Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-09-26/Log

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[4:33pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, hey 
[4:33pm] Wiki_Blue: hello fellas 
[4:33pm] Wiki_Blue: hey sean, can you do me a favor?
[4:33pm] Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23.
[4:35pm] Platonides: do we have agenda?
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: hey does anyone know about how many articles are deleted per day?
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: its for a reporter on a tight deadline?
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: ??
[4:35pm] Platonides: Wiki_Blue, easy to count
[4:35pm] Platonides: on which wiki?
[4:35pm] Wiki_Blue: wikipedia english
[4:36pm] cary-office: None of them are articles
[4:36pm] cary-office: they wouldn't be deleted if they were
[4:36pm] Wiki_Blue: stubs
[4:36pm] Wiki_Blue: how many stubs
[4:36pm] cary-office: You can't really judge
[4:37pm] cary-office: some are nonsense pages
[4:37pm] Cbrown1023 joined the chat room.
[4:37pm] cary-office: some are vanity pages
[4:37pm] • Cbrown1023 forgot, sorry
[4:37pm] cary-office: I don't think you can come up with a valid figure
[4:37pm] CraigSpurrier: maybe an AFD count for a day would be more like what the reporter is looking for
[4:37pm] Wiki_Blue: so less than 100 stubs per day are deleted?
[4:37pm] seanw: Oh whoops
[4:37pm] seanw: Ackl
[4:37pm] seanw: SORRY ALL
[4:37pm] seanw: I forgot about the meeting.
[4:37pm] • Cbrown1023 did too
[4:37pm] seanw: Sorry Sandy 
[4:37pm] seanw: Let me grab an agenda
[4:37pm] Wiki_Blue: no prob.
[4:37pm] cary-office: There's no quick answer
[4:37pm] seanw: (no, I meant I forgot this window)
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: meet me for a sec
[4:38pm] cary-office: There's no simple answer
[4:38pm] • Cbrown1023 huggles Sandy
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: hey gusy
[4:38pm] Cbrown1023:
[4:38pm] • Cbrown1023 has no clue what that means, but it sounds nice 
[4:38pm] Platonides: Wiki_Blue about 8000 in last 24h
[4:39pm] cary-office:  Here is your problem
[4:39pm] seanw: Okay, guys, we have no agenda 
[4:39pm] seanw: This is good.
[4:39pm] Platonides: but seems to have been a crusade anti #redirects
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: Platonides: 
[4:39pm] Platonides: by DerHexer
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: but yeah, we have a ton of pages deleted per day
[4:39pm] cary-office: We have to talk about Aussie accessibility
[4:39pm] Platonides: so real normal deletions may be much less
[4:39pm] seanw: Any ideas?
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: I neeeded to disucss this with you all too 
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: not just aussies
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: but Asians too
[4:40pm] cary-office: To this meeting
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue: thanks 
[4:40pm] cary-office: a different time occasionally
[4:40pm] Cbrown1023: Platonides: it varies, but it's easy to find out daily AfDs
[4:40pm] Cbrown1023: just look at the log page
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue: plantonides!
[4:40pm] seanw: Okay.
[4:41pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: will meeting times change when you move to SanFran?
[4:41pm] cary-office: Plantainides
[4:41pm] seanw: Does anyone have any project issues they wish to raise?
[4:41pm] Cbrown1023: that will complicate things more, cary-office
[4:41pm] cary-office: Cbrown1023: that's up to the committee
[4:41pm] cary-office: This would be 1:30 instead of 4:30 for me in San Francisco, so that's not an issue
[4:43pm] Platonides: seanw, there was some discussion yesterday about preparing to create wikimedia spain
[4:43pm] Platonides: but for now it's less than smoke 
[4:43pm] seanw: Hmm.
[4:43pm] cary-office:
[4:43pm] seanw: Well, it is a chapters thing, so what we should do is offer our services to teh people involved 
[4:43pm] cary-office: Platonides: Would Barcelona be included in that?
[4:43pm] cary-office: or would they be a separate Wikimedia Catelonia
[4:43pm] HistoryOnTheroad joined the chat room.
[4:44pm] HistoryOnTheroad: seanw: Just got the e-mail, sorry I forgot 
[4:44pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: not right now probably
[4:44pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheroad will be late to his own funeral
[4:44pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheroad, np
[4:44pm] Cbrown1023: wm-es is "less than smoke" as Platonides said 
[4:44pm] • Cbrown1023 wants to push them
[4:44pm] seanw: Okay.
[4:45pm] HistoryOnTheroad: cary-office: lol ... this time, I forgot, as opposed to getting stuck in traffic 
[4:45pm] seanw: So do we have anything else, seeing as wm-es is hardly ready?
[4:45pm] Cbrown1023: when do we help chapters?
[4:45pm] Cbrown1023: when they're already set up, right?
[4:45pm] seanw: Basically yeah.
[4:45pm] Cbrown1023: k, that's what I thought
[4:45pm] seanw: As a general rule, ComProj is for project stuff, and Foundation stuff only when under direct supervision.
[4:45pm] cary-office: Other than different meeting time for 3rd zone
[4:46pm] HistoryOnTheroad: seanw: I wanted to know if we've got someone working on the current project list ... I missed the meeting on that one.
[4:46pm] seanw: Ah.
[4:46pm] Platonides: cary-office, Barcelona should be included
[4:46pm] seanw: Well, hopefully Cbrown is
[4:46pm] • HistoryOnTheroad wonder if chapters are projects or "foundation stuff"
[4:46pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheroad, foundation really
[4:46pm] Platonides: but catalonians are quite independent
[4:46pm] seanw: As soon as I go and tell him what to do.
[4:46pm] Platonides: as are basques
[4:47pm] • cary-office needs to get to Barcelona
[4:47pm] Cbrown1023: hehe
[4:47pm] • Cbrown1023 does too
[4:47pm] HistoryOnTheroad: we should have our next CPG meeting there 
[4:47pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: andyou need to go to BA
[4:47pm] Cbrown1023: para loco
[4:47pm] cary-office: well yeah
[4:48pm] cary-office: So we're a bit scattered today
[4:48pm] seanw: Okay.
[4:48pm] HistoryOnTheroad: seanw: Ok, so cbrown is managing the current project list? 
[4:48pm] seanw: Shall we close the meeting?
[4:48pm] cary-office: That's fine
[4:48pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheroad, yes 
[4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: hey
[4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: can some of you stay behind
[4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: i have a quick question
[4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: espeically if you are german
[4:49pm] cary-office: I guess I'll ask symode09 to send out an email of when he thinks a good alternate meeting time
[4:49pm] cary-office: Wiki_Blue: We have no involved Germans
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: we don't?
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023: what about that gent who posts to the list
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023: from wikiversity?
[4:49pm] cary-office: I know of no Germans who are involved atm
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023: isn't he german?
[4:49pm] HistoryOnTheroad: Micheal ... yes, he is
[4:50pm] cary-office: Maybe, but he's not here
[4:50pm] HistoryOnTheroad: there are a few WV.DE guys that I know. What were you after Wiki_Blue ?
[4:50pm] Cbrown1023: HistoryOnTheRoad: I'm supposed to be managing that, but seanw has yet to explain to me what *that is* 
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. either way, if some of you could stay behind, I would preciate it
[4:50pm] seanw: Sowwy.
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue:
[4:50pm] cary-office: Wiki_Blue: what do you need.
[4:50pm] cary-office: or, for what.
[4:50pm] seanw: Okay
[4:50pm] seanw: --- meeting closed ---  but please stickl around 
[4:50pm] Markie996: do you need german speakers??
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue:
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: no. I am working on a press kit
[4:50pm] HistoryOnTheroad: Cbrown1023: I think we need to know where things stand, in terms of what is going on. (Current status)
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: for the Wikipedia Academy
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: that they are going to host in south africa
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: (anyone know abou thtis_
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: anyway i needed to just get some thoughts on Wikipedia Academy if there are none)
[4:51pm] schiste: I do
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: YEAH!
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: schiste!
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: sooo, let it rip, i'm all ears
[4:51pm] schiste: I spoke with one of them few days ago
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: coolio!
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: and?
[4:51pm] schiste: or few weeks
[4:51pm] loco-en-baires: Wiki_Blue:  hola 
[4:51pm] schiste: or month
[4:51pm] schiste:
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: hola loco
[4:52pm] schiste: I told them to recontact me if they need anythng
[4:52pm] schiste: they didn't
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: so how well attended are these
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: ??
[4:52pm] schiste: Wiki_Blue: what do you need to know ?
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: and i guess the goals of each academy differes?
[4:52pm] schiste: Yes
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: well, anything really,
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: i'm JUST starting the press kit
[4:52pm] schiste: Oh for the press
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: yup
[4:53pm] schiste: If you can wait 10 hours, I can send you a mail with everything I can tell you
[4:53pm] schiste: (is training someone, so I can't get connected from work :()
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: YES!
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: awesome
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: okay me waits
[4:54pm] Cbrown1023: Wiki_Blue: symode really wants the stats group to get moving 
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: you know what
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: i agree lolol
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: but its like stagnant water
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: maybe he should just use the lsit serve
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: and ask for help on a projec that he Wants to do'
[4:55pm] HistoryOnTheroad: Cbrown1023: I messaged him, he wanted some help with something, I told him I'd have time middle of this week. I will poke him again.
[4:55pm] Cbrown1023: k, thanks
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: remember alot of people that are on the list are really not hardcore pedians
[4:55pm] Cbrown1023: yeah
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: they are "normal"
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: lololol
[4:55pm] Cbrown1023: hehe
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: so they need love and encouragement
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: and direction
[4:55pm] Cbrown1023: Wiki_Blue: are you still on Wikicrack?
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: NOT TODAY!
[4:56pm] cary-office: nope
[4:56pm] Cbrown1023: hehe
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: damn it
[4:56pm] cary-office: She's sedate today
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: i am
[4:56pm] cary-office: The doggie is in the office
[4:56pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, did you read David G's post?
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: fwhich one seanw?
[4:56pm] seanw: The one about wiki-crack
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: NO!!!!
[4:56pm] seanw: Let me get you the link
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: omg NOO!!
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: lolol
[4:57pm] seanw:
[4:57pm] seanw: "I think underestimating the addictive powers of wikicrack."
[4:57pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: who's the doggie? 
[4:57pm] schiste: Wiki_Blue: do we have an official statement for the quality things ?
[4:57pm] Cbrown1023: schiste: ?
[4:58pm] schiste: about the whole thing
[4:58pm] seanw: Ha
[4:58pm] seanw: So much is happening 
[4:58pm] cary-office: Wiki_Blue's doggie
[4:58pm] schiste: feature, and feature uses on de.
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: you mean stable version/
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: hold on
[4:58pm] schiste: yep
[4:58pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: ooh!
[4:58pm] Cbrown1023: Wiki_Blue: what type of dog do you have?
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: chiwawa
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: she is awesome
[5:05pm] ST47 joined the chat room.
[5:05pm] loco-en-baires: oh i love thats dog Wiki_Blue
[5:05pm] loco-en-baires:
[5:05pm] ST47: I guess I'm late.
[5:06pm] ST47:
[5:06pm] • ST47 should set this channel to autojoin