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This is a project of the Communication Projects Group. Its status is currently unknown.

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Project manager: ' · Assigned ComProj members: Cary Bass

Requested by: ' · Started: unknown · Deadline: '

Assigned: (as volco) Cary Bass demandez

Summary: Outreach to Haitian Kreyol speakers in order to build the Kreyol wikipedia.

Long term goal: Building blocks for other small-language wikipedias.


  1. Contact users who have some knowledge of Kreyol language, to see if they'd be interested in helping grow Kreyol wiki. (see category links below)
  2. Gather list of contacts at Haitian-American, Haitian-Canadian, Haitian-French and Kreyol-language organizations
  3. Contact those organizations to elicit involvement in ht.wikipedia.

Links: To Kreyol speaking Wiki(m|p)edians: