Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-10-24/Log

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[4:31pm] seanw: All.
[4:31pm] Zirland: .
[4:31pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: beep
[4:31pm] loco085:
[4:32pm] cary-office: I'm here
[4:33pm] • Cbrown1023 summons Sandy
[4:33pm] seanw: Okay, raise your hand if you are here please, if you have not spoken already.
[4:33pm] cary-office: Sandy is in Miami
[4:34pm] Cbrown1023: oooh
[4:34pm] brianmc: arf!
[4:34pm] Cbrown1023: fun!!!
[4:34pm] Cbrown1023: she missed my birthday 
[4:34pm] • Cbrown1023 was going to give her some wiki-cake
[4:34pm] loco085: when Cbrown1023 ?
[4:34pm] loco085:
[4:34pm] seanw: Okay
[4:34pm] Cbrown1023: loco085: yesterday 
[4:34pm] Cbrown1023: 1023 = October 23 
[4:34pm] loco085: oh, happy birthday Cbrown1023 !!! 
[4:35pm] Cbrown1023: hehe thanks
[4:35pm] seanw: We have no agenda items other than Cary
[4:35pm] loco085:
[4:35pm] cary-office: Yes
[4:35pm] cary-office: I need a lot of help
[4:35pm] cary-office: Gathering quotes
[4:35pm] seanw: So, cary-office, you have the floor. But please use the agenda properly, several days before the meeting if possible 
[4:35pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Quotes? Price or speaking ones?
[4:35pm] cary-office: seanw: I'm frazzled
[4:35pm] cary-office: donation quotes
[4:35pm] • Cbrown1023 tickles seanw
[4:35pm] Cbrown1023: you know how rushed everything is lately 
[4:35pm] cary-office: Gathering quotes from the recent donations
[4:35pm] cary-office: selecting quotes for inclusion in the marquee
[4:36pm] Cbrown1023: the most recent 3000?
[4:36pm] cary-office: yes
[4:36pm] cary-office: I will ultimately have a feed of some kind
[4:36pm] loco085: in many languages cary-office ?
[4:36pm] cary-office: I'm going to ask David Strauss to see that I get a daily list
[4:36pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad suggests an RSS feed
[4:37pm] cary-office: I will also be pulling the last month of old quotes.
[4:37pm] cary-office: Those have to be sorted and added too
[4:38pm] You are now known as cary_is_away.
[4:38pm] You have set yourself away with "be back in a bit".
[4:38pm] cary_is_away: sorry
[4:38pm] cary_is_away: let me continue with you before I run off
[4:39pm] cary_is_away: We can drop the raw quotes into
[4:39pm] cary_is_away: or actually (which is not created yet
[4:39pm] cary_is_away: and work from there
[4:39pm] cary_is_away: But I need people to watch and help
[4:39pm] cary_is_away: who is  an admin on meta?
[4:40pm] cary_is_away: back in a second
[4:40pm] • Cbrown1023 is
[4:40pm] Cbrown1023: and so is seanw I think
[4:40pm] loco085: i want to help cary_is_away, but i am not admin 
[4:41pm] Cbrown1023: you can still help
[4:41pm] Cbrown1023: you can select the good ones, and make the admins do the actual adding
[4:41pm] loco085:  oki
[4:42pm] seanw: I am, but I don't have the time atm
[4:44pm] You have returned from away.
[4:44pm] You are now known as cary.
[4:44pm] seanw: Okay.
[4:44pm] cary: Cbrown1023 is
[4:45pm] cary: very good
[4:45pm] cary: the reason that's good is that
[4:45pm] cary: can only be edited by an admin
[4:45pm] cary: But the pages are a bit messy and difficutl to navigate
[4:46pm] cary: so someone with some organizational skill can help revamp them and make them make sense?
[4:46pm] Cbrown1023: yeah, I saw that
[4:46pm] Cbrown1023: and have it watchlisted
[4:46pm] loco085: i can help Cbrown1023 with spanish and portuguese quotes ^^
[4:46pm] cary: awesome
[4:46pm] Cbrown1023: hmm, how should we revamp them?
[4:47pm] cary: oh, and yeah, IRC work to get people in #wikimedia who might know different languages
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023: cary: why are they split by lagnuage?
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023:
[4:49pm] cary: Because there's SO MANY
[4:49pm] Cbrown1023: oh
[4:49pm] cary: oh...those
[4:49pm] cary: because that's the way they got added
[4:49pm] cary: It's thought that we should remove some from the top as we add more
[4:50pm] loco085: should i select the best spanish quotes, cary ?
[4:50pm] cary: indeed
[4:50pm] Cbrown1023: -headlines = is this the text or the stuff before that?
[4:50pm] Cbrown1023: -hide = well, duh 
[4:50pm] Cbrown1023: -media = video link
[4:50pm] cary: oh, Cbrown1023 Those aren't what we're looking for
[4:50pm] cary: -headlines are not quotes
[4:51pm] cary: that's the text on top
[4:51pm] Cbrown1023: quotes?
[4:51pm] Cbrown1023: yup
[4:51pm] Cbrown1023: yeah, I remember that now
[4:51pm] Cbrown1023: * puts it on there
[4:51pm] Cbrown1023: # doesn't
[4:51pm] Cbrown1023: (we're not sure if we are adding non-latin quotes yet, right?)
[4:52pm] cary: no, they're okay
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023: so do we un # them?
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023:   1. 为了你们追求真理和自由的精神,我愿意作出我的贡献. 我在维基受益良多,甚至把它作为平时的阅读网站. 作为学生,捐款不多,谨此表示感谢。
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023:   2. 感谢你们对我们的很大程度上的各方面知识的帮助,希望你们越办越好,帮助更多的朋友。
[4:53pm] loco085:
[4:53pm] cary: no..
[4:53pm] cary: those are # because they're too long
[4:53pm] cary: not because they're non-Latin
[4:53pm] Cbrown1023: ahh, k
[4:53pm] loco085:
[5:01pm] seanw: Okay all.
[5:01pm] seanw: What else needs to be discussed on this?
[5:01pm] seanw: I am thinking we might break since the important stuff is done.
[5:01pm] cary: Oh, yeah, I was done
[5:02pm] cary: I'm going to use Cbrown1023 and loco085 like slaves
[5:02pm] Cbrown1023: haha
[5:02pm] Cbrown1023: yeah, I was thinking that
[5:02pm] loco085:
[5:02pm] • Cbrown1023 has a huge project due friday, so I might not be able to help too much until the weekend 
[5:02pm] loco085: slaves, hehehehe.. it's sounds bad, cary  
[5:03pm] Cbrown1023: lol
[5:03pm] cary: well
[5:05pm] • Cbrown1023 emphaizes *too*
[5:05pm] • Cbrown1023 can still help
[5:05pm] seanw: Shall we close the meeting officially and yuo can keep discussing?
[5:05pm] cary: Well, I think they know what to do
[5:07pm] • Cbrown1023 gives seanw the gavel
[5:07pm] • seanw bangs the gavel