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[11:06am] brown_cat: ok, should we start this meeting?
[11:06am] loco-en-baires: a meeting now, brown_cat ? 
[11:06am] patricio: oh, sorry, didn't know you were in a meeting
[11:06am] lbrown_cat: thats what I thought
[11:06am] brown_cat: cary-office: that right?
[11:07am] cary-office: woof
[11:07am] cary-office: oh, certainly
[11:07am] loco-en-baires: but brown_cat, is an unofficial meeting or what? 
[11:08am] cary-office: brianmc, BrianNZ_aw brown_cat CraigSpurrier_aw loco-en-baires Martinp23 patricio Platonides SB_Johnny schiste seanw ST47 Zirland
[11:08am] cary-office: It is a more casual meeting
[11:08am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:08am] cary-office: For instance.  There are no agenda items
[11:08am] brianmc: I am awake
[11:08am] cary-office: Maybe we should work on creating some
[11:08am] loco-en-baires: lol oki... i didn't know... but i am here 
[11:08am] Topic changed to "Wikimedia Communication Projects Group - | This group is not an official Wikimedia committee | Meetings are being held roughly once a week, in here on a Wednesday at 20:30 UTC | Next meeting: *NOW* | Public logging allowed in here. *Register and be able to write posts - *url removed by symode09* | Blog updated: September 23" by brown_cat.
[11:08am] brown_cat: ok...
[11:08am] brown_cat: i have a few things
[11:09am] brown_cat: 4 to be exact 
[11:09am] cary-office: So we can whittle them down
[11:09am] brown_cat: :s
[11:09am] brown_cat: whittle?
[11:09am] cary-office: chisel
[11:09am] brown_cat: ah...
[11:09am] cary-office: continue
[11:09am] brown_cat: 1) wikimedia and youtube
[11:09am] brianmc: It means cutting a stick until it is pointy enough to stab you
[11:09am] brown_cat: 2) wikimedia in schools
[11:09am] brown_cat: 3)n wikimedia donation site
[11:10am] cary-office: Yes, Sandy has set up a youtube account for Wikimedia
[11:10am] brown_cat: 4) stats group
[11:10am] cary-office: Apparently I am the organizational contact
[11:10am] brown_cat: 5) project server
[11:10am] brown_cat: thats it 
[11:10am] cary-office: that's 5 things
[11:10am] brown_cat: I can't count 
[11:10am] • brianmc fails brown_cat for failure to count
[11:10am] schiste: yes ?
[11:10am] brown_cat: that means i can count
[11:10am] You are now known as cary.
[11:11am] cary: schiste: Come join the meeting
[11:11am] schiste: Meeting? Ok.
[11:11am] • brown_cat fails brianmc in literacy
[11:11am] schiste: Any buffet? Wine?
[11:11am] schiste: Oh virtual meeting 
[11:11am] brown_cat: lol
[11:11am] cary: quel fromage
[11:11am] loco-en-baires: oh... 
[11:11am] brown_cat:
[11:11am] brown_cat: hu hu
[11:12am] brown_cat: *anything else for the agender*
[11:12am] brianmc: Who has been following foundation-l?
[11:12am] brown_cat: i block most of them 
[11:12am] brianmc: hrm
[11:13am] cary: brianmc: ow
[11:13am] brianmc: There were a number of suggestions in the past day or so that Wikipedia has peaked and is down to maintenance and, as a result, people will migrate to Wikinews
[11:14am] • cary is an advocate of Wikinews
[11:14am] brown_cat: brianmc stinks like poo poo, also anything else for the agenda
[11:14am] loco-en-baires:
[11:14am] brianmc: I'm a masochist, I'd like to see that happen - even if we had headaches with it.
[11:15am] brown_cat: cary: begin the meeting?
[11:15am] cary: brown_cat: I thought we were beginning
[11:15am] cary: okay
[11:15am] brown_cat: lol
[11:15am] brown_cat: ok, I brought up the youtube thing with sandy, she called youtube, what is happening from here?
[11:15am] brianmc: bang the gavel 
[11:15am] loco-en-baires: lol, is it a party, cary ?
[11:15am] • loco-en-baires starts to dance
[11:15am] brown_cat: I asked her to do some stuff but, i don't know what she has done
[11:16am] cary: Sandy called youtube
[11:16am] cary: set up the account
[11:16am] cary: made me the foundation contact
[11:16am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:16am] brown_cat: whats the url?
[11:16am] brown_cat: i asked her to see if she could get rid of the parker at
[11:16am] cary: I'm still looking for the email
[11:16am] brown_cat: k
[11:17am] cary: The Foundation employees and board have been quite occupied with the board staff meetings all week
[11:18am] cary: Maybe she told me on IM
[11:18am] schiste: s/occupied/partying
[11:18am] cary: schiste: Right... let's get *that* rumour started
[11:18am] schiste: ^^
[11:19am] schiste: Anyway, this is the first "early" (depends for who) meeting
[11:19am] • cary has to step away for a few minutes
[11:19am] brown_cat: k
[11:19am] cary: carry on
[11:19am] brown_cat: I WILL BITCH 
[11:19am] schiste: so does anyone have an update to give on a project they're working on?
[11:19am] schiste: A new project?
[11:19am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:19am] brown_cat: anyway, as i was gonna say, i spoke to sandy about getting the foundation to sign up for a special youtube account
[11:20am] brown_cat: it is just for charities and, will essentually give us extra space, donation butons and no ads
[11:20am] brown_cat: ...
[11:20am] schiste: oh good
[11:21am] brown_cat: i also spoke to her about come sort of competition for schools (spec. high schools) which would encourage schools' media department or equivelant....
[11:21am] schiste: (especially the "no ads" part (I mean for the random contributor))
[11:21am] schiste: Competition ?
[11:21am] brown_cat: mhm...
[11:21am] brown_cat: to make a video advertising wikipedia, wikimedia or, the best wikinews video mock up
[11:21am] brown_cat: and, we could you youtube for that.
[11:22am] brown_cat: this would get the wikimedia name out and, would give us some free ideas
[11:22am] brown_cat: don't forget, kids are great for cheap/free work 
[11:22am] brown_cat: *laughs evilly*
[11:22am] brown_cat: mua ha ha ha
[11:22am] brown_cat: </satan>
[11:25am] cary: Let's add that to the agenda for the later meeting 
[11:25am] cary: Very good
[11:25am] cary: Also, poke Sandy about it
[11:25am] brown_cat: k
[11:25am] brown_cat: next item?
[11:26am] cary: You said Wikimedia in Schools
[11:26am] brown_cat: mhm, ill go onto 3
[11:26am] brown_cat: ok, I have been thinking about ways of getting people to donate and thought of getting the wmf name out and asking for donations on every media medium. from tv to viral...
[11:27am] brown_cat: and i was thinking of how, in theory if someone asked for donations on tv, how would people remember the donation site (what is it, somehting like or something?)
[11:28am] cary:
[11:28am] cary: well, that's the core
[11:28am] brown_cat: the average person who has no clue would not remember that
[11:28am] brown_cat: and, the overall design of the page last time i checked was reasonably shitty
[11:29am] cary: yeah
[11:29am] brown_cat: and was thinking of having a major, full out campaign with the slogan as the url and, something which is simple to wire us money
[11:29am] brown_cat: if i am gonna donate money, i will just say "fuck it" if it is to hard to donate - it's not affecting me!
[11:30am] brown_cat: you guys heard about the apec stunt and the breached security?
[11:32am] brown_cat: the guys who did that have over 10% of australia's popualtion watching with an all time high of 17% - i know some of the guys on the show (no, i am not full of crap) and, they are willing to drop the url to donate in one of their shows but, i don't wanna give them a long hard to remember url
[11:32am] brown_cat: and they have added stuff in the past well - into songs and all sort - this would be great publicity, *if* we could get a good site
[11:33am] cary: Well, this is probably moot as there was a formal redesign that's getting ready to go live
[11:34am] brown_cat: well, not really
[11:34am] brown_cat: andrew said there shouldn't be a problem 
[11:34am] cary: Andrew who
[11:34am] brown_cat:loopremodev
[11:34am] brown_cat: hansen
[11:35am] cary: Ouch, that logo
[11:35am] brown_cat: lol
[11:35am] brown_cat: i know
[11:35am] brown_cat: i was told off 
[11:35am] cary: I'm going to have delphine look at it
[11:35am] cary: Yeah, that logo is unacceptable
[11:35am] cary:
[11:35am] brown_cat: mhm, i know 
[11:36am] loco-en-baires: hehaheaheahea
[11:36am] brown_cat: it is old, i have since fixed it
[11:36am] brown_cat: to be regulation
[11:36am] cary: You need a community logo 
[11:36am] loco-en-baires: why so black the logo? 
[11:36am] brown_cat: i like black 
[11:36am] cary: It's not black, it's an optical illusion
[11:36am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:36am] loco-en-baires: is a dead logo 
[11:37am] cary: I see
[11:37am] brown_cat: anyway, moving on
[11:37am] cary: indeed
[11:37am] brown_cat: ah, the stats group
[11:37am] cary: Stats group
[11:37am] • brown_cat locks doors, no escape
[11:38am] cary: Greg Maxwell is the Foundation's statistician, last I checked.
[11:38am] brown_cat: not sure :s
[11:38am] brown_cat: i have been putting together a census and getting some questions at - i did not make the questions, other users have
[11:39am] cary: Oh, the census
[11:39am] cary: nice
[11:39am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:40am] brown_cat: anyway, i have she software and everything, i simply need someone who knows basic php to help me set it up
[11:40am] cary: That could prove nice and useful
[11:40am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:40am] cary: I know basic PHP but I'm going on vacation
[11:40am] brown_cat: *explodes*
[11:41am] brown_cat: ok, so i really have one question about that...
[11:42am] brown_cat: how will we sent it out to users? it has a system where you upload a list of emails and, it automatically sends out to each email a link  to the survey
[11:42am] brown_cat: my only concern would be that the foundation would not hand out these email addy's
[11:43am] loco-en-baires: cary:
[11:43am] loco-en-baires:
[11:43am] cary: That is so off topic
[11:44am] brown_cat: you can do it where users can do it without actually being emailed but, it is extremely suseptable to being spammed, attacked causing servers to crash and, repeatedly taking it
[11:44am] cary: And besides, I don't have permission
[11:44am] loco-en-baires: oh sorry, cary  
[11:44am] loco-en-baires: i miss the meeting
[11:45am] brown_cat: cary: could we get someone at the foundation to send them out?
[11:45am] brown_cat: it is a matter of uploading the list and, clicking send
[11:45am] cary: brown_cat: ouch
[11:45am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:48am] brown_cat: cary: have anything to say or, onto the next thing (and last if i remember
[11:48am] cary: Moving on.  I don't think we'll have anyone willing to do that
[11:48am] brown_cat: mhm
[11:48am] brown_cat: wait... i have an idea
[11:48am] brown_cat: ill just set up a captacha at the beginning 
[11:49am] brown_cat: i have been asking for this for a while (see the blog) and, when speaking about it on wikiversity found out they have been lobbying for a similar thing
[11:49am] brown_cat: i have been trying to get..
[11:50am] brown_cat: well read it for yourself rather then me typing it
[11:50am] brown_cat: 
[11:52am] loco-en-baires_ joined the chat room.
[11:54am] cary: okay,
[11:54am] cary: what's next?
[11:55am] loco-en-baires__ joined the chat room.
[11:55am] Platonides: brown_cat, maybe i can help you with the php stuff
[11:55am] • cary seconds Platonides self-nom
[11:55am] Platonides:
[11:55am] brown_cat:
[11:55am] brown_cat: sorry
[11:55am] brown_cat: i was on the fone
[11:55am] • Platonides sends cary a ton of crappy code when he returns
[11:56am] • cary cleans it
[11:56am] brown_cat: lol....
[11:56am] brown_cat: cary: essentially, we both want a server for altaernative stuff which is not in the scope of the toolserver but, as an alternative way of sending stuff out and, learning
[11:57am] loco-en-baires_ left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:57am] brown_cat: would that be in the wmf scope?
[11:57am] brown_cat: **cpg scope
[11:58am] Erkan_Yilmaz joined the chat room.
[11:59am] loco-en-baires__ left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:59am] loco-en-baires__ joined the chat room.
[12:06pm] cary: If it follows our mission
[12:07pm] loco-en-baires left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:07pm] brown_cat: ok, who would we go to?
[12:08pm] brown_cat:  /what;s the process?
[12:09pm] cary: Are we still discussing the Census?
[12:09pm] brown_cat: not sure myself 
[12:10pm] cary: It's hard for me to answer that
[12:10pm] brown_cat: i thought it was the new server
[12:10pm] cary: Oh
[12:10pm] brown_cat: k 
[12:10pm] cary: Well, can we table that and move on?
[12:10pm] brown_cat: K, i think that is it 
[12:10pm] brown_cat: that is my long list of going on
[12:11pm] brown_cat: anyone have anything to say? speak or forever  i forgot the rest
[12:11pm] cary: Um...
[12:11pm] cary: yes
[12:11pm] cary: The fundraiser
[12:11pm] cary: I'll need help gathering new quotes over the course of it
[12:11pm] brown_cat: ah 
[12:11pm] cary: from
[12:12pm] brown_cat: ie....... :s
[12:12pm] brown_cat: oh
[12:12pm] brown_cat: got it 
[12:12pm] cary: We'll have an interface to input them
[12:12pm] brown_cat: mhm
[12:12pm] cary: anyway, that's all I got