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This is a project of the Communication Projects Group. Its status is currently unknown.

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Project manager: ' · Assigned ComProj members: Sandy, Cary

Requested by: ' · Started: unknown · Deadline: '

Assigned: Sandy, Cary, etc.

Summary: Campaign designed to attract more young journalists, and connect them with seasoned journalists. Tasks:

1) Research High School journalism programs, and gather contact information.

2) Create a page on Wikinews that describes this program, and provides info, seminar registration, etc.

3) Research if we can conduct an online seminar, (what tools do we need, etc).

4) Contact seasoned reporters that may want to participate in this seminar.

5) Draft letter to send out to high school journalism programs.

6) Research media-focused publications (targeted to journalists and communicators, such as

7) Send out press release announcing program.

8) Send out Press release announcing how program went, and that seminar is available on-demand.