Community Engagement Insights/2016-17 Report/Question 347-GR12

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Question 347 (GR12)[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation is interested in partnering with a broader category of educational institutions (schools, universities, academies, think tanks, etc). These partnerships may allow us to find opportunities to bring new readers to Wikipedia, especially students who have never heard of it.

Educational institutions are able to distribute the freely available content on the Wikimedia projects. They can distribute content in their classrooms and communities. These partnerships could help strengthen the ongoing Wikipedia Education Programs (WEPs) around the world. We would work hand-in-hand with WEPs in these partnership.

Do you support or oppose this kind of partnership?

Median = 1

1% selected "I have no opinion on the topic" [?]

1 – I strongly oppose these partnerships (1%)
2 – I somewhat oppose these partnerships (2%)
3 – I neither support nor oppose these partnerships (1%)
4 – I somewhat support these partnerships (18%)
5 – I strongly support these partnerships (76%)
94% of program leaders who participated in this question reported that they support or strongly support the Foundation partnering with a broader category of educational institutions


Response statistics Value
Total participants[?] 151 (100%)
Answered question[?] 147 (97%)
Skipped question[?] 4 (3%)
Dropped out[?] (not available)
Selected not applicable[?] not an option
Participants in graph (n)[?] 147 (97%)
Margin of error[?] 0%
Descriptive statistics Value
Normal distribution[?] Unknown
Mean[?] 1.37
Median[?] 1
Mode'[?] 1
Standard deviation[?] 0.86
Interquartile range[?] 0