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Communitas is the Wikipedia community development journal collaboratively produced and peer-reviewed by:

The publication will be used to help raise funds for the Wikimedia foundation by conducting formal studies of the sociological behavior of Wikipedians and the phenomenology of community formation, conflict resolution, application and experimentation in club theory, and a host of other studies including the compilation of data using the General User Survey.[citation needed]

Executive summary[edit]

Academic publishing projects are involved in producing high-quality reference materials for use by communities of practice and interest. The Wikipedia Community and Wikimedia Community are, by all definitions, learning communities and together form a vast social network that can be defined as a Virtual community of practice.[citation needed]

It is hoped that the professional sociologists and other academicians that contribute to Wikipedia and its sister projects can forge "Communitas" into a next-generation academic journal that formally studies and documents the phenomena of online communities in the context of MediaWiki-based social networks — a topic of extreme importance to psychologists, sociologists, community development practitioners, educators and a host of other professionals.[citation needed]

The documentation will remain under the GFDL and similar licencing, thus freely available to the internet public. It will, in time, become of use to the professional community development sphere in the social sciences as a high quality peer-reviewed journal such as those which have, in many cases exorbitant subscription fees.[citation needed]


"Communitas" means spirit of community. Community-minded wikipedians all understand that the structure and function (anatomy) of the social network of contributors to Wikipedia content is a phenomenon. The consensus decision-making and conflict resolution processes at wikipedia are the results of several years of high-level collaboration. Elements such as direction, leadership, motivation, efficiency, accuracy, civility, emotion, egalitarianism, and many other aspects of working together to build an encyclopedia are universally familiar to wikipedians.

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Editorial board and staff[edit]

Our "embedded" home at Wikipedia is w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Community/Communitas!

Forum: w:Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Community/Communitas!

Mission statement[edit]

Please note that it is not our aim to circumvent or belittle any wish, policy, guidline or any other instrument of the Wikimedia Foundation. We are fully intent on remaining 100% complient and cooperative. We absolutely welcome any concerns, critisisms, repremands (serious ones especially) and other advice from the foundation, meta, wikipedia, etc...

Communitas! is only a harmless w:meme and a ubiquitous initiative that we are taking upon ourselves. The aim is to spread a spirit of good will and cooperation (w:communitas) between and among MediaWikians and Wikians across the planet. • Quinobiw:WP:CBTF(self-appointed - I can't help it ;)19:26, 2 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]



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Suggest research topics here:

  1. General User Survey methods, proceedures etc.
  2. w:Category:Wikipedians by interest stats
  3. Level and ways in which cooperation between Wictionary and Wikipedia happens (or fails to happen)
  4. some topic


If you have a paper or draft or idea for a draft, please list it here:

  1. General User Survey - Don't cuss; call GUS!
  2. w:Community - Just made w:WP:GA - on it's way to Featured article
  3. w:List of community topics - becoming comprehensive, includes a reference section
  4. w:Virtual community - this popular article is in dire need of rework and peer review
  5. Fasttrack to Sources - this will be a rough draft of a way to make w:Wikipedia:Citing sources a bit easier for average Wikipedians. Please see Talk:Communitas#Pivotal sources and show support or otherwise there. Thanks - cq
  6. Learning object metadata - Focus on how to implement w:Learning object metadata for Wikiversity and other projects. discuss
  7. your item - brief description


This is our "Fasttrack to Sources" program and a repository for source article, books and other materials that relate to w:Virtual Community of Practice- type references. Some discuss The Wikipedia Community, itself; others are general sources about the topic of collaborative Internet-enabled prjects. The idea is to place a large body of references that can help us see what the "professionals" are saying about us and methods and practices we may find useful in building and perfecting our community.

Pivotal sources[edit]

Wiki Research Bibliography, scientific publications and sources about wikis in general and Wikipedia in particular

Community informatics[edit]

Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization

Topic: w:Community informatics

Subject: CMC; w:Discourse Analysis (w:Computer-mediated communication)
  • Walther, J., Anderson, J., & Park, D. (1994). Interpersonal effects in computer-mediated interaction: a meta-analysis of social and antisocial communication. Communication Research, 4, 460-487. Summary
  • Cues-Filtered-Out Theory - source:
    • Sproull, L., & Kiesler, S. (1991). Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • ...

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For orientation, please go to w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Community#Community Builders TaskForce


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To Communitas, Wikia represent Communities of interest and thus are (loosely|moderately|tightly) within the scope of this meta-project.

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Communitas! Issues[edit]

The current issue of Communitas! :The Wikipedia Community Journal is developed at the Incubator on the page, Communitas! (note the exclaimation point).

The release copy of Communitas! and past issues of :The Wikipedia Community Journal is (will be) at b:Community studies/Communitas! (note the exclaimation point) on Wikibooks.