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Wikimedia Foundation/Communications/Brand Studio

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Brand Studio

We are creative professionals and brand specialists. We connect Wikimedia to culture by creating storytelling objects, guiding creative partnerships, and developing marketing campaigns. All this is working towards increasing awareness, usage, and support for Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects worldwide.

The Team

Zack McCune

Director of Brand

Corli de Kock

Senior Brand Strategist

Tas Elias

Brand Collaboration Lead

Samir Elsharbaty

Brand Associate

Blanca Flores


Mathoto Matsetela-Hartmann

Senior Manager, Global Brand

Jordan McRae

Multimedia Designer

Marina Ramos

Senior Copywriter

Einav Jacubovich

Global Creative Director

Current projects


Selected past projects



Event branding

Milestone celebrations

How we work


We are an international team working across 4 countries and 9 time zones. We share 16:00 to 18:00 UTC*, Monday to Thursday, as time for group meetings and conversations. Each week we check-in on Tuesday to set priorities, discuss market trends, conduct project reviews, and share inspiration.

* During U.S. daylight saving time, our shared meeting hours are 15:00 to 17:00 UTC.