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Partial blocks[edit]

Partial blocks are designed to give wiki administrators a more robust set of tools to be able to better respond to different user conflict situations. We are using block evasion and editor retention data to measure their effectiveness but we also want to hear directly from administrators and communities who use the feature to know how the tools are working and how we can possible improve them in the future.

Feedback from wiki administrators[edit]

Please include your username and the wiki where you are an administrator.

  • The functionality per se might very well be OK, but at least on nl.wiktionary it is probably not something we will use any time soon. We are however blocking spammers on a daily basis. The addition of this option means it becomes necessary to scroll the page every time and that is really annoying. Would it be possible to have a few buttons high on the page to select a combination of selections that is used very frequently. Ideally the effect (and even the presence) of these buttons could be decided by the respective communities. --MarcoSwart (talk) 12:14, 4 July 2019 (UTC)

Feedback from other users who witness how partial blocks affect their community[edit]

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Feedback from users who are partially blocked[edit]

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Other feedback about the function and design of Special:Block[edit]

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