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This is a project of the Communication Projects Group. Its status is currently unknown.

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In wikibooks it's harder to contribute, as the project is aimed to the development of text books. An individual with expertise on a subject is the ideal contributor for this project. Thus the idea of a press release to call the attention of senior citizens and retirees is quite natural.

However, special attention has to be paid, to make clear the scope of the project. I have seen many people that starts contributing in es-wikipedia, that soon or later find that it's not so ease. Most of the trouble comes from the fact that they didn't understand what the project is about (not to mention copyright issues).

Older people have less temper than young people to be guided on this issues, and this could make the work of other editors and admins harder. On the other hand, they are less familiarized either with computers and/or the internet.

We have to write a press release inviting for contributions, and at the same time to tell that there are some restrictions. Jtico 22:15, 7 May 2007 (UTC)