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This page is a translated version of the page Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Copy paste diffs and the translation is 48% complete.
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このページはウィキメディア財団 コミュニティ技術チームがこれまでに作業したもしくは中断したプロジェクトを解説します。技術面の作業は完了しました。


差分のコピペ コミュニティ要望アンケート2021で第3位でした。 このプロジェクトの主眼は、以下の問題解決にあります。

As an editor, when I review a diff, it is difficult for me to copy and paste material without the unwanted diff syntax.

Copy and paste diff diagram
Copy and paste diff diagram

The proposed solution can be broken down as follows:

  • The text inside the diff will be treated as two independent columns. This will allow contributors to select from each column without selecting the other.
  • The unwanted syntax will be removed from the clipboard selection.



We have completed our work on this wish and will be monitoring the performance of our changes in the coming weeks. The changes include a copy and paste selection that treats the columns inside the diff independent of one another. Please let us know about your copy and paste experience from diff pages on this project's talk page if you encounter any issues! Thank you for your early feedback as well as your participation in the wishlist. The diff copy and paste experience is better for everyone in perpetuity thanks to your votes on this wish.

October 17, 2021: Engineering code review soon to be completed

The functionality is soon to be completed and released to users in the coming weeks. More granular details can be found inside the project label in Phabricator. If you'd like to test out the functionality in beta, we welcome you to inspect the new changes and let us know if you find any issues. We will update this page when the functionality is live to users.



この作業に関してはPhabricator のこちらのチケット内で技術面の精査に取り組んできました。問題解決策は割り出したので、うまくいくと予想しています。



  • 利用者はいつもどんな文脈(状況)で差分からコピペしていますか?
  • What syntax manifests itself as intrusive? Is there any syntax that would be desirable to keep in the clipboard?
  • こちらから提案した解決策 について、皆さんのご意見ご感想を寄せてもらえませんか?