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Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department

The Brand Studio is a global team of creative professionals and brand specialists in the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications department.

We create storytelling objects (videos! murals! animated GIFs!), guide creative partnerships (like American streetwear, Mexican metro tickets, or Paris Fashion Week collections) and develop marketing campaigns (building trust for Wikipedia on COVID-19 information, or inspiring new users in Nigeria and India). Everything we make is working towards increasing awareness, usage, and support for Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects worldwide.

The Team[edit]

This team is part of the Communications department.

How we work[edit]

The Brand Studio is an international team working across 4 countries and 9 time zones. We share 16:00 to 18:00 UTC*, Monday to Thursday, as time for group meetings and conversations.

Each week we check-in on Monday to check-in, set priorities, and conduct projects reviews.

* During U.S. daylight saving time, our shared meeting hours are 15:00 to 17:00 UTC.

What we do[edit]

A few of the things the Brand Studio has developed:

Current Projects[edit]

Ongoing work[edit]