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Connected Open Heritage/Countries/Template

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Please answer the questions (in Italic) under each headline. Also include other relevant information and please provide links.



Government agencies and cultural heritage in COUNTRY


Who is working in this field? I.e. relevant actors. Do we have a way to reach decision makers easily?

Legislated protection of cultural heritage in COUNTRY


How threatened is the cultural heritage in the country?

Please include information about the following:

  • Data about cultural heritage is stored by the following organization: (i.e. is the available data national or limited to a certain region?)
  • The data is available through: <e.g. offline, bulk download, api, linked data, printed reports>
  • The data includes information about the following: <e.g. base data (ID, type etc.), geographical, archaeological/architectural, images>

Policy decisions on access to public information


Does the country already have openly licensed data and images compatible with Wikidata (CC0) and Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA etc.)? Are there discussing happening about the value of open data and free knowledge?

Legislations hindering the distribution of pictures in COUNTRY


Is there legislation against taking photos of buildings or artworks in the public space or does Freedom of Panorama exist?

Museum or archives that could be willing to include their material


I.e. short information about relevant actors that are believed to support the idea of free knowledge that we have a way of reaching.

Network of contacts in COUNTRY


Any other organizations that are part of the network that we should contact?