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Transcom activities are reported monthly to the Board since August 2006. Reports are written by Aphaia, Transcom chair, on her individual basis. For community warfare and transparency, since 2007 its unconfidencial part is published on meta.

Report 2007-02 (being issued in the early March)[edit]


  • Activity: Middle (two members inactive)
  • Coordination of people
    • Local coordinator recruiting:
    • Encouragement for initiatives from the community: Translation teams
  • Coordination of requests
    • Wikimania (reg. form)
    • Press releases
    • Others
  • Coordination of workarea
  • Communication
    • Interal
      • Within Transcom
      • Comcom/Office (sp. Sandy Ordonez, Com. Mgr.)
      • Wikimania team (sp. HTChien)
      • Wikimedia Community (cf. "Coordination of people")
    • External
      • OTRS: no news
      • Certificate issuing (proposed for Wikimania)
  • Comming events

Coordination of people[edit]

Translation teams and other internal volunteers[edit]

No new participant to TCPL team, neither contact from aspirant members. The next challanges will be recruitment of coordinators for French and German language.

As for a press statement translation, Sabine Cretella asked a help for copyediting on wikide-l mailinglist. As of 05:12, 24 February 2007 (UTC), it doesn't seem to take their attention.

Sandy Ordonez, Wikimedia Communication manager (since 2007/01) proposed "Comcom2" as part of her "action plan" for Foundation communications' improvement: it could be relevant to current "coordinator per language" structure in the future, or not.

Wikimania people[edit]

cf. #Wikimania


HTChien suggested Transcom could recruit members among Wikimania volunteering translators. For the first attempt, translators-l was publicized on Wikimania translation center page.

Before a expected season of massive request, Sabine Cretella is in charge of her proposed new scheme (details are coming soon).

Coordination of requests[edit]

Press releases[edit]

Among press releases published from the mid January to the mid February, three documents were requested for translation.

Communications between the Office and Transcom were in the friendly atmosphere but a bit confused. There would be time delaying which communications improvement will be able to make shorten. For instance, it was uncertain if a given press releases was ready/requested for translation, where it should be published (or not) etc. Sandy and Transcom plan a meeting for discussion on possible improvements.


Cf. wikimania-l, translators-l

Wikimania registration form was requested for translation, first with the deadline of February 15. The schedule was tight and the first deadline was overdated. As of Febuary 23, Chinese and English versions are available.

HTChien, Translation coordinator of Wikimania 2007 and liaison to Comcom, asked Transcom supports by email to Aphaia, following a question from Anthere if there had been work duplication. HTChien and Aphaia agreed on that Transcom would support Wikimania related coordination: they exchanged ideas by email and collaborated on ongoing requests on the Wikimania website.


Wikimedia news[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation page has "Latest news" section on its front page, available in eight languages. The latest update of this section was done on February 1, with the news of employment Delphine Menard (notafish). As of February 24, five languages among eight were updated. Chinese, Spanish and Arabic language news section are need to care, contact to their coordinators possibly.

Other ongoing translations[edit]

There are requests submitted in January or earlier, and some of them remained unfulfilled at the beginning of this month. Those imcomplete requests may be found on meta (via TR).

Among them, I propose that Transcom are engaged in updating two kinds of pages on fundraising, i.e. "C.O.R.E." setting files and Fundraising FAQ as its urgent task. It is regretful for us to see the efforts of our community leave incomplete and likely to forget; it would have been more beneficial for their language communities. Most of such translations are almost complete; only waiting for proofreading, in other words, the last brush for completion.

It will be a challange for Trasncom to motivate translators of the community to make them complete and have the targeted communities share the information in those works.

Coordination of workarea[edit]

Sandy's action plan[edit]

There were mainly two initiatives for workarea improvements in this term and some experiments were done on meta and relevant wikis.

1. As parts of "action plan" of Sandy, some improvements were proposed and occured, including the renewal of Wikimedia press releases. Experiments were done around how to name the translation workshop, and concluded it would be the best (and least confusable) way to keep the original name of the source file, even if it might seem lengthy.

2. As parts of Zocky's machine improvement (e.g. Translations), which has continued since this January, some attempts were taken including

  • Source update information provided on [request]/source. (visible for all working translators)
  • Using a template, diff of the source file from which the translated version was generated and the current version of the source file can be taken.



Internal interaction in Feburary 2007

  • Within Transcom
    • Jd has been inactive. Since the midst of February Aphaia recovered her IRC connectivity and Sabine and Aphaia had eventually changes opinions about coordinations both current and future.
    • Comcom/Office (sp. Sandy Ordonez, Com. Mgr.): Online meeting planned
  • Wikimania team: HTChien and Aphaia exchanted emails and discussed how to coordinate current requests. Sabine proposed a new scheme. It will be discussed more closely.
  • Wikimedia Community (cf. "Coordination of people"): on translators-l, wikitrans and IRC channel. Some aids have comes from individual translators. For "Wikipedia is stable" press releasement the Wikimedia community has willingly support to disseminate this news. After two weeks of its English version release, it is available in eight other languages.


No big real contact:

  • OTRS: no news, good news
  • Certificate issuing (proposed for Wikimania)

Comming events[edit]

Past reports[edit]