslepd :(
[15:58]	<Greeves>	I forgot, so I came about 5 min ago... :(
[15:58]	<brown_cat>	lol
[15:59]	* brown_cat	pokes Open_Research into #wikimedia-stats
[15:59]	<Open_Research>	er.. help
[15:59]	<Platonides>	i suppose we can do like last week
[15:59]	<Platonides>	tell 'Meeting open', 'Meeting closed'
[16:00]	<Greeves>	I missed last week
[16:00]	<Greeves>	Was it dead also?
[16:00]	<Open_Research>	i think so - i think thats what sean said. I was not here also
[16:01]	<Greeves>	:(
[16:01]	<schiste>	Well we're in the very period when everybody is on holiday
[16:01]	<Open_Research>	yes, its that time of year
[16:01]	<Greeves>	I wonder if a message in [[m:Information thread]] would help
[16:02]	<Open_Research>	[?]
[16:02]	<Greeves>	saying that were actively recruiting new members and that membership is low
[16:02]	<Open_Research>	i think that would be a very good plan if it is the same next week
[16:03]	<Open_Research>	but given that everyone is recovering from Taipei, maybe a bit premature for this week - what do the others think?
[16:03]	<brown_cat>	yer :)
[16:03]	<brown_cat>	Open_Research: you been in the irc long?
[16:03]	<Open_Research>	er.... you can tell, cant you...?
[16:04]	<Open_Research>	;-)
[16:04]	<Open_Research>	i'm a complete newbie
[16:04]	<brown_cat>	xD I was worse
[16:04]	<Open_Research>	aw, thanks but i bet that is not true at all
[16:04]	<Open_Research>	:-)
[16:05]	<Greeves>	Should this "Chat Session" be logged as this week's meeting?
[16:05]	<brown_cat>	ok, there are loads of channels - simply type "/join #channel-name"
[16:05]	<brown_cat>	so, if you want the stats room, type "/join wikimedia-stats"
[16:05]	<brown_cat>	oops...
[16:05]	<Open_Research>	what is the stats room?
[16:06]	<brown_cat>	it is a new group for research and surveys
[16:06]	<Open_Research>	oh goodness
[16:06]	<brown_cat>	:p
[16:06]	<Open_Research>	thanks for letting me know eh
[16:06]	<Greeves>	wouldnt research go under the Wikimedia Research Netwrok?
[16:06]	<brown_cat>	np
[16:06]	<brown_cat>	yes :)
[16:07]	<brown_cat>	officially :)
[16:07]	<brown_cat>	or the wikipedia chatroom is (click the link) #wikipedia
[16:07]	<Greeves>	the WRN seems to be dead though
[16:07]	<Greeves>	I joined after finding the place recently
[16:07]	<brown_cat>	there was one? O_o
[16:07]	<Greeves>	no activity
[16:07]	<brown_cat>	ah
[16:07]	<Greeves>	[[m:Wikimedia Research Network]]
[16:07]	<Open_Research>	[reading]
[16:08]	<schiste>	night folks
[16:08]	<brown_cat>	nite
[16:08]	* brown_cat	huggles
[16:08]	<Open_Research>	night Christophe
[16:09]	<brown_cat>	btw open_research, i huggle a lot :)
[16:09]	<Greeves>	Should a log of the chat be posted?
[16:09]	<Greeves>	brown_cat: we know that!
[16:09]	<brown_cat>	xD
[16:09]	* brown_cat	rubs up against greeves
[16:09]	<brown_cat>	yes, i guess so
[16:10]	<Open_Research>	Thanks for letting me know about the nertwork.
[16:10]	<Greeves>	Ill c if I can figure out logging
[16:10]	<Open_Research>	Did anyone take a look at the Yoruba press piece?
[16:10]	<Open_Research>	We have no quotes yet and need some
[16:11]	<brown_cat>	nope? :s
[16:12]	<Open_Research>
[16:12]	<Open_Research>	the Yoruba link
[16:12]	<brown_cat>	ah :)
[16:13]	<Open_Research>	I think it is our August task, yes? I've had a good crack at it, but it would be great if others could also
[16:13]	* brown_cat	bookmarks for when he is awake
[16:13]	<brown_cat>	koolness :DD
[16:13]	<Open_Research>	exactly - i am falling over too
[16:13]	<Open_Research>	okay then, see you guys next week
[16:13]	<Open_Research>	zzzzz
[16:13]	<Open_Research>	thank you for helping me find my way i nthe IRC
[16:14]	<Open_Research>	:-)
[16:14]	<brown_cat>	cya
[16:14]	<brown_cat>	np
[16:14]	<Greeves>	So is the meeting over?
[16:14]	<brown_cat>	guess
[16:14]	<Greeves>	--Meeting closed--