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[20:35:16] [notice(#wikimedia-cpg)] /me bangs the gavel
[20:35:30] <seanw> Okay all, it seems the Asia-Australia meeting went ahead successfully
[20:35:40] <seanw> But both of the issues were symode09 stuff
[20:35:49] <seanw> SO I suggest we read the log adn perhaps we can brainstorm around them, okay?
[20:35:51] <seanw>
[20:38:21] <seanw> (btw guys I may be interrupted at poitns during this by rl)
[20:40:14] <seanw> er
[20:40:24] <seanw> Markie996, brianmc Zirland Cbrown1023: I hope you are reading quietely? :)
[20:40:40] <Markie996> yup
[20:40:47] <Markie996> slowly but im also working atm
[20:40:57] <seanw> Okay fair enough :)
[20:41:19] <brianmc> reading, but also catching up on mailing list stuff
[20:41:41] <seanw> Teh painof mls
[20:43:33]  * Cbrown1023 read some but is catching up on other things, gimme sparknotes brown_cat :-P
[20:44:58] <seanw> Okay I hav read it.
[20:45:02] <seanw> Cbrown1023, speaknotes?
[20:45:04] <seanw> ark*
[20:45:23] <Cbrown1023> seanw:
[20:45:43] <Cbrown1023> when american students don't want to read their reading assignments,
[20:45:48] <Cbrown1023> they read the summary
[20:45:56] <Cbrown1023> sparknotes provides summaries ;-)
[20:47:05] <seanw> kay, there are multiple similar publications around here I think
[20:47:08] <seanw> I may even recognise that name.
[20:48:32] <brianmc> Can I label the suggestion that editors will migrate from WP to WN as Wackynews?
[20:49:05] <Markie996> hheheh
[20:49:16] <Markie996> was nice to hear that others outside WN believe that
[20:49:19] <Markie996> looks good for the future
[20:49:28] <Markie996> must keep the cabal secret though!!
[20:49:50] <Markie996> no seriously it is good news for us
[20:49:51] <brianmc> Markie996: we need to keep looking for places to put WN links.
[20:50:01] <Markie996> also good to here abot the youtube thing
[20:50:06] <Markie996> have we got a url yet for that
[20:50:10] <Markie996> brian: yes
[20:50:17] <Markie996> must get back to that uni proposal
[20:50:18] <brianmc> Not so sure about boobtube
[20:50:55] <Markie996>
[20:51:02] <Markie996> this would be a good thing to bring up here
[20:51:26] <Markie996> hmm wide audinece but not too fond on the fact that its youtube but its a valuable sacrifice i think
[20:51:42] <seanw> Okay guys
[20:51:45] <Markie996> but anyways im guna hijack this agaenda and ask for help on this -
[20:51:52] <seanw> Markie996, you have the floor
[20:51:59] <Markie996> ok cheeers
[20:52:21] <Markie996> sorry brb
[20:52:47] <brianmc> looks pretty good to me
[20:54:55] -!- SWATJester [n=swatjest@wikipedia/Swatjester] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
[20:55:35] <seanw> Hey SWATJester
[20:57:37] <SWATJester> hi
[20:57:57] <Markie996> soo soorry bout that
[20:58:15] <seanw> np
[20:58:55] <Markie996> right basically i want to reach out to people at colleges / unis especially in media / journalism
[20:59:18] <brianmc> I want to see us do that too
[20:59:22] <Markie996> i want to kinda spam them with an email / letter and the above link is what we have atm but need
                       feedback / changes as necessary
[20:59:33] <Markie996> its kinda your thing i thought so i brought it up
[21:00:32]  * brianmc is suffering from the "I ate too much chilli" ring of fire syndrome.
[21:01:39] <Markie996> heheh
[21:02:08] <seanw> See
[21:02:13] <seanw> I would love to get my school English department involved
[21:02:20] <seanw> But they do a good deal already...
[21:04:38] -!- Martinp24 [n=martinp2@wikimedia/Martinp23] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
[21:04:50] <Markie996>
[21:05:34] -!- millosh [n=millosh@] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
[21:06:18] -!- Martinp23 [n=martinp2@wikimedia/Martinp23] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
[21:06:36] <seanw> martinp24, Hey
[21:07:40] -!- millosh [n=millosh@] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:08:10] -!- millosh [n=millosh@] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
[21:08:56] <Markie996> tis queit tonight!!
[21:08:57] <Martinp24> hi seanw
[21:09:24] <seanw> Okay
[21:09:35] <seanw> Guiys, I think we have exhausted this meeting. We didnt really ave a lot to discuss.
[21:09:38] <seanw> Okay to close?
[21:09:50] <Markie996> yup
[21:09:59] <Markie996> nice and slow eevning on the news too
[21:10:03] <Markie996> get some rl work done!!
[21:10:59] [notice(#wikimedia-cpg)] /me bangs the gavel