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Communications committee/Subcommittees

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This is a list of subcommittees which fall under the authority of the communications committee. Please add suggestions for or comments about these subcommittees on the discussion page.

Current subcommittees[edit]

All in a scribe's work
All in a scribe's work



  • Members: Aphaia, Az1568, Cbrown1023, Htchien, Yuyu
  • Responsibilities: Coordinating translations of important Foundation news, press release and information, supporting interlingual communication between the Foundation and the community, and coordinating, supporting and recruiting interested translators.


Internal communication

  • Members: Walter Vermeir
  • Responsibilities: Disseminating Foundation information to individual projects, collecting feedback.


  • Members: Elian, Akl
  • Responsibilities: Developing and maintaining style guidelines for Wikimedia and the projects, designing and coordinating the development of promotional and informational materials, design of the Wikimedia Foundation Website (management and update of Wikimedia Foundation Website would be a task of internal and translation teams)