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[4:30pm] seanw: Good evening all.
[4:30pm] seanw: [20:30:05] [@ChanServ  ] [ CraigSpurrier_aw] [ LeBron  ] [ Martinp23 ] [ schiste ]
[4:30pm] seanw: [20:30:05] [ BrianNZ_aw] [ delphine        ] [ loco085  ] [ millosh  ] [ seanw  ]
[4:30pm] cary: Good evening
[4:30pm] seanw: [20:30:05] [ brown_cat ] [ Greeves        ] [ Majorly  ] [ newmanbe  ] [ unilinky]
[4:30pm] seanw: [20:30:05] [ cary      ] [ GrooveDog      ] [ Markie996] [ Platonides]
[4:30pm] seanw: All, meeting starting shortly.
[4:30pm] loco085:  hi
[4:30pm] Greeves: Hi
[4:30pm] seanw: Give me a min.
[4:30pm] cary: 'sokay, I've got loco busy doing other things
[4:31pm] GrooveDog: Note: I'm just an observer - Greeves invited me. I'll be leaving in about half an hour.
[4:31pm] seanw: cary, where is Sandy?
[4:31pm] cary: seanw: she stepped away
[4:31pm] seanw: ETA
[4:31pm] seanw: ?
[4:31pm] schiste: She's busy
[4:31pm] cary: I don't know
[4:31pm] schiste: I'll bring up her topics
[4:32pm] schiste: but the earlier the better 
[4:32pm] seanw: schiste, can you put them on the agenda please?
[4:32pm] seanw: I want to run this properly, like we have done before.
[4:33pm] schiste: They already are 
[4:33pm] seanw: Right, thjen I will bring them up 
[4:33pm] seanw: Give me a minute guys, then we can start. Please shout out your name if yuo are here so we hjave a rough idea.
[4:33pm] delphine: here
[4:33pm] cary: aqui
[4:34pm] seanw: So, someone has put WikiLvoe at thej top. They are not logged in, I presume it is Sandy.
[4:34pm] seanw: I suggest we wait until she arrives, if she does, before we do that though.
[4:34pm] cary: Don't wait for Sandy
[4:34pm] seanw: So, I will begin working through the agenda.
[4:34pm] seanw: Firslty, there has been takl about logos on the mailing list. There are differing opinions.
[4:34pm] seanw: Do we need one at all?
[4:34pm] seanw: If so, does anyone volunteer to make it?
[4:35pm] Greeves: I support the idea of a logo.
[4:35pm] schiste: Do you read me?
[4:35pm] Greeves: I am no graphic artist though.
[4:35pm] schiste: I 'll tkae care of sandy's topics 
[4:35pm] schiste: Anyway logo and then Sandy's
[4:36pm] schiste: Logo. Whatfor?
[4:36pm] Greeves: The [[m:CPG]]
[4:36pm] HistoryOnTheRoad joined the chat room.
[4:36pm] unilinky:
[4:36pm] cary: She'll be right here
[4:36pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Hello there
[4:36pm] schiste: I mean would it be useful?
[4:36pm] Greeves: Maybe the community logo with [[Image:Crystal multimedia.png]] or something overtop?
[4:36pm] unilinky:
[4:36pm] Wiki_Blue joined the chat room.
[4:37pm] Greeves: It represents that we are community based
[4:37pm] seanw: Oh, hey Sandy.
[4:37pm] Greeves: And that we are communications
[4:37pm] seanw: Let's put that one on hold as Sandy is short of time, guys.
[4:37pm] Wiki_Blue: hey sorry i'm late
[4:37pm] Greeves: K
[4:37pm] seanw: So, the item on the agenda now is the Wiki Love meme.
[4:38pm] seanw: While Sandy is here.
[4:38pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, what do you wish to discuss?
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: sorry
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: sooo
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: schiste
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: you want to say fo f me?
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:40pm] schiste: As you wish ^^
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue: yup please
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue:
[4:40pm] schiste: k 
[4:40pm] schiste: So thing is for fundraising, we're trying to devellope a Wikilove meme
[4:40pm] schiste: based on stuff like photos
[4:41pm] schiste: of people with white paper and why they love wikipedia written on it
[4:41pm] millosh left the chat room. (Success)
[4:41pm] schiste: Sandy is currently doing it within the office building
[4:41pm] seanw: The images that have been made so far are really cool.
[4:41pm] WM-Thunderhead joined the chat room.
[4:41pm] schiste: We would need people to do the same
[4:41pm] Wiki_Blue: has eveyrone seenthem?
[4:41pm] delphine: schiste it does not have to be white paper. It can be anything that people come up with
[4:41pm] Wiki_Blue: we want this to go viral
[4:41pm] schiste: in their city, office, familly, friends
[4:41pm] schiste: delphine:  yep, that was the exemple 
[4:42pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, a flikr link might help - got it handy?
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: yes def. start with family!
[4:42pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Wiki_Blue: What did you think of that link i sent?
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: hold on...finding
[4:42pm] schiste: for the groups
[4:42pm] WM-Thunderhead left the chat room.
[4:42pm] schiste:
[4:43pm] schiste: some examples
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: yup
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: lolol
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: tag is wikilove2007
[4:43pm] seanw: Great.
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: no space b/w words
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: it would be great if COMPROJ could OWN this project
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: you guys get out there
[4:43pm] seanw: pwn*
[4:43pm] schiste: For the moment it's only photo, but I think it could also be videos 
[4:43pm] seanw: Hmm, I could have a go at doing this at school.
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: btw - we need to create a flickr group
[4:43pm] seanw: I just need a camera 
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: YES YE S YES!
[4:44pm] schiste: Wiki_Blue: the group exists
[4:44pm] schiste: for the groups
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: really?
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:44pm] schiste: guillom created it 
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: LOL
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: LOLOL
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: LOLOL
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: i love wikiworld
[4:45pm] schiste: Anyway here you go, speak about it on your projects
[4:45pm] loco085: Wiki_Blue: can add pictures to the group? 
[4:45pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, the comic? It is good.
[4:45pm] delphine: loco085: anyone can add, yep
[4:45pm] loco085: oki 
[4:45pm] seanw: Okay guys, shall we move on?
[4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: yes
[4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: OHH wait one more thing
[4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: please
[4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: sorry
[4:46pm] seanw: Sure, go ahead 
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue:
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: go towards bottom
[4:46pm] cary: that page has moved
[4:46pm] cary: gah
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: we need people to create more buttons for fundraiser
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: on any project
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: just don't change the logo
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: pleaseee
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: (logo)
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: thats it
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: PLEASE COMPRJ
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: (its redirected_
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: help if you can 
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: thats it
[4:47pm] seanw: Okay, graet.
[4:47pm] seanw: So, delphine wants to go to bed.
[4:47pm] seanw: So let's bump up her item for now.
[4:47pm] seanw: delphine, so, chapters and comproj? 
[4:47pm] delphine: yes. Very simple.
[4:48pm] delphine: i need comproj to take a fresh look at how we can make the chapters committee known
[4:48pm] delphine: and how we can advertise chapters in communities
[4:48pm] seanw: What does the chapters committee do at the moment, primarily?
[4:48pm] delphine: [[m:Chapters committee]]
[4:48pm] unilinky:
[4:48pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: delphine: Which communities ... various projects, or physical communities?
[4:48pm] delphine: seanw: exactly, I need comproj to review chapcom communication
[4:49pm] delphine: HistoryOnTheRoad: the various projects ... which are tied to physical communities
[4:49pm] seanw: In my experience pages on meta abnout committee activities are usually out of date 
[4:49pm] delphine: ie. chapters are the link to the real world
[4:49pm] delphine: I need comproj to help us
[4:49pm] delphine: 1) identify the existing real life communities on different projects
[4:49pm] delphine: so we can spam...errr. communicate with them about chapters
[4:49pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: delphine: I'm working on a number of Wikiversity outreach projects (besides helping with the .CA chapter)
[4:49pm] seanw: Great.
[4:49pm] seanw: So, what can we do?
[4:49pm] Greeves: Yay, WIkimedia Canada!
[4:50pm] HistoryOnTheRoad:
[4:50pm] delphine: 2) review the communication around chapters.
[4:50pm] delphine: ie. how can we make sure that people go to chapcom
[4:50pm] delphine: etc.
[4:50pm] delphine: that's all, I don't want to start a debate now
[4:50pm] delphine: I want comproj to start thinking how we can review these two points
[4:50pm] delphine: and start a project 
[4:50pm] delphine: hehe
[4:51pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok ... does your link have the strategic purpose of chapcom in there?
[4:51pm] seanw: Ack, myu itnernet died 
[4:51pm] delphine: darn
[4:51pm] delphine: that was  a meta link
[4:51pm] seanw: delphine, okay, please go ahead and craete this as a project on the comproj page if you think there is a defined goal etc.
[4:51pm] delphine:
[4:52pm] Topic changed to "Wikimedia Communication Projects Group - | This group is not an official Wikimedia committee | Meetings are being held roughly once a week, in here on a Wednesday at 20:30 UTC/GMT | Next meeting: Today!" by delphine.
[4:52pm] seanw: delphine, okay, thank you - yuo done?
[4:53pm] delphine: yep
[4:53pm] delphine: thank you
[4:53pm] delphine: bye 
[4:53pm] seanw: Sleep well.
[4:53pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: delphine: Night night
[4:53pm] seanw: So, our next item is the present logo debate.
[4:53pm] delphine left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
[4:53pm] seanw: Do we need a logo, and if so, who wants to make it? 
[4:53pm] seanw: Greeves, please repeat what yuo said earlier . . .
[4:54pm] Greeves: Well, I was wondering if we could use the community logo (we are a community project) with something overtop of it.
[4:54pm] seanw: Sounds good as long as the licensing remains okay.]
[4:54pm] schiste: What would be this logo for?
[4:54pm] Greeves: Maybe
[4:55pm] seanw: Sounds good - go ahead and figure out the legality etc.
[4:55pm] seanw: So, that sorted?
[4:55pm] Greeves: Is the community logo free?
[4:56pm] schiste: Yes, made for this very purpose
[4:56pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Community logo should be free to use.
[4:56pm] schiste: but do we need a logo?
[4:56pm] seanw: Greeves, it is public domain.
[4:56pm] Greeves:
[4:56pm] seanw: Well, I do not think we do. However, if someone wants to make one, that is no bad thing.
[4:56pm] seanw: There is no harm in having it.
[4:56pm] seanw: So, let's move on.
[4:56pm] Greeves: K
[4:57pm] seanw: The next topic is the recruitment of project managers and other specific skills.
[4:57pm] seanw: Right now we have enthusiastic people but we lack skills in certain areas.
[4:57pm] seanw: More graphics designers and project managers are needed imo.
[4:57pm] schiste: Wich one?
[4:57pm] schiste: Yep
[4:57pm] seanw: So, how do we get them?
[4:57pm] Greeves: *idea*
[4:58pm] Greeves: See [[m:Template:Information thread]]
[4:58pm] unilinky:
[4:58pm] Greeves: COuld we mention it in there
[4:58pm] seanw: It could be put in Wikizine.
[4:58pm] seanw: But we have al;ready tried mailng lists.
[4:58pm] seanw: Cool, haven't seen that before 
[4:58pm] seanw: :)*
[4:59pm] seanw: But I think we need more.
[4:59pm] seanw: There must be volunteeers out there.
[5:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Has anyone approached communications schools?
[5:00pm] seanw: They exist?
[5:00pm] seanw: Not that I am aware of, no 
[5:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Sure  ... I'm wondering if we could get people to assist for resume padding^B^B^B^B^B^B enhancement reasons
[5:01pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: We'd need to have some projects that they could join ... and it might help if we had some completed ones to show them too.
[5:01pm] seanw: Yeah, I agree. Sorta like the interns in the office, but over the 'net.
[5:01pm] seanw: Heh
[5:01pm] seanw: Vicious circle
[5:02pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Well, we have a handful of people and we are doing some things now ... just need to document what we are doing, and what's been done
[5:02pm] seanw: That brings us on to the next agenda item.
[5:03pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: go ahead 
[5:04pm] seanw: Which is about the new system.
[5:04pm] seanw: We are not very far into migrating over new projects.
[5:05pm] schiste left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
[5:05pm] seanw: Tbh, it is simply not being done. I haven't done a great deal, but neither has anyone else.
[5:05pm] seanw: Do people think that the system is not good enough?
[5:05pm] GrooveDog left the chat room. ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
[5:05pm] Greeves: And is anyone familiar with DynamicPageList?
[5:06pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I'm vaguely familiar with DPL
[5:07pm] seanw: I think transferring old projects is a priority.
[5:07pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: I haven't really had time to see what needs doing, and i haven't been in on the irc chats lately. What needs to happen?
[5:07pm] seanw: Are you on the mailing list? 
[5:07pm] seanw: Basically, see [[m:Communication Projects Group/Projects]]
[5:08pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Yup, I saw the discussion, I'm just not sure what physically needs to go on. Is it just cut and paste?
[5:08pm] unilinky:
[5:08pm] seanw:  tinyurls?!
[5:08pm] seanw: Anyway.
[5:08pm] seanw: No, not quite.
[5:08pm] seanw: The project template needs adding and filling in.
[5:08pm] seanw: If the project has a leader, it njeeds catagoriisng as active
[5:08pm] seanw: If not, pending.
[5:08pm] Greeves:
[5:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Ok, I will try and poke around a bit.
[5:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: (I hoped it wasn't just cut and pasting) 
[5:09pm] Greeves: I was hoping that DPL could automatically categorize the projects on the main Projects page based on the category automatically added by [[m:Template:ComProj project]].
[5:09pm] Markie996: weve got some nice dpls on wikinews
[5:09pm] unilinky:
[5:10pm] Markie996: you can sort by many categorys and NOT categories
[5:10pm] Markie996: so its possible
[5:10pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, thanks 
[5:10pm] seanw: Greeves, yes, that would be really really cool.
[5:10pm] seanw: Someone just needs to do it.
[5:11pm] Markie996:
[5:11pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok, that'll be my first project ... project conversions. 
[5:11pm] Markie996: the above uses many of them
[5:11pm] Markie996: and theres a lot of other dpl around on wn
[5:11pm] Greeves: enwiki, I never heard of it
[5:12pm] seanw: It looks opretty easy to do tbh.
[5:12pm] Markie996: yeah it is
[5:12pm] seanw: Go ahead and fiddle HistoryOnTheRoad
[5:12pm] Markie996: as long as you know the cats
[5:12pm] seanw: So, next item.
[5:12pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: next!
[5:12pm] seanw: THe last item is abut Wikimania 2008
[5:12pm] seanw: I will paste what I have:
[5:12pm] seanw: Can and should Wikimania 2008 broadcast live?
[5:13pm] seanw: * What can be captured, and when can we deliver it? * Will any local broacasting mediums be willing to help? * Will any Wikimedia projects (i.e. Wikipedia Signpost, Wikipedia Weekly, Wikizine) be willing to submit content?
[5:13pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Will any be willing to help in the production?
[5:13pm] seanw: It was an item added by wm-thunderhead.
[5:13pm] Greeves: "Can and should Wikimania 2008 broadcast live?" I think it should if possible.
[5:13pm] seanw: He isn;t here 
[5:13pm] Greeves: He left
[5:13pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: he came and left
[5:14pm] Greeves: Yep 
[5:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: It should be our goal to provide a fully interactive Wikimania experience, imho
[5:14pm] Greeves: :'(
[5:14pm] Greeves: Yep
[5:14pm] seanw: Agreed.
[5:14pm] seanw: I think it is too early to be doing more than brainstorming though
[5:14pm] seanw: We need a local bid team tow ork with.
[5:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Distance/Money shouldn't be the limiting factor ... and neither should time.
[5:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: why?
[5:15pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: There are things that HAVE to be done on the ground.
[5:15pm] Markie996: we did streaming last year and ive managed to already rope a few people into doing it next year
[5:15pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Then, there are things that can be done off-site.
[5:15pm] Markie996: thats the wall we got to already
[5:15pm] Markie996: were waiting to tlk to the onsite team
[5:15pm] seanw: I thinkwe  ened to wait until the bidding is complete.
[5:15pm] Greeves: See [[m:Wikimania 2008/Online team]]
[5:15pm] unilinky:
[5:16pm] Markie996: but a small discussion ended up with a small consensus to using the wikimedia player as used on commons
[5:16pm] Greeves: That page has people who could be interested.
[5:16pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I started chatting about doing stuff (interactive) for 2007 in March. At that time, I thought it was already very late to be tackling some of this stuff.
[5:16pm] Markie996: a few people (Aphaia) has already said it shouldnt be done/a priority but i think mainly support i s behind it
[5:16pm] Markie996: IMO if we can we should
[5:16pm] Markie996: and we can
[5:16pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Can Wikimedia player do two way stuff?
[5:17pm] seanw: Markie996, aphaia thins it shuldn';t be done?
[5:17pm] Markie996: the player shows the vids and then we can use java to do the irc chat room
[5:17pm] seanw: Odd.
[5:17pm] Markie996: also CGI:IRC
[5:17pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: well, certainly we can do audio two ways, and that shouldn't be hard or require boots on the ground.
[5:17pm] WM-Thunderhead joined the chat room.
[5:17pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: I think he was saying it shouldn't be a priority.
[5:18pm] Greeves: Thunderhead!!! 
[5:18pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WM-Thunderhead: w/b
[5:18pm] seanw: She's a she 
[5:18pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, hey
[5:18pm] WM-Thunderhead: Hi! I was yelled at to come back, what's up?
[5:18pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Sorry, I know that ... typo
[5:18pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, we are discussing your agenda item 
[5:18pm] WM-Thunderhead: ahhhhhhhhh, that and it's four sub-items
[5:18pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Partly mine 
[5:18pm] Greeves: Yay!
[5:18pm] seanw: hehe
[5:18pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, go ahead.
[5:18pm] WM-Thunderhead: Alright then, have I missed anything huge?
[5:18pm] • Greeves dances out of joy
[5:18pm] Greeves: You missed most of meeting I think
[5:19pm] Greeves:
[5:19pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WM-Thunderhead: We've decided on budget and whatnot for the next 4 years. 
[5:19pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: j/k
[5:19pm] Greeves: We have a budget?! I mean, oh yea! 
[5:19pm] WM-Thunderhead: A broadcast for Wikimedia projects or certain Wikimedia programs has been proposed many times, but not much has been done on the subject.
[5:19pm] Markie996: hmm maybe it wasnt aphia
[5:19pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: We've established that there is general support for the idea of some kind of online component
[5:19pm] Markie996: too many convos going on sorry
[5:19pm] WM-Thunderhead: Last year at Wikimania, there was a raw broadcast in most rooms
[5:20pm] WM-Thunderhead: But there were some complaints and unavailablity at times
[5:20pm] WM-Thunderhead: And I personally couldn't hear anything
[5:20pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: The holy grail would be realtime two way conferencing.
[5:21pm] WM-Thunderhead: So I think that if we were able to garner support from a broadcasting company for a live broadcast of Wikimania, we would get more volunteers, reach out to the community, and become a monopoly 
[5:21pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I've heard some grumblings ... I haven't been able to even grab stuff out of the archives yet.
[5:21pm] Markie996: nah dont mention archives
[5:21pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: lol
[5:21pm] WM-Thunderhead: The main problem is deciding what to broadcast. We don't want some people to be left out.
[5:21pm] Markie996: and weve kinda got the 2 way conference sorted with IRC
[5:22pm] Markie996: people ask the qs online and then they get read out at the conference
[5:22pm] WM-Thunderhead: That's an excellent idea.
[5:22pm] WM-Thunderhead: Who can tell that I wasn't prepared for talking about it when I was pulled in? 
[5:23pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: As someone from wikiversity, I'd like to see us push the envelope a bit. IRC isn't pushing too much 
[5:23pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Honestly, I'd like to see us try and get two way voice working for 2008.
[5:23pm] Markie996: this was done in skype
[5:23pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: It's not hard to do, honest.
[5:23pm] Markie996: no browser solution this year
[5:24pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Skype == non free ... We can use a free eqivalent, no issue.
[5:24pm] Markie996: good good
[5:24pm] Markie996: thats what i like to hear
[5:24pm] WM-Thunderhead: Earlier I discussed getting G4TV to host a live broadcast of Wikimania (because they did CES all three days) but:
[5:24pm] Markie996: G4TV???
[5:24pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: If we could get a budget or equipment support, we might be able to do more.
[5:25pm] WM-Thunderhead: Jimmy says:
[5:25pm] WM-Thunderhead: I have some connections at G4TV due to Wikia's big push into gaming.  I met with them at E3 (big gaming convention) this year, where they were doing 3 days of coverage.  And basically it would shock me if they are interested in wikimania.   boobies and explosions, yeah, wikimania... not so much. That's my guess.
[5:25pm] Greeves:
[5:25pm] WM-Thunderhead: HistoryOnTheRoad: don't we *have* a budget? 
[5:25pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WM-Thunderhead: Not as of yet, unless you could $0 
[5:25pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: count
[5:25pm] WM-Thunderhead:
[5:25pm] Markie996: getting cameras isnt really a priblem
[5:25pm] Markie996: *problem
[5:26pm] WM-Thunderhead: We just need a station willing to take a risk with us
[5:26pm] Markie996: depending on locations they can normally be scrounged from unis
[5:26pm] Markie996: then we can stream online
[5:26pm] Markie996: all we need is the page visits/hts
[5:26pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Well, there is lots of interesting bits. And if it works, it would be a wicked PR bit ... but we have to keep realistic and grounded
[5:26pm] Markie996: *hits
[5:26pm] WM-Thunderhead: It'd be nice if CNN would do a spot for us
[5:26pm] Markie996: hehheh
[5:26pm] WM-Thunderhead: Have to be a slow news day though
[5:27pm] Markie996: we might be able to get one of the channels on the sattelite netwroks with too many channels to show us
[5:27pm] Greeves: Local coverage would be good.
[5:27pm] Markie996: but low viewer figures IMO
[5:27pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: CNN would call the thing wikipedia world and spell Jimbo's name wrong.  We need some sponsor or funding of some sort.
[5:27pm] Markie996: local coverage would be excellant
[5:27pm] Greeves: ie. If Toronto gets it CTV or CBC could show across the country
[5:27pm] Markie996: well this year funding came from hinet
[5:28pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Greeves: nod ... International would be good too. 
[5:28pm] Greeves: Yep
[5:28pm] Markie996: but with that the hosted the main stream which got the most grumbles
[5:28pm] Greeves: But you gotta start somewhere
[5:28pm] seanw: So, this is all really cool.
[5:28pm] seanw: But the meeting isn't supposed to last more than one hour.
[5:28pm] seanw: So, officially, we need to close - feel free to keep talking.
[5:28pm] seanw: Okay?
[5:28pm] Greeves: Is this our longest meeting yet?
[5:28pm] seanw: ?
[5:28pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Markie996: We need $$$ sponsors, and then we can figure out where we need to spend.
[5:29pm] Greeves: Can we still log the after it officially closed seanw?
[5:29pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Greeves: I was here for a 3 hour chat once
[5:29pm] Greeves: wow
[5:29pm] seanw: You can, yes
[5:29pm] • WM-Thunderhead notes that he's not officially a member of CPG so it's HistoryOnTheRoad's topic really
[5:29pm] Topic changed to "Wikimedia Communication Projects Group - | This group is not an official Wikimedia committee | Meetings are being held roughly once a week, in here on a Wednesday at 20:30 UTC/GMT | Next meeting: Today! | Public logging allowed in here." by seanw.
[5:29pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, thjen join!
[5:29pm] seanw: --- meeting closed ---