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In parallel to the three community brand workshops (in Oslo, Bengaluru and online), the Brand Project team and design partner Snøhetta opened an online exercise asking community members, “What does free knowledge mean to you?” The objective was to understand the various associations with the term and how communities see free knowledge–both broadly and in the context of the movement–in order to conceptualize it can be used to shape branding work.

Twenty-six responses were submitted and published, on Meta-Wiki and on Feedback is being used to inform the unified concept that will be used to guide the development of naming convention and design proposals.

Themes in comments[edit]

Free knowledge is...

  • Communal
  • Democratic
  • Boundless
  • Empowering
  • Accessible
  • Uniting
  • Inspirational
  • Equalizing
  • Liberating

Many answers touched on the idea of expansion, of liberation, of removing obstacles and boundaries; a sense of limitlessness enabled by empowerment.

Some quotes[edit]

“Free knowledge... is and must be barrier-free, and must be relevant to serve a greater cause, beyond its own purpose.”

“I savour a world where everyone who wants to learn has access to learn.”

“The ability to learn what my ancestors could not.”

“Free knowledge needs to gather the world and create understanding for one another as opposed to creating fear, violence and war.”

“It means progress and freedom, for the world to be elevated from a time where population were kept ignorant therefore submissive.”

“It provides the foundation to free thinking – the essence of human creativity.”

“Providing access to...resources for making sense of the world and acting upon it for the benefit of one’s community, independent of material and symbolic barriers.”

“Education, equity and empowerment.”

“Free knowledge means freedom to expand your world, feed your curiosity, free of the restrictions society has placed on you.”

What is happening with the feedback?[edit]

This feedback has been processed in parallel with the feedback left on the workshop concepts in Exercise #2: Who are we? in order to arrive at a unified concept which will be presented on 16 April 15:00-16:00 GMT on Zoom and on YouTube live stream. This unified concept will guide the work around naming convention and design proposals, scheduled for May and June.