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  • Is Baidu Baike ("Baidupedia") a Wikipedia?
No. Wikipedia is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation. Please do not refer to Baidu as having "a Wikipedia".
  • Is Baidu Baike a Wiki?
Baidu Baike does not share most of the criteria of common Wiki engines, which usually allow prompt updates without going through a moderator. However, it could be described as a regulated collaborative writing tool.
  • What about the license issues?
Our license requires that Wikipedia content remain free for other people to copy and modify. Baidu can copy it, but they also need to maintain the license agreement, and we encourage them to honor those terms.
  • How do you feel about the blocking of Wikipedia in China?
Because Wikipedia follows a neutral point of view policy, we don't see why the Chinese government would need to block access to Wikipedia.
  • Why is Wikipedia banned in China?
So far, there is no official acknowledgment from Chinese officials about the reason or the simple fact that Wikipedia is blocked.

Background information[edit]

Do we have a page on en.wp that is similar to this one. It is a list of Chinese encyclopedias.

There's a brief article on the Yongle Encyclopedia, that's all I can find.