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Communication Projects Group/Projects

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Currently active ComProj projects. Please archive as appropriate.

Project title Description Contact person E-mail/Emailuser link Deadline
PR material cleanup Bring together all the PR and communications material out there around various wikis and other locations in one organised space here on Meta. Casey Brown, Guillaume Paumier Special:Emailuser/Cbrown1023, Special:Emailuser/guillom ---
Japanese WM outreach Identify bilingual JA/EN persons to help bring the Jawiki community closer. To help us understand what's going on at Wikimedia Japan in order to interact with the potential JP WM community Bastique, Htchien Special:Emailuser/Bastique, Special:Emailuser/Htchien Dec 12, 2007
Manual for New and Small Wikipedias Create a manual for the founders and contributors of new or small Wikipedias Ziko Special:Emailuser/Ziko Aug 31, 2008