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This page is the place to leave notifications for the Communications Committee. Members of the committee are watching this page and will be notified of your edit. Please create a new section. Committee members: please consider watching this page and turning on email notification for your accounts.


Qatar, again and again...[edit]

See [1]. I blocked the for 15 mins due to vandalism. I'm following the instructions as the Special:Blockip page indicated. Maxim(talk) 15:54, 20 January 2008 (UTC)

US Department of Homeland Security[edit] softblocked for 7 days after repeated vandalism over the past few days. Dreadstar 22:10, 22 January 2008 (UTC)

State of Illinois[edit]

Blocked for 8 days due to vandalism such as this, this, and this. The IP resolves to the State of Illinois, but may be educational of some flavor, given the character of the edits. It's large-scale government, though, so here we are. ZZ Talk 19:58, 21 February 2008 (UTC)

I know this is stale, but it may be worth while to point out that WHOIS says this IP belongs to Oak Lawn Community High School. 02:41, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Airline Editor Blocker[edit]

The IP Address is blanking many pages and is creating a terrible path of destruction. I don't know if you can restore all the edits he made, but it is going to take a lot of work to restore the edits s/he made. I blocked that IP Address indefinately so I can restore the edits, and after that review his block reason.-- 21:28, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

US House of Representatives[edit]

I blocked for a period of 31 hours for persistant vandalism. Trusilver 19:09, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

That IP was blocked again today for 48 hours after serially vandalizing a congressperson's entry, a personal attack on an admin, etc. Since blocking, this edit to the IP's own talk page is clearly a declaration, perhaps less than constructive. Toddst1 21:34, 14 May 2008 (UTC)
I don't know if it is a declaration, but it is lyrics to The Doors song "Light My Fire." KillerChihuahua 22:16, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

US Department of Justice blocked for ongoing vandalism[edit]

Please see on this report. Lawrence Cohen 22:30, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

People's Government of Beijing Municipality[edit] This was blocked for 2 years by w:user:Zzuuzz as being an open proxy of Bringing it here per governmental blocks. -- Avi 19:07, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

Sensitive IP blocked 24 hours[edit]

I blocked User talk: for 24 hours just now; repeated deletion of material on Steny Hoyer with no explanation. Tanthalas39 19:40, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

Image:MAC Logo.JPG[edit]

I hereby assert that I am the creator and/or sole owner of the exclusive copyright of WORK on ed-wikipedia: <>.

I agree to publish that work under the free license LICENSE [choose at least one from ]: {{PD-self}}.

I acknowledge that I grant anyone the right to use the work in a commercial product and to modify it according to their needs, provided that they abide by the terms of the license and any other applicable laws.

I am aware that I always retain copyright of my work, and retain the right to be attributed in accordance with the license chosen. Modifications others make to the work will not be attributed to me.

I acknowledge that I cannot withdraw this agreement, and that the content may or may not be kept permanently on a Wikimedia project.


Thank you, but instead [lease e-mail this to OTRS at permissions-en(a) where it can be archived and handled. Thanks! Cbrown1023 talk 21:58, 2 July 2008 (UTC)

US House of Representatives[edit]

Blocked at 12 hours, vandalism. Maxim(talk) 16:38, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Image Permissions[edit]

This image at en-wp has a tag stating com-com vetted its free status. Based on the linked website and after querying OTRS, I cannot find a valid permission for it. And its Free status is being questioned at [2] . Any advice would be appreciated. MBisanz talk 05:14, 21 July 2008 (UTC)

OTRS - Communications with a government[edit]

Just a heads up with a ticket I handled, courtesy notice to comcom. Ticket is otrs:1782872. Best, NonvocalScream 03:51, 2 August 2008 (UTC)

Note this one as well, ticket link. NonvocalScream 02:33, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

US Air Force blocked @[edit]

Over the last year or so, 20 blocks have been placed by various admins on IP addresses belonging to w:Tinker Air Force Base and I have placed yet another block today. The block itself isn't much concern, but I have finally emailed the abuse contact listed for these addresses. In case he contacts the foundation directly, rather than responding to me by email, here's your heads up. Thanks, - auburnpilot ( 21:37, 3 August 2008 (UTC)[edit]

Continued juvenile vandalism has been coming from They've been given many warnings, and a 1 day block last month. I just gave them a 31 hour block. The block page says they're U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station and to notify the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Committee immediately, so here it is. -- Infrogmation 02:30, 13 August 2008 (UTC)

And more of the same; so a 10 day block. -- Infrogmation 00:00, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

Contact the BBC South Africa News Editors?[edit]

I came across a user from the BBC en:User talk: adding hoax material to two articles (en:Baleka Mbete and en:Kgalema Motlanthe), but then quoting their own hoax information in a BBC online article, and attributing it to Wikipedia here, fifth paragraph under the heading, "Jazz". (Took a screen shot if needed). This would suggest that whomever introduced this false information also wrote the article (there was no byline), which I find disturbing.

I sent them an email via their web based "Comments" interface, but It would be nice if someone from Wikimedia could get through to whoever is the South Africa editor. T L Miles 18:07, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

Government of Saskatchewan Communitynet[edit]

I have blocked IP address - a non-portable address registered to Government of Saskatchewan Communitynet. Probably a library computer, but I thought it best to notify you. Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry 17:38, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

US Dept of Homeland Security[edit]

en:User Talk: which is registered to the en:United States Department of Homeland Security has been blocked for vandalism on en:Brady_Campaign Toddst1 17:37, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

Navy Network Information Center[edit], registered to the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, has been blocked for 24 hours for vandalism. SoWhy 17:43, 3 November 2008 (UTC)

Likewise, I have blocked and for persistent vandalism for 24 hours. Antandrus 22:15, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

Wikimedia secure gateway[edit] blocked as a Tor node. Spellcast 23:45, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

Does not lookup as the gateway. I think there's a bug in the range given for the secure gateway in enwiki's special:blockip page and the user's script. Kylu 04:24, 28 January 2009 (UTC)
I was also suspicious of the notice, but en:MediaWiki:Blockiptext lists – as being part of the gateway. Spellcast 07:48, 28 January 2009 (UTC)
I think the error is caused by en:MediaWiki:Sysop.js, which places the notice on every IP block form in the above range. Spellcast 23:39, 28 January 2009 (UTC)
See this post by brion. Cbrown1023 talk 01:24, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

United States Department of Justice[edit] blocked by ProcseeBot for 1 year as a proxy. --Geniac 02:40, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

U.S. House of Representatives[edit]

I've blocked en:User: for 72 hours for disruptive editing. --Geniac 18:02, 21 March 2009 (UTC)[edit]

I've blocked, which is registered with the Navy Network Information Center for 24 hours for persistent vandalism. Nja247 20:41, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

User: on English Wikipedia (US House of Representatives)[edit]

I have blocked this address for 1 week for disruptive editing/vandalism. Please contact me on Wikipedia with questions/comments/concerns. Best, Tnxman307 20:40, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Threat against Queen Elizabeth II[edit]

An anonymous IP editor from Morocco has issued a threat on the en Wikipedia against Queen Elizabeth II. While this is probably just a case of a meaningless rant I feel that such threats should be followed up on "just in case". Accordingly I have passed on details to the UK anti-terrorist hotline. This will probably come to nothing but I thought it was worth alerting you in case there are repercussions. Tonywalton 19:57, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

Outing a US intelligence Agent[edit]

If I may, I'd like to draw the committee's attention to a thread on wikipedia. It appears that a US intelligence Agent's personal information was revealed and then oversighted. I think it would be best that you are all aware of it, if it has not already been done so. Icestorm815 22:56, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

BC provincial government employee edit-warring on Wikipedia[edit]

An anonymous IP editor has been hopping from computer to computer to edit-war at the Wikipedia article Battle of Seven Oaks (1816. That range resolves to computers operated by the provincial government of British Columbia. All are in the range. Obviously the same person trying to evade being blocked for edit-warring. Blueboy96 20:18, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

New Zealand Parliament IP removing critical material from an MP article[edit]

I note that en:user: has five times removed sourced critical material from en:Sam Lotu-Iiga, while also making apparently benign but unsourced changes to the article. This IP address is currently assigned to en:Parliament of New Zealand, so there may be a conflict of interest. I have now blocked the user. Since this is potentially newsworthy, I reported it at en:WP:ANI and was advised to report it here.

We had a somewhat similar incident at the beginning of April, when an MP was criticised in Parliament for editing his own Wikipedia article. See en:Talk:Richard Worth.-gadfium 01:54, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Press report at The Nelson Mail.-Gadfium 21:24, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

Threat against Barack Obama on Wikipedia[edit]

A relatively new user on Wikipedia's first substantive edits were to make threats against President Obama on both his Wikipedia article ([3], [4]) and on his userpage ([5]). The user has been blocked indefinitely, but given the gravity of the situation, I felt it appropriate to alert you as well. Blueboy96 21:16, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station[edit]

I've blocked on en: for 24 hours after several edits which were either vandalism or tests. The IP has been blocked previously although not recently, and has made many both constructive and destructive edits, indicating that it is used by several people. Reporting it here because it's listed as a sensitive IP address.-Gadfium 21:01, 9 June 2009 (UTC)

Holocaust memorial gunman a wikipedia (ab)user[edit]

en:User:James von Brunn. FYI, comcom. Hipocrite 19:42, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

Hit the press - Hipocrite 20:11, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

PR department for government institution trying to edit[edit]

The PR department for the James Lovell Federal Health Care Center tried to create an article about it on Wikipedia, and also edited Jim Lovell's article there as well. See contribution history. Given that this is a U.S. government agency, I decided to err on the side of caution and alert you. Blueboy96 21:25, 14 August 2009 (UTC)[edit]

NSW-DET-AS NSW Department of Education and Training Telecommunications Branch NSW State Goverment Blocked for first 1 month and now 3 months on simpleWP for vandalism. fr33kman t - c 05:03, 20 August 2009 (UTC)[edit] has been blocked by EhJJ for 1 year at the Simple English Wikipedia because it is an open proxy. The IP is registered to the United States Department of Justice. It had 2 changes at the project, the creation of a non-notable article and the editing of it. Griffinofwales 03:21, 4 September 2009 (UTC)


Hi, I just blocked en:Special:Contributions/ due to BLP vandalism. -- Mentifisto 18:38, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

...and en:Special:Contributions/ -- Mentifisto 21:06, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

Australian Department of Defence: One IP blocked[edit]

I couldn't get this through the ComCom e-mail list so I post it here. I wanted to give you a heads up of a block I gave to en:Special:Contributions/, which is registered to Australian Department of Defence. There is long term vandalism, edit warring, defamation, with a full slate of warnings. The block is 24 hours, I have allowed for registered users to log in, account creation is disabled. Valley2city 04:07, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

Province of British Columbia IP blocked[edit]

I just blocked for 1 month on en-wiki the IP User:, which is registered to the government of British Columbia. This block is due to vandalism within a 24-hour period. If you have any questions, go to my talk page on en-wiki. Thanks, Willking1979 18:59, 24 September 2009 (UTC)

US House of Representatives[edit]

en:Special:Contributions/ was blocked for 72 hours due to vandalism. I was not the blocking admin, but it came to my attention that it was an IP assigned to the US House of Representatives, and I wanted to make sure that the Foundation was aware. Killiondude 16:55, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

Another British Columbia government IP blocked[edit]

Just blocked another British Columbia government IP on en-wiki. has been blocked for 31 hours due to vandalism. If you have any questions, please go to my talk page on en. Thanks, Willking1979 21:49, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

More British Colombia IPs[edit]

Blocked and for one year as vandal proxies. For any questions, please ask me on my talk page on meta or simple. Pmlineditor  16:42, 13 October 2009 (UTC)

UK Houses of Parliment, and a Guardian story to boot[edit]

You may be interested in en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Strasburg, which might be located at en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Strasburg/Archive by the time you get to it. NW (Talk) 01:17, 19 October 2009 (UTC)

US Department of Homeland Security IP blocked for 24 hours[edit]

Just blocked an IP address registered to the US Department of Homeland Security for 24 hours for vandalism on en-Wiki. If you have any questions about the block, please see my talk page on en-wiki. Thanks, Willking1979 00:47, 30 October 2009 (UTC)

US military IP blocked for 31 hours[edit]

I just blocked IP for 31 hours due to vandalism on the English Wikipedia. The IP is registered to the 754th Electronic Systems Group of the US Air Force. If you have any comments or questions about this block, see my talk page on en-wiki. Thanks, Willking1979 19:35, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

Yet another BC government IP blocked[edit]

I just blocked, an IP registered to the government of British Columbia, for 1 week on en-wiki due to vandalism. For any comments or questions, please see my talk page also on en-wiki. Thanks, Willking1979 22:30, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

US military IP blocked[edit]

I just blocked on en-wiki for 55 hours due to vandalism. The IP is registered to the 754th Electronic Systems Group of the US Air Force. If you have any questions or comments, go to my talk page on en. Thanks, Willking1979 21:28, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

US miltary IP blocked for 96 hours[edit], registered to the 754th Electronic Systems Group at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, has just been blocked on en-wiki for 96 hours due to disruptive editing. This IP has been blocked in the past. If you have any questions or comments, please see my talk page on en. Thanks, Willking1979 15:27, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

US military IP block[edit] has been re-blocked by myself for 6 months (originally blocked by Spinningspark) for the same duration for a pattern of disruption and vandalism. NJA 19:17, 13 December 2009 (UTC)[edit]

Short small rangeblock (24 hours, 8 IPs) of the U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station. If there are questions or concerns, please let me know on en. Thanks! Tnxman307 17:21, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Usgpo[edit]

I have a situation at w:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Usgpo (on that involves the abovementioned IP. The IP, which is involved in the sockpuppetry case, goes to the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington. So far, we have not made any blocks nor have ran any checkuser yet on any of these involved accounts. Even though this IP doesn't fall under the list of sensitive IP addresses, it does belong to the U.S. Government, in which I still feel obligated to report to this Committee. Any guidance as to what next steps we should take in our part would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, MuZemike 02:52, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

Another BC provincial IP blocked on Wikipedia[edit], blocked 31 hours. Appears to be on the same range as other BC IPs blocked earlier.Blueboy96 22:44, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

AOL Block proposal on en-wiki[edit]

I thought it might be worth telling you that the community of the English Wikipedia currently considers range-blocking the range, targeting up to 16 million potential AOL users: en:Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents/Soft blocking AOL. If this passes, it might result in a PR disaster, so I thought the Foundation might want to know about it. Regards SoWhy 18:12, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

US Marine Corps IP blocked[edit], which belongs to the United States Marine Corps, has been blocked for 48 hours on English Wikipedia due to vandalism. If you have any questions, reply on my talk page there. Thanks, Willking1979 00:41, 23 February 2010 (UTC)[edit] blocked by me for 31 hours for vandalism. Registered to Province of British Columbia. Griffinofwales 22:24, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Another British Columbia IP blocked[edit] has been blocked 31 hours on English Wikipedia for vandalism. This IP is registered to the Canadian province of British Columbia. If you have any questions or comments see my talk page on -en. Thanks, Willking1979 16:34, 16 March 2010 (UTC)

Yet another Province of British Columbia IP blocked[edit] has been blocked for one month due to vandalism on English Wikipedia. Like the previous IP (see above), it is a British Columbia government IP. Willking1979 21:23, 16 March 2010 (UTC)[edit]

Above IP is registered to Government of Saskatchewan. Blocked for 48 hours for vandalism by me on Simple English Wikipedia. Griffinofwales 21:11, 19 March 2010 (UTC), registered to the US Navy, was blocked on enwiki for harassment. -- Mentifisto 15:51, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Another British Columbia IP blocked[edit] has been blocked on English Wikipedia for 3 months due to vandalism. It is registered to the province of British Columbia. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them on my talk page on en-wiki. Willking1979 22:09, 29 March 2010 (UTC)

Yet another BC IP blocked[edit], which is registered to the province of British Columbia, has been blocked 55 hours on en-wiki due to vandalism. If you have any questions or comments, please see my my talk page on en-wiki. Willking1979 21:16, 13 April 2010 (UTC)

US DOD address[edit]

I blocked en:User: mainly for this diff which showed racism. The IP is registered to the US DLA building in Ohio. Woody 14:06, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

User at U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station[edit]

I will be blocking these three at enwiki:

Almost certainly the same user. Enigmaman 16:32, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Thai Embassy in Indonesia[edit]

Editing corporately on a topic which it has an interest in. Highly likely to get blocked. User:Thaiembassyindonesia. Secretlondon 12:27, 4 June 2010 (UTC)

Blocking the U.S. Air Force[edit]

I've just blocked en:User talk: While not strictly on the list, I thought a heads up would be useful. Courcelles 16:59, 17 June 2010 (UTC)

Role account for the National Guard blocked[edit]

[6]. Tiptoety talk 17:24, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

U.S. Census Bureau IP (auto)blocked for disruptive editing[edit]

I am obligated to inform the Communications Committee that I have blocked the account Bblcreator8790@enwiki for disruptive editing and sock puppetry as a result of the action on the following English Wikipedia page: w:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/

The block on Bblcreator8790 will have very likely autoblocked the involved IP address,, which belongs to the U.S. Census Bureau, and even though it is not listed in our list of sensitive IP addresses at our policy page w:Wikipedia:Blocking IP addresses#Sensitive IP addresses, it still belongs to the U.S. Government, in which I feel obligated to inform the Communications Committee about the block. Thank you, MuZemike 19:59, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Treasury of Andhra Pradesh[edit]

I've blocked as an open proxy on enwiki. The IP hosts the website of the Treasury of Andhra Pradesh ( zzuuzz (talk) 20:42, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

US Navy IP blocked[edit]

I just blocked en:User talk:, an IP registered to the US Navy, for a fortnight due to vandalism originating from that IP. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 19:46, 10 September 2010 (UTC)

Same for en:User talk:, registered to the same facility. Apparently the same person is causing disruption from both IPs. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 19:57, 10 September 2010 (UTC)
Likewise en:User: Gwen Gale 17:29, 28 September 2010 (UTC)
And en:User: NawlinWiki 20:18, 1 October 2010 (UTC)
I've blocked User talk: and User talk: on again, for a month each. Nothing but vandalism coming from those IPs. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 17:44, 11 December 2010 (UTC)

Government of Saskatchewan IP blocked[edit], registered to the Government of Saskatchewan's Communitynet has been blocked by me on en-wiki for vandalism for 55 hours. If you have any questions or comments, see my talk page on en-wiki. Thanks, Willking1979 21:26, 20 October 2010 (UTC)


User:PMOJO in the English-language Wikipedia has been blocked, since it appears to be a spam username for the Prime Minister's Office of JOrdan.

Government of Minnesota IP blocked[edit], which belongs to the government of the state of Minnesota, has been blocked on the English Wikipedia by me for 31 hours due to vandalism. If you have any questions, please visit my talk page on en-wiki. Thanks, Willking1979 16:38, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

US Navy again[edit]

en:User talk: this time. I've blocked it for 55 hours for vandalism. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 23:26, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

This time it's en:User talk:, blocked for a month. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 21:11, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Government of Alberta[edit]

I just blocked en:User talk:, registered to the Government of Alberta, for 18 months due to prolific vandalism coming from that IP (the IP's fifth block for the same). HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 20:26, 14 January 2011 (UTC)

Error in UK Daily Mail article regarding Christina Aguilera[edit]

Christina Aguilera FLUBS the lines to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl - by singing botched lyrics found on Wikipedia

The article is blaming Wikipedia for the error in Aguilera's lyrics at the Superbowl, implying that she read a vandalised version of the article before her rendition.

However, the vandalised version (as cited in the article) was actually this one, added *after* her performance and reverted eight minutes later, so Wikipedia had nothing to do with it. I think we should look into contacting the Daily Mail as this kind of press isn't very good for the encyclopedia. Thanks Amakuru 10:27, 7 February 2011 (UTC)

U.S. House IP blocked[edit]

I just blocked, an IP within the US House range, for 24 hours for disruptive editing: repeatedly removing negative yet sourced information from articles about Republican congressmen and refusing attempts to discuss. Daniel Case 14:16, 15 March 2011 (UTC) - Navy Network Information Center - again[edit]

I just blocked en:User talk: - Navy Network Information Center for 6 months - long term vandalism on the English Wikipedia. Toddst1 17:51, 20 June 2011 (UTC)

And I just blocked en:user: for the same reason. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts? 19:02, 22 September 2011 (UTC)

Range block of[edit]

Hi. We've put a block on the following IP range for a month due to persistent vandalism over at Is this OK or is it in breach of sensitivity due to public relations implications? Thanks. Xxglennxx 17:35, 6 September 2011 (UTC)

Do what you have to do to protect your wiki. If you've got vandalism from that range, block the minimum amount possible and go from there.  :) Thanks for notifying the WMF/Commcomm - I've made sure that Jay is aware. Philippe (WMF) 22:50, 6 September 2011 (UTC)
Hi. Thanks for responding quickly and for your e-mail - I'll reply to both here. A user has been vandalising our wiki under a multitude of names, namely 'Get some sleep R.O. do you know what time it is in your country', 'Legal age for fucking in England and Wales?', 'Cyngor Swydd Efrog Newydd New Yorkshire County Council', 'Arail Monster', 'Dw i am i Cameron wneud yokoshihogatame arnaf i', 'Kjklhggfvihyc', 'Arealmonster', and a multitude of anon. IP addresses. This user sent me two e-mails to my e-mail account liked to my wiki account, and the e-mails came from and In the e-mails, the user described his plan of attack to annoy all the admins until we give up wikipedia, then he'll be free to use a bot to insert swear words into all articles, including racists jokes. I can supply the e-mail address if you need it. After looking up the former IP with ARIN whois, I checked the CIDR from ARIN against this query. I then used the CIDR to enforce the range block, but wasn't sure how "wide" it'd go. There are no checkusers on to check the IP addresses of users. Is there a way to get them? Xxglennxx 23:57, 6 September 2011 (UTC)
A /17 is generally a big network, maybe too much big, if you like you can write to me the various IPs which vandalized and I'll try to calculate the range you need to block. --Vituzzu 00:13, 7 September 2011 (UTC)
The blocks can be viewed here. Many of the recent anon. IPs on that list follow an edit-trend of currently blocked users. I can undo the current block on and shorten it, though I'm not sure what to use after the backslash... Xxglennxx 01:08, 7 September 2011 (UTC)
Is there a list of checkusers somewhere for so I can contact them to check the IP addresses of recently blocked users? Xxglennxx 01:10, 7 September 2011 (UTC)

Named user blocked on likely from an Australian government office[edit]

I have blocked User Auditoffice on (User's talk page and user's deleted contributions on A look at the deleted contributions shows the user repeatedly posting material that seems to come from the "Auditor-General of New South Wales", which is both a copy of the info of their website and apparently to promote this new initiative. Given the user name, it seems likely to me that the editor is an employee of said office, and thus I thought I should report here. I wasn't sure if this was only for IP addresses in the given range, or also for named accounts, but I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. Qwyrxian 03:33, 30 September 2011 (UTC)

Contacting of Ohio senator[edit]

I contacted the Ohio Senator Joe Schiavoni because of Wikipedia abuse by his assistant. ~~EBE123~~ talkContribs 10:32, 18 October 2011 (UTC)

en:User:DSS-Ft. Meade spamusername blocked on en.wikipedia[edit]

This was a role account for a U.S. military agency (en:Defense Security Service), editing the article about the DSS. I gave it the standard spamusernameblock, same as I would for a corporate account under the same circumstances. --Orange Mike 19:07, 4 November 2011 (UTC)

CERN- European Organization for Nuclear Research / en block[edit]

I have recently blocked en:User talk: for making apparent legal threats at [7] Skier Dude 04:22, 24 November 2011 (UTC)

Postscript - this was only 6 months as I could not determine if the IP was permanently assigned or not.Skier Dude 04:24, 24 November 2011 (UTC)

UK House of Parliament accounts blocked: Chuka Umunna MP[edit]

Per en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Bronti11, I have blocked two accounts that were based in the UK House of Parliament. Logging this notification, because autoblock will catch the underlying IP address. AGK 15:06, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

Thank you.  :) Philippe (WMF) 21:14, 12 December 2011 (UTC) Blocked[edit]

When blocking this IP, I got this message:

You are blocking a sensitive IP address belonging to the Wikimedia secure gateway. Please be sure to notify the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Committee immediately.

I am uncertain about what to do now, but you can see en:WP:ANI#Blocked sensitive IP?. Reaper Eternal (talk) 16:39, 20 January 2012 (UTC)

Block of[edit]

Hi, I've just blocked IP address on the English Wikipedia for renewed serious vandalism (including to my user page) and the message at the top of the page said to leave a notification here as it belongs to the U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station. I've blocked this account (and a similar U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station address) recently for the same vandalism. The key characteristic of their editing is that they edit user pages to make it appear that the editor is advocating pedophilia or bestiality. An abuse report might be in order. Nick-D 23:08, 10 February 2012 (UTC)[edit]

RIPE resolves this one to Qatar Telecom, even though it's not one of the two IPs listed as sensitive. Blocked for 24 hours since someone keeps inserting incorrect and/or unsourced information into articles on enwiki about Saudi airports. Daniel Case (talk) 16:34, 16 February 2012 (UTC)

US Navy Network Information Centre[edit]

On enwp, at least two shared IP addresses were autoblocked at the US Navy Network Information Centre today, resulting in two w:WP:UTRS tickets from collateral autoblocked users (one account and one anon). I've unset autoblock on the indef'd account that caused it, apologised to the affected users, and cleared all autoblocks. UTRS tickets are #337 (autoblock #3851740) and #338 (autoblock #3851741). --Tristessa de St Ange (talk) 17:06, 9 April 2012 (UTC)

IP address belonging to the U.S. Naval Telecommunications Station[edit]

Blocked for 3 months as anonblock for vandalism on VFA-87 see recent history for other ips from same "playing". 19:20, 12 April 2012 (UTC) US Department of Homeland Security[edit]

I saw this in the recent changes at the English Wikipedia, just thought I'd drop a note in case the blocking administrator didn't know to let you know. 02:35, 27 July 2012 Elockid (talk | contribs) blocked (talk) (anon. only, account creation blocked, cannot edit own talk page) with an expiry time of 48 hours ({{anonblock}}) PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 02:41, 27 July 2012 (UTC)

government account[edit]

not an ip, oddly enough: User:CabOffice01 on enWP , whom I just blocked, and the page they contributed, which I just deleted as G11. I assume its a minor functionary. DGG (talk) 03:19, 3 January 2013 (UTC) / Minister of the Interior (France)[edit]

This IP was blocked on the English Wikipedia today for 31 hours due to external link spam. The WHOIS information indicates it belongs to France's Minister of the Interior. --auburnpilot talk 19:55, 14 February 2013 (UTC) House of Commons blocked[edit]

I have sent an email about this, but IP has been blocked for a period of 48 hours. Let me know if you have any questions. --Shirik (talk) 17:33, 24 May 2013 (UTC)

IP blocked[edit]

As noted here, I blocked the IP server for, after repeated warnings and blocks, for one (1) year. It is fairly clear to me that some young enlisted men or women from the United States Marines's Quantico base have too much time on their hands. The final straw was this idiotic vandalism. If you unblock or change the block, please send a message to my English Wikipedia or Meta talk page(s). Thank you in advance for your understanding. Bearian (talk) 20:55, 10 July 2013 (UTC)

  • I don't know that I like the wording used in the block; "vandalism-only account" is incorrect as I see several edits that aren't vandalism. Those shared templates, which I have always been a supporter of, are becoming useless as sysops are continually ignoring the purpose of them, which is to highlight the fact that the IPs tagged with them are used by many, many users. PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 23:20, 7 November 2013 (UTC)

User talk:[edit]

I just had this interesting conversation, based on misunderstandings in the press and on twitter: ; perhaps the Shared IP gov template could be made to somehow look a tad less threatening so people aren't mislead? --Kim Bruning (talk) 15:10, 5 August 2013 (UTC)

What is about - C'est quoi. A series of communication tools about Wikipedia. Cameroon pilot project[edit]

I am currently implementing the communication project What is about - C'est quoi. A series of communication tools about Wikipedia. It addresses people who do not know Wikipedia jet and it is developed as a pilot project in Douala in Cameroon. You can see where we are in the timeline & progress page and you are more than welcome to comment it, discuss it and to share your ideas and recommendations. thanks, --iopensa (talk) 12:21, 8 January 2014 (UTC)[edit]

I blocked for 31 hours due to a user evading the block I had placed on w:Special:Contribs/ Legoktm (talk) 00:07, 7 February 2014 (UTC)

Block of a US Naval IP[edit]

I blocked after it was used by a recently banned user (en:user:KumiokoCleanStart), and while it's not listed as a sensitive IP address, I figured I'd drop a note here because it is registered to the U.S. Navy Network Information Center. If you need more information, please do let me know. The original ban by the enwiki community was decided on at this noticeboard thread. Pakaran (talk) 23:33, 28 February 2014 (UTC)


I blocked (allocated to the Australian Tax Office) for repeated socking affecting multiple pages on English Wikipedia. Elockid (talk) 03:44, 29 April 2014 (UTC)

US House of Representatives[edit]

I've blocked on due to non-neutral and unsourced edits [8] and incivility [9]. Callanecc (talk) 10:38, 16 July 2014 (UTC)


This is IP apparently belongs to the US Navy and Marine Corps. I have blocked it on en-wikipedia for BLP violations. There is a long history of disruption from this range of IPs, especially to en:Kevin Kelly (politician) where I have revdel'd many of the BLP violations. I'd like to also note that while this IP range is listed at en:WP:SIP it is not listed at the top-right of en:Special:Block. Anyways, hopefully I'm not out of line by blocking. Thanks — MusikAnimal talk 20:51, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Sensitive IP blocked for 1 year - Please review[edit]

IP address originating from the NMCI network has been blocked for 1 year by Wikipedia User MusikAnimal. This is a sensitive IP address as it is a gateway for the entire Navy Marine Corps Intranet. A block of this length is very likely to be reported by users who are aware of Wikipedia:SIP to various press outlets

No it's not a gateway for the entire NMCI, it's just a NAT gateway for the Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia. But it doesn't hurt to report this here, because it *IS* a government IP. PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 06:09, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

Brazil Chamber of Deputies[edit]

FYI, on September 19th, User:Bbb23 blocked on the English Wikipedia for six months, for block evasion User:Lgfcd. I don't know if the blocking admin notified you via email, but after reading the article about the Chamber of Deputies in Brazil, it seems like it's a good idea for you to know about this. 02:40, 26 September 2014 (UTC)

One of the IP addresses for the Province Of British Columbia Blocked[edit]

The IP for the Province Of British Columbia has been blocked for 31 Hours for repeated vandalism on the Simple English Wiki. -- Enfcer (talk) 21:32, 20 October 2014 (UTC)

I deleted some images apparently uploaded by a member of the Afghan parliament[edit]

I left a note on his talk page explaining the situation: c:User talk:Rahim ayoubi. Magog the Ogre (talk) 17:30, 23 November 2014 (UTC) on enwiki[edit]

I've blocked on enwiki for a year. This is after extensive block log dating back to 2007. I can only imagine you've been contacted about this IP before, but I'm letting you know again. By the way, major kudos to whoever implemented the notification if you're about to block a sensitive IP. This is hugely useful, especially since the list of IP ranges at the top-right is not completely accurate. Cheers — MusikAnimal talk 19:16, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

If I may add my own two cents, that "likely a school" bit could be construed as a personal attack since it's obviously NOT a school (military schools are registered through the DoDEA/DoDDS, not the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA). In fact, Norfolk isn't even the basic training facility (Great Lakes is). If the media really were to cover this, they could spin that any number of ways, ranging from saying that our Sailors are acting like school children, to making the blocking admin look stupid. Plus it implies that there's an official policy saying that we treat schools differently than other IPs (which there's not), so someone at WMF needs to scrub that out of the block log on this sensitive IP, in my opinion. PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 14:49, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
WMF staff, from my preservative, will not unblock and IP that was justifiably (in accordance with enwiki blocking policies) blocked for an extended pattern of repeat vandalism. As an uninvolved admin on enwiki, I personally support the block and would have done it my self..As a side note, discussing merits isn't what this page is for. It's a notification page only. So I'm not sure where you should really be directing your query but I would not likely expect much from anybody on the issue at this location. Rjd0060 (talk) 09:53, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
I'm not questioning the block, I am pointing out and questioning that "likely a school" comment made by the administrator in his block reason. There is a potential for it to cause PR problems, and I was pointing that out to the communications committee. PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 17:03, 21 March 2015 (UTC)
@PCHS-NJROTC: I am just now seeing this... this was a while ago so I don't really remember... but checking the block log I see that the {{anonblock}} <!-- Likely a school based on behavioral evidence --> block was replaced with an {{anonblock}} one minute later. I'm going to make the safe assumption that I misclicked (as the two options are right next to each other), noticed the mistake and immediately fixed it. I hope given the time frame others would assume the same. There's no way to change the block rationale without reblocking, to my knowledge, so it was the best I could do. Sorry for the confusion — MusikAnimal talk 05:04, 3 July 2015 (UTC)

English Wikipedia FoP banner[edit]

A banner regarding freedom of paranoma is going up on the English Wikipedia to users from the 28 European Parliament countries. -- KTC (talk) 16:56, 1 July 2015 (UTC)

Style guide[edit]

The proposed style guide page is stated to be maintained by the Communicatons Committee but seems to have had no significant content added for nine years. It was suggested six years ago that it be updated or marked as out of date. Is there any reason not to propose ir for deletion now? Rogol Domedonfors (talk) 21:03, 24 July 2015 (UTC) on en-wiki[edit]

Blocked for one hour. [10] --NeilN (talk) 15:41, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

And based on past history, new block extended to three months. --NeilN (talk) 18:09, 26 August 2015 (UTC) at enwiki[edit]

Belongs to "Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)", blocked for 6th months (anon only, ACB) for persistant vandalism. This is the 8th block for this IP. Prodego talk 01:38, 23 December 2015 (UTC)


Where / to whom can I report comment spammers on the official Wikimedia blog so as to have them removed? Thanks. DS (talk) 01:41, 29 February 2016 (UTC)

Noting block of[edit]

Blocked three hours on en-wiki for obvious trolling. Noting here per the instructions on the block page.--Jezebel'sPonyobons mots 21:42, 21 April 2016 (UTC)

/16 range block on North Carolina's entire educational system[edit]

User:JamesBWatson at the English Wikipedia has taken it upon himself to block the entire (or gigantic portion of the) educational network in the US State of North Carolina for three months. This is not the first time this range has been blocked; it was previously blocked for six years by the same admin, and for three months by Materialscientist. If this were discovered by the press, this could be used in all sorts of ways to attack the educational system of North Carolina or political leaders in that state, because Wikipedia is essentially saying "your entire state's educational system is nothing but a bunch of thugs with nothing useful to contribute." It could also be used by comedians to make fun of North Carolina or the US South. I find it irresponsible that the blocking administrators didn't notify the communications committee already. PCHS-NJROTC (talk) 21:24, 23 April 2016 (UTC)

Just in case[edit]

I blocked a user account going by the name Center for Regulatory Effectiveness ([11]), which according to google is a US Congress organization. I do not have the ability to look at ISP addresses, but just to be safe I want to report this here in the event that the account has an ISP address going back to a US Government group. TomStar81 (talk) 18:03, 25 May 2016 (UTC)

Block of[edit]

I, Gilliam, blocked on account of persistent vandalism.Gilliam (talk) 09:14, 30 June 2016 (UTC)