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Pulse Surveys[edit]

Note - having the "pulse surveys" in addition to the larger performance survey was quite ambitious and thus they may not happen this year. Instead, it is likely we will do a process evaluation to see how the performance survey went, what went as expected, what did not, what worked well, and what needs to improve.

The pulse surveys are a smaller version of the performance survey. These surveys will focus on the five audiences and they will also focus on getting data related to (1) community needs and feedback about WMF projects, programs and services; (2) measuring outcomes of the WMF's projects, programs and services; (3) and input to WMF future projects.

Pulse surveys are different from the Performance survey in three ways:

  1. They are meant to be shorter, faster surveys to implement
  2. These surveys are meant to offer a different timing for data collection -- for this first year, only one pulse survey will be done and is scheduled around April/May.
  3. These surveys will depend more heavily on the resources of the teams who need the data.

The main benefits of participating in the Pulse surveys is that (1) these surveys will get dedicated support from the Learning and Evaluation team and (2) these surveys will benefit from coordinating across teams to have the resources to get the surveys done, rather than using working groups.

Learn about the Pulse surveys process >>


Milestone June 2017 survey September 2017 survey June 2018 survey
Question applications due March 2017 August 2017 March 2018
Consultations & Question Review April 2017 September 2017 April 2018
Survey distribution May 2017 October 2017 May 2018
Survey analysis May 2017 October 2017 May 2018
Process evaluation June 2017 November 2017 June 2018


Question proposals[edit]

Consultations & Question Review[edit]

Survey distribution[edit]

Survey analysis[edit]

Process evaluation[edit]


Intent and Question proposals[edit]

Teams will be able to state their intent. The purpose of this is to coordinate across the teams who will be participating in this survey.

Question proposals[edit]

Teams will work together to develop their questionnaires and the Learning and Evaluation team will be available to give feedback and refine the survey. They may also be able to support testing the survey.

Data collection and analysis[edit]

Learning and Evaluation team will work with the various teams to develop a sampling strategy and a calendar, but each team will need to manage their own survey distribution. Each team will also be responsible for analysis, with support from L&E and other data analysis experts at the WMF.