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This page offered metrics collected by the Technical Collaboration before evolving into Community Relations. We update them at least every three months on occasion of the Wikimedia Foundation quarterly check-ins.

Team membership[edit]

Number of team members, counted by full-time equivalent (FTE). Note: Numbers until 2018-04 refer to the former Technical Collaboration team.


Metrics related to our annual programs.

Community Collaboration in Product Development[edit]

See the Annual Plan draft.

Tech ambassadors and translators[edit]

  • Top 25 wiki communities in terms of active contributors have at least one active tech ambassador identified.

Source: Tech/Ambassadors/List

Unanticipated clashes with communities[edit]

  • Unanticipated clashes with the communities related to goals or tasks where CL support has been committed, or where TCG best practices have been followed by the Foundation teams

FIXME: It should be clear that the result is "0".

Satisfaction of Wikimedia Foundation teams supported[edit]

  • Degree of satisfaction of Foundation teams receiving CL support or using TCG documentation

0 = Strongly disagree; 4 = Strongly agree.

The number of responses for every quarter is indicated between parentheses.

Overall satisfaction

Average value of the three indicators below combined.

The Community Liaison was responsive throughout the project

The Community Liaison provided useful advice and information throughout the project

The Community Liaison was effective in implementing any agreed-upon actions

Other metrics[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation Audiences and Technology goals supported (percentage)

Beyond goals, support requests by P&T receiving a first response within a week (percentage)

Median time of first response (days):

Note: "0" indicates that most of the support requests were filed by the community liaisons, creating the request and the response at the same time.

Beyond goals, accepted support requests resourced within three months

Not available in July - September 2017 because it requires a systematic approach to new requests for accuracy. In any case, as of 2017-10-11 there are no support requests waiting for our resourcing.

As of 2018-01-11 there is only one support request not resourced after three months, partially due to its unclear current status.

As of 2018-03-31 there are no support requests nor resourced.

Core workflows[edit]

Metrics related to non-programmatic work.

Tech News[edit]

Individual subscriptions

Community subscriptions

Translations (maximum)

VisualEditor newsletter[edit]

Individual subscriptions

Community subscriptions

Translations (maximum)

Collaboration newsletter[edit]

Individual subscriptions

Community subscriptions

Translations (maximum)

Tech Talks[edit]

Processing feedback[edit]

Bug reports submitted by community liaisons on behalf of users or through own testing.

Sources: jul-sep 16, oct-dec 16, jan-mar 17, apr-jun 17, jul-sep 17.