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Community Engagement Insights/2016-17 Report/Question 231-ED04

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Question 231 (ED04)[edit]

To what extent are you comfortable reading announcements in English, such as the following one about a software change?
"A team at the Wikimedia Foundation is planning to develop better tools for reviewing the edits of other users. This is because research suggests we often scare away newcomers who want to help. You can give the team suggestions by writing on their talk page."

Median = 4
6% selected "No opinion" [?]

1 – Not at all (9%)
2 – Slightly (10%)
3 – Moderately (17%)
4 – Mostly (23%)
5 – Completely (40%)
63% of sampled editors who participated in the survey feel most or completely comfortable with reading announcements in English.


Response statistics Value
Total participants[?] 3474 (100%)
Answered question[?] 3455 (99%)
Skipped question[?] 19 (1%)
Dropped out[?] (not available)
Selected not applicable[?] not an option
Participants in graph (n)[?] 3263 (94%)
Margin of error[?] n/a
Descriptive statistics Value
Normal distribution[?] No
Mean[?] 3.76
Median[?] 4
Mode'[?] 5
Standard deviation[?] 1.31
Interquartile range[?] 2