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Assigned: Guillom and Greeves

Summary: Update current press kits and create new ones.

Background information : In September 2006 the press kits available were made into one convenient PDF document. Later that month, more improvments were added to a draft PDF. What we are hoping to do, is create kits about some important topics that are currently missing (like Wikiquote) and update horribly out-of-date ones.

Also, we need to get them into as many languages as possible, though the following are in order of priority:[1]

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Portuguese
  5. Japanese
  6. German
  7. Chinese

Current Tasks[edit]


Topic Language Last Update Comments
Overview English 2006-10 October 2006
Technology English 2006-10 October 2006
Technology French 2007-01 January 2007 Draft[2]
Projects English 2006-10 October 2006
Projects French 2007-02 February 2007
Wikipedia English 2007-04 April 2007
Commons English 2007-04 April 2007 Draft[2]
Commons French 2007-01 January 2007 Draft[2]
Wiktionary English 2007-04 April 2007
Wikinews English 2007-04 April 2007
Wikibooks English 2007-05 May 2007
Board and staff English 2007-04 April 2007
Board and staff French 2007-01 January 2007 Draft[2]
Finances French 2007-01 January 2007 Draft[2]
Contact English 2006-10 October 2006
Chapters French 2007-02 February 2007 Draft[2]
Wikimania 2007 English 2007-07 July 2007
Wikimania 2007 Simplified Chinese[3] 2007-07 July 2007
Total topics: 13 Total: 18


Not yet available.


  1. This is based on TransCom's Core Languages.
  2. a b c d e f This comment was added as it was mentioned that is was a draft by one of the original contributers to it.
  3. I (Greeves) am not certain if it is simplified or what. Could someone please check to see what kind of Chinese it is and remove this footnote. Thanks!

Contributers' Discussion[edit]